Has anyone been diagnosed with BPPV?

I have been to the ER twice, an ENT and a family doctor who believe, based on my explanation of symptoms, I have BPPV.

About 2 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night to feed my baby and my head was spinning - I couldn't even read the Advil bottle.

Then after that, I started feeling generally unwell and noticed that when I turned by head to the right to take a phone call or wrote something on a piece of paper for example, my head would start to spin. It was almost like that feeling you get before an anxiety attack is going to start.

Anyways, for 2 months I thought I was having anxiety attacks which I used to get pretty bad, and so I didn't seek any treatment. So when I went to the hospital, they told me to go home and do the Epley Maneuver until I no longer felt dizzy.

After I did the Epley Maneuver, I noticed that I would spin on my right side, so I waited until the spinning stopped. Finally, I had no more spinning when I did the Epley so I was positive that I really had BPPV. Because one thing about anxiety, we always believe there is something the medical community is missing.

I had an appointment with my ENT who said although a weird case of BPPV, there really isn't anything else it could be.

But I still feel off balance now, unsteady, like I am veering to one side sometimes. And today, I parked my car, reached down to the right for my bag and BAM! there it was again. So i rushed home to do the Epley to see if the spinning came back and no spinning.

So why am I still getting positional vertigo? If you have experience with this please let me know. I have looked up vertebral compression which goes in line with my symptoms, except my spinning stopped even when I turned my head - it usually took about 10-15 seconds but it stopped.


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  • Yes, I have been dealing with vertigo for the last couple months. I have had it three times in the last year and it always starts the same. I roll over in bed in the morning and the room spins. It freaks me out and I move quickly out of the position and it goes away. The first time I had it it was very positional with looking up or down or bending over or lying down flat. It took along time, months before I could lie back with out spinning. For some reason, it didn't scare me. I was obsessing about my children at the time and not focused on myself. This last time it wasn't as severe, but the lingering dizziness and balance issues seems to be worse. I don't know if it because I got really anxious about it this time. I gave convinced myself something is wrong. I do notice is is much worse after or when I become anxious. It is also worse after I have been in a car or I am in the dark. There have been several people on here with the same thing. I know anxiety doesn't cause vertigo, but being anxious must do something to increase something about it. You are not alone. I hate it, dizziness always scares me no matter how many times I get it.

  • Does it linger? I had my first experience 2 months ago and although the Epley stopped the spinning I am still dizzy now

  • Hi There. I have the same but my doctors have told me it IS from anxiety. Stress and anxiety can do some pretty horrible things to a person and one of them is dizziness. Three years ago mine started, also mainly on the right side when I bent down, or turned my head to the right. I went to ENTs, I had a CT scan, I went to a nurologist, and all said it was from anxiety. It has sort of settled now, but then I do have flare ups but know it is from anxiety. I would look at that website. anxietycentre.com/anxiety-s.... Feel for you, it is terrible. Debs

  • They explain that BPPV is from calcium crystals in the utricle of the inner ear getting dislodged and affecting the sensory of the inner ear. Do you think major stress can cause this? I had a CT scan and everything is normal.

    They say 50% of BPPV cases are idiopathic meaning they don't know what causes them. I was under absolutely chronic stress before this all started. Self-employed (12+ hours at the computer), baby (1o month old) and a four year old, not sleeping much. Mind you also, I was sleeping on a pretty crappy pillow with my head not supported.

    I guess when they don't know what causes something it's stress.

  • I had no crystals, so it I was then told by more than 5 doctors, it was anxiety. Stress and anxiety cause you to feel off balance, spinning, feel like moving on a boat, dizziness, etc.. I fought with every doctor saying I did not believe them, but they are right. Mine started when my hubby had a terrible seizure and I thought he was dead. The dizziness started about 3 months later, just hit me like a bomb. Have any of your doctors explained it could be anxiety to you? Also remember, anxiety causes problems with the middle ear as well. I really hope you read that article link I sent you, I hope it helps.


  • They told me stress can definitely make the symptoms worse but I was positive for BPPV right ear when Epley was performed. Of course I feel of balance and unsteady all the time even after the spinning stopped and that can be due to the fear and anxiety I have from it.

  • I had BPPV And it did go away but I stressed my self because I was not feeling better and would google everything to try and fix it. This was all back in February it's now July and I was told may 24 weekend that I have anxiety and depression. I seem to have more good days then bad. But my sleep is bad I'm up and down all night

  • That's like me. I keep googling others things it can be stressing myself out. When I get a symptom, I panic and go to the Epley to see if its back. I keep thinking this will never go away. Did you feel off balance when you had BPPV, did looking at the computer make you worse?

  • Yes it did. I will tell you google is not your friend. Anxiety can make it worse

  • Did you ever get it just sitting up using your cell phone or writing on a piece of paper. My bppv doesn't really happen in bed it happens during the day when I turn to the right

  • I swear we have the same symptoms. I don't get the positional spinning anyone, but off balance feeling like I am rocking back and forth. It is familiar feeling, like I know I have had it before, but it won't go away. I can't look at my phone or computer when I am sitting down, especially at night, it makes me dizzy. I guess the more we worry about it the longer it will stay.

  • I did feel that yes and I also felt like my ear was full all the time

  • Yup me too and I have some slight ringing. I guess we can feel the crystals since we are hypersensitive.

  • I would also talk to you Dr about anxity as that could me on of the symptoms.

  • A lot of it is anxiety for sure. I'm always thinking about it

  • When you were recovering from bppv did you feel a little off while driving? Like you were moving even after car stopped?

  • I've had vertigo in the past because I've literally spun before but this round that I feel right now is like more of a unsteady off-balance feeling. And definitely have felt the car still moving after I stopped also when I'm laying down sometimes I feel like I'm swaying or like I'm jerking one way so weird. I also feel like I'm walking on a trampoline sometimes.

  • I also get spinny when I am talking a lot

  • Sacolucci, This sensation of being spinny is still there a little for me because I tend to hold my breath when talking. It has gotten much better but I am always reminded that I need to take a break and slow down and breathe and let the other person get a chance to talk :)

  • Hi Sacolucci, I use to get that until I got control of my anxiety. I'd put the brakes on but it felt as it I were still moving or I'd be stopped and if the car next to me moved, I'd think it was my car and press on the brakes..

  • I am just so scared this is going to be permanent I have real vertigo or bppv and the anxiety vertigo

  • I never thought of it as more than my anxiety causing it. I'm sorry in what you are experiencing. I hope your doctor can help you. It must be a terrible feeling to deal with. Wish you well Sacolucci x

  • Vertigo tends to come and go from what I understand. I know it feels horrible, but you know for sure it was bppv and now the linger stuff from sensitized vestibular system, does that help you feel more relaxed about it. I pretty sure I had bppv, never had any tests done, I started to scare myself that it was something more. I guess that is the problem we all have, we fear the what-if about it.

  • Yes, vertigo causes extreme anxiety in most people. Anxiety, by itself, does not produce vertigo. However, in association with conditions that do produce vertigo, anxiety can make the vertigo much worse. People with certain anxiety disorders such as panic attacks can sometimes also experience vertigo.

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