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Hey its David again ......

The feeling that I'm going to die is back and I. AM. TERRIFIED.

I am seriously crying, pulling my hair, and scared. My body is aching and my family doesn't understand. Please I need some one to tell me everything is oh okay ;((((

I wanna live! But I don't wanna live with this stupid depression and anxiety anymore!!!?!?!

I honesty feel like im goiNguyen crazy ....I feel like i cant close my eyes cause I'll die, I have the choking feeling, and I'm crying so much please help :((((

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David, David.... listen to me. It is not going to hurt you. I know the feeling is terrible, but the more you fight it, the more adrenaline you put in your body. Start walking or pacing it will help use up the adrenaline that's building. I'm going to continue this in a moment, I just wanted you to know that someone is here for you.......

Thank you so much for your reply ...I'll try my best :)

smjtty in reply to Agora1

I feel the same way my friend and lonly

Agora1 in reply to smjtty

smjtty, I can feel your loneliness and pain in your posts. I wish I could hold your hand and make you not feel so alone. Since I can't, I am sending you a hug and keeping you in my thoughts. Stay safe my friend. x

Hi again David, Your body is aching because you are holding your muscles so tight with fear. Don't blame your family, it is so difficult for others to understand what we feel with anxiety. That's why is great that you found this forum to come to when terrified.

You are not going crazy, you will not die. Will continue .....

Thank you for the information and thank you for keeping me calm ..thanks for your reply :)

hi there. take a deep breath its okay. now why would you die. you just have to think about this. you dont have a serious illness do you. has the doctor told you that your going to die. i think that your imagining this as if you were going to die you would be very ill and in the hospital.when i was very young well much younger than i am now i used to think like this most of the time. i have no idea what caused it really but it was a very terrible feeling and i would feel as if i could not breath. and any minute i was going to die. but as the years went in i realized i had been thinking like this for a long long time and i was still alive. so i began to realize that i was just frightening my own self with these thought. and thats when i began to stop thinking like this. you are going to be alright. please beleive me. have you ever thought of this before? well you did not die and tomorrow when you are still here you will have to start to tell your self that those thoughts that you are having about dying are not true. so i hope this will put your mind at rest are you on your own or do you have some family member with you who you can talk to. take it easy and try not to worry. try and do something to take your mind of this kind or thinking. love grace xoxoxo

Yes there has been old times where I would feel like this and it's terrifying! :((((

And no the doctor has always told me it's just anxiety it's just really tough to tell myself I'm not dying cause I've never had anxiety before....Thank You so much :)))

you are so very welcome just try and keep this in your mind when you have those thoughts as they are not true. i was telling myself for years i was going to die then one day i thought to myself i'v been thinking like this for to long and im not dead. so i knew it was my thinking and it was me scaring myself i do hope that your feeling better. love grace xoxoxo

Agora1 in reply to grace111

Thanks grace, there's always strength in numbers. Hope you are okay. x

grace111 in reply to Agora1

yes im okay i couldnt sleep and had just got up and i was glad i saw this post as i used to be like this when i was young, im 65 now but i'v not forgotten how bad anxiety can be as i dont get it so much now, i thought it was lovely that you wrote a little post just to let the person know that someone was there. i knew that you also understand this dreadful anxiety. it is so debilitating isnt it. im sure david is feelng so much better now. yes its great that we all get together and help each other. as you say strength in numbers, this forum has been a godsend to me. i would be lost without it. i'd say its the best forum iv ever been on. god bless you agora love grace xoxoxo🖐

How are you doing David?? That choking feeling are the muscles tightening up from your fear. Your throat may even get bone dry, so try sipping some water. Staying hydrated will help your muscles. This will pass. What were you doing when it came on. Did something prompt this attack? When our body is over stimulated the adrenaline is always ready to boil over. A tv show, a game that you might be playing, gee even a negative thought can bring it on without you realizing it. I don't know if you are on medication or if you have been seen by a doctor and actually diagnosed with anxiety disorder. There are things you can do to prevent your attacks from taking hold so fiercely, but now is not the time. You need to calm yourself down by taking some slow deep breathes. Very slowly, bring your shoulders down and back, that will open up your chest and you will be able to breathe more easily which will control the anxiety. Let me know how it's going right now?

I'm doing a little better thank you ! :)

It's just hard because I never had anxiety in my entire life

It's very scary but thank you so much :)

I know how scary it can be David. I've lived many years with anxiety. I'm glad you are doing a little better. Each 15 min that goes by will make you feel better and better until it's gone. We are all here for you. We care. x Hope the rest of your evening gets better.

Hi David, you are going to get through this. You are not alone. Please let us know how you are...do not be scared...I know its tough but I have full faith you will get through this.

I'm doing a little better

And thanks so much for your support :)

I also have faith is will be over soon

I am glad you're are pulling through. David, never give up sweetie...you have a long beautiful life ahead of you. Enjoy your life...laugh it out, cry it out. It is ok. Sometimes I look up funny baby videos or funny animal videos to pull through some of my worst of times and the laughing truly helps. 😉😊😊💕🌞

Thank you so much for the support 💙

You know I ache all every day and it is as Agora says I realise I am holding my self rigid, the aching makes me feel sick and upset a my stomach, it's a vicious circle. I do relaxation exercises tensing and releasing, that helps.

But you know, I watched four episodes of "Friday Night Dinner" the other night, laughed so much..I had the best nights sleep for a long time and woke up not hurting. Doesn't good feelings preduce feel good sertonin? Correct my me if I'm wrong.

You are not alone David! X

Agora1 in reply to Funkyfaerie

Funkyfaerie, laughter is the best medicine because it does higher the serotonin levels in your brain. (and with no ill side effects) x

Agora1 in reply to Stay_strong85

Hi Stay_strong85, thanks for joining in, it's a reinforcement when we all agree. Hope you are okay. x

Stay_strong85 in reply to Agora1

Doing much better for now. Thank you. 🙄 It really is wonderful knowing that people can come together like this. I thank you all.

What wonderful comments and support on here, bless you all for caring. I know how you feel David 8 or 9 weeks ago I got very ill where I couldn't get out of bed I ended up in a and e and stayed for a few nights, they did various tests and nothing showed, I've been to a and e two more time but to no avail, I've had different tests heart monitor, blood tests,24 hour urine tests and still nothing, I have to have further tests as I get almost constant palpatations along with digestive issues. I woke up last night feeling light headed again :( and numb face but tried not to panic and went back to sleep, before all this I worked very hard running a playgroup and now I'm on sick due to this, I didn't suffer before so still hard to accept. Blessings and love Amanda .

Hey David, I have these moments too. I have been especially in and out in recent weeks. I have had anxiety on and off for ten years and it still scares the crap out of me even though I have never once died! haha. Go and see your doctor and see if they can prescribe you something, I have valium to take when I feel it coming on or it's full blown but GUESS WHAT? knowing I have it as a safety net means I never really take it! Your mind can play tricks on you but you can play tricks on it back! And if you can't get to the valium a couple of beers will shut it up (though I have to say this is not recommended as a long-term solution AT ALL!) but knowing that there are ways to stop it often is enough to stop it anyway! Hope this helps. Good luck! Lee

As LeeT says above David go to the doctors and get something prescribed. It really does help. I have been a very confident and strong person all my life but I feel there comes a time when life just delivers too many body punches.

I got severe panic attack, lost 1.5 stone in weight, and my finger tips started to peel. Doctor heard of this but had never seen it personally. I was put onto beta blockers to bring down my heart rate. Believe me David I was in a really bad state.

I am still on meds ( citalopram 40mg) but if I feel a little afraid I go to the gym and get rid of the anxiety there by working out really hard. Alternatively I walk, ride bike, or run.

My daughter suffers from anxiety after her child was born and I never understood how she felt. I gave the usual bland messages of "you need to calm down, Pull yourself together" typical English "stiff upper lip" rhetoric.

It is only when it happens to you that you realise how it is completely out of your control. It's as if another mind has invaded your body. I apologised to my daughter for not understanding what she was going through. I felt so bad about it.

David you won't die when you sleep. Do all of the calming, breathing, physical routines but if it is still commanding your day get to the doctors and demand some meds. You should not have to continue living a nightmare.

Best regards


Be honest with your Doctor...help is out there, sometimes you just have to ask....best wishes

Hello David,

What you are suffering is an acute depressive episode with co morbid anxiety. I could give you all sorts of advice. However the only advice I'm going to give you is this. Please go straight to your doctor and tell him/her exactly what you've told us, go in to more detail and let the GP see how distressed you are. I have a feeling, from your comment, that you won't be able to hide it.

It's my opinion that you need urgent intervention. You have expressed sentiments that worry me. I am not for a moment suggesting that you are crazy, but I think you would benefit greatly from a referral to a psychiatrist.

Please consider my advice. I think for you the time has come to seek medical help. Words may soothe, a bit like painkillers soothe the pain of a broken leg, but painkillers won't fix a broken leg and words won't fix acute depression.

Whatever you choose to do David you have my genuine empathy and concern.

With my best wishes and hoping sincerely that you begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel soon


Your post broke my heart. I hate that you (or anyone else) feels so scared, whether it's a result of our own thoughts or not it's a horrible place to be.

Try with everything you have to believe that your anxiety is a response to a threat - whether the threat is real or from a thought (sometimes you recognise a trigger sometimes you have no idea where anxiety has come from)- anxiety is going nuts to keep you safe and alive, on full alert and ready for action. It wont harm you physically, although it does really wear you down.

its not easy to do in the midst of high anxiety but try your hardest to focus on "these are just feelings, not facts. I feel like I'm dying, but I'm not." If it's too difficult meds can help you calm down enough to refocus.

Burning off adrenalin as mentioned above by someone else, is a great idea. Otherwise it takes a very long time to clear from your body extending those sickly 'on edge' feelings.

Writing your thoughts symptoms and feelings down helps. Again it's hard when panicking but you'll read back one day - okay so I thought I was having a heart attack then but it calmed down. Because when we feel better we tend to try forget anxiety, or can't really remember the full pelt it gives. Then if it recurs it's terrifying. If you read back on your own brutally honest notes you'll see you've been there, done that and won before, you'll win again. You might also recognise patterns, triggers or uncover deep rooted fears you may not even know about right now.

I'm always here if you want to talk, I wish you all the best.

Anxiety and depression are the 2 sides of the same coin, I'm kind of yo-yo-ing between them at the moment but working hard to balance everything so I do understand how hard you have to work. Think of us as your cheerleaders, I have my pom poms and I'm rooting for you :) take care!

Hi David,

What wonderful replies people have given you. Fabulous people! You are not alone in your anxieties and its good to know there are always friends on here who have been through what you are going through and will support and help you through this.

Look up Mindfulness and that often help to calm you down. Even reciting a song / poem takes your mind off what you are going through and lessens symptoms of your panic attack.


I've escaped full blown panics by reciting poems before and one of my favourites when I'm out and about- I read vehicle reg plates and road signs in the phonetic(?) alphabet - alpha bravo Charlie... etc really works for stifling a panic attack :)

It does doesn't it! Anything to take your mind off the panic attack.

Read anything - a poster/ billboard / shop sign or window.

Sing (if your on your own - otherwise you may get funny looks!)

Concentrate on deep breathing and relaxation.

Works for me!


your reading my mind. lol 😂

David! You need to breathe and remember that you can control this and you have more to live for! Anxiety and depression is a huge SOB and will make you feel disconnect and make your body hurt. Keep telling yourself that you can get through this! Try and surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. Try to distract yourself with a book , a movie or music. You can find trick that will help you! Please stay strong!

Try Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, can buy online..great stuff..

have to have about 4 doses before you notice it's helping. then you'll feel better daily.

My grandfather thought he was dying with severe panic attacks for twenty years..lived till 102

All good wishes for your speedy recovery

Hi david alan here all the reply s are spot on do try to chill out I no its hard but it will get better go for a good long walk plug in listen to some music it helps for me just to get my mind of things. Here 4 u.

For God has not given you a spirit of fear but of LOVE, POWER and SOUNDMIND.

Just believe David!!!! You will be okay I promise you!

God bless everyone on this support group it's good to no the support is here it helped me when I lost my mum a week ago I'm still struggling with things but I'm fighting on

My heart goes out to you. I'm so pleased you found support after your loss. I wish I had sought support instead of pretending it never happened. I'm a doughnut:) here if you need to vent 😊

Im telling u everything's gonna be okay.. Ive been there and i know the feeling... Its terrible i cried a lot and i talked to my friend and i made God close to me by talking and praying a lot to Him.. Its just temporary.. Everything will be fine. U gonna be okay David.. 😊😊😊 its just ur mind playing tricks on u..

David I'm 47 and I'm just short of a year with this what I've learnt is don't ever google anything makes you worse ,I know I'm going to die but when it happens you won't know anything so why worry. I don't fear my death now but I am always going to be scared of it same as I'm always scared of being alone which my anxiety has left me with

daisychained in reply to Rob46

Feel you! I hate being alone :-(

My best advice is to go out and spend some time doing something you love/like get busy just get busy as much as possible just do not think about it.

All I can say is I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE FEELING IT'S SO DAMN HARD TO LIVE WITH but you know you will not die no matter what the anxiety says and makes you feel we know we won't!!!!! Keep fighting there's a life out there!!!

Don't fight the anxiety but fight to live

I am suffering with exactly the same atm :( been to the doctors and been told its anxiety but i panic incase the doctors are wrong and im so scared to sleep at night thinking ill never wake up. Im 23 years old and have a life ahead of me but feel like something serious is going to happen

Agora1 in reply to adam_pekk

You know adam, I don't think that there is one of us who hasn't gone through that feeling. I walked out of doctor's offices trying to figure out what they were missing. I put more stress on myself by believing that an educated medical physician might be missing something. I never did Google but knew enough medically to make me try and diagnose myself. Not good. Even a doctor goes to another doctor when they have a health issue. At 23 years old, yes you do have a full life ahead of you and what a waste to give into this anxiety bully. Therapy may help you sort this out as well as give you some tools to work with. I hope you get a handle on trusting the doctors.

adam_pekk in reply to Agora1

Ive been put on citalopram and its gave me IBS as the doctors said and because of this it is causing stomach trouble which is making me believe that there is something hidden inside of me that doctors arent noticing. Im going to the doctors at least 3 times a week and i feel a complete idiot for going and being told its my anxiety but it puts my mind at ease for a while. Ive been told to go counseling to see if it helps. Ive been given a sick note for work due to the citalopram side effects i just want them to work so i can go back to living my normal life. Thankyou for your response

Thank you for sharing that info about having side effects from a medication. It happens. But don't feel embarrassed about going to the doctor until this all gets straightened out. I hope you start feeling better soon so you can get on with your life. Good Luck Adam.

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