Derealization feeling all day:(

Hi guys so I started feeling this unreal feeling when I was at work few weeks ago and it was scary and didn't go away I ended up having full blown panic attack and I've been having anxiety panic attacks off and on since past 8 months I did experience the derealization feeling butt would go away now since past few weeks when it started it has gotten worse and pretty much stays all day and is very scary!i have been to ER 3 times this past month and I've tried bunch of stupid pills which I feel has made me worse I feel the constant feeling of derealization is feeding off my anxiety of having strange dissconect feeling all day if that makes any sense!?i don't know if this is disorder now if I'm crazy if it will go away or what !?but I'm so depressed cause of it and I can't even drive anymore cause it's so bad and do things I used to:(if anyone can relate please reply and if you have gotten better please let me know I'm feeling hopeless I just want my life back only thing that helps with height of anxiety is hydroxyzine and Ativan if real bad but that feeling of derealization doesn't leave I try to not think about it and do things but it's hard when you literally feel like your not in your own body:(?


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  • Anxiety and depression are very common comorbidities. The depersonalization and derealization can sometimes last for a good long while and it can in turn cause more anxiety which further feeds the cycle. Furthermore, if I remember correctly, Ativan is a benzodiazepene. Benzodiazepenes are known to feed the anxiety cycle and lead to further depersonalization issues. Keep the faith, you'll get through it.

  • Hi,

    Bless you, I hate that feeling too. It would probably be best if you read what panic/anxiety does to your body. Firstly Adrenalin and Cortisol are the main factors. Cortisol is a chemical that the brain releases in heightened state of anxiety/panic. It is primeval and will take over any rational thinking. You just have to wait it out. Adrenalin is powerful also and prepares the body for the flight or fight response. If not used up that is where the physical symptoms appear. I am no expert here, but I experience the derealisation and I hate that bit. Everyone is different any produce different amounts of these. I googled these as I was also at my wits end. Anxiety/Panic is supposed to be there for reasons to keep us safe, and hey if we didn't have it we would not be safe. But it can be set off falsely even by a thought that sometimes we don't even recognise. I am on pregabalin 75mg twice daily and citalopram 20mg twice daily. Medication isn't really the answer but it sure helps. Do you have any techniques to cope with this? Meditation is good, also please look up Anxiety/Panic also Negative Automatic Thoughts, NAT for short. It might help.

    Hope you get better soon. It will go away if you can find the triggers.

    Kind regards


  • Aw Dee I do emapthise with you, this is one of the most scary of the symptoms we all have experienced and still do. Derealization or Unreality is your brains way of saying its had enough and it needs a break so it shuts down to protect you. I know when I get this that this is the indication that I can either sink or swin as its my trigger from either coping with my anxiety or letting it spill into a pro longed chaotic paranoid episode. Exercise works for me, because even though I feel detached, a bit wobbly, dizzy as such I know my body is an excellent machine that will go on auto pilot and go through the motions if we encourage it. I go to keep fit classes were Im around people so feel secure in the fact if I pass out (which I never have), have a wobble im in a place were people are. Accepting the symptoms is the key to getting them to diminish, its really hard I know but write down on a piece of paper "these feelings im having of derealisation are part of my anxiety, that's all, they wont harm me or scare me, and will go away soon", keep repeating to you yourself throughout the day, take it out and look at it when your feeling despair. Affirmations are brilliant for this, look them up on You tube, and listen daily, they work. Have you any family or friends that can support you, take care x

  • Thanks for writing back I appreciate your input!i will try today first time in weeks to go to gym I want to beat this!i also have therapy apt I will drive to aswell,unfortunely I have no friends or family in. My life just my boyfriend and two kids!how long have you had anxiety??is that feeling gone now for u?do you take any medication?write back thanks Dee

  • Hi, Ive had anxiety most of my life and got diagnosed with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) in my mid twenties of which they now know stemmed from possibly the age of 6 or 7, although coped and lived with it all, it came to ahead about a year after my third child was born some 17 years ago and I had a very bad breakdown, which took its toll for a while...I did start taking medication but felt much worse and thought if I felt that way taking them then I'd rather feel that bad but not take anything and see if I could do it a different way ( I would never say stop taking any meds though that anyone has been on for a while as this can lead to acute withdrawl) always ask doctor first. I found a really good local self help group in my area that taught me what was going on in my body, I went to the library read up on my illness, did exercise most days, kept a journal of symptoms/thoughts, which helps all the time, always there to refer to in my dark days...GAD will always be there for me but I've learnt to manage it where it does not impact my life as much, I still have days with lots of symptoms but they go quickly as these days Im not scared of them, I accept them as anxiety straight away so they diminish quick..I know my trigger points so am quite aware when I may need extra support....Not sure how old your children are but going to kids clubs etc is a good way of meeting other mums in your area, contacting old friends via social media is always good, working part time if you can is a good way of being out in the real world, attending college courses is another good way...take care

  • Hi thanks well unfortunely I tried college from time I graduated in 99 off and on till this past December when the anxiety started to really effect me honestly I think it started becUse I've been struggling with undiagnosed ADD I have had tremendous struggle with concentration,memory,organization,etc my boys are ages 6 and 11 only thing in my area I'm aware of would be YMCA stuff which I've been an active member long time now but since this has happened it's been hard to do Nything it's very scary to feel like you have lost your mind!i have left work since couple weeks ago :(I just can't work like this either that feeling stays with me all day and night I wake up with it!im gonna try to fight it and not let it bother me and do things I haven't been taking any medication except bunch of trial ones over past week and it would be one day I'd feel even more strange so I'm like I'm not taking this!they gave me buspar ,seroquil,trazdone,clonidine,Ativan I wanted to stop taking!i had been taking bout 8 months off and on and felt it was prolly making me worse!i stopped taking and I was having even worse and longer panic attacks but I kept fighting and suffering without,I went to ER a bunch and my doctor said I don't need to taper off off Ativan because I wasn't taking large doses for long time and steadily I still thought that's bs and I should but anyways my anxiety was so bad constant bricks on my chest feeling and no sleep I caved after almost a week without and took 1mg couple days ago which at least took I can't breathe feeling away because literally it stayed like that all day:(but now I'm determined not to take anymore Ativan and just do the hydroxyzine which is mellowing me out a bit but still feeling is in my head why can't it just go away?!i just want my life back!i feel if that feeling would go away I know I would do everything I possibly could to control anxiety don't even know why I have it!?but basically now only reason I have it is cause of that derealization feeling that won't go away:(

  • Sorry to hijack your conversation but I just wanted to add that the derealization and depersonalistion does go away as you begin to start feeling normal again. What I mean by this is that when you start to gain more control over your life the depersonalization starts to become less and less. As you get better you will notice the that you start to feel that way for shorter periods of time until eventually it dissapears altogether.

    In order for this to happen you need to start being active in making sure you are doing all you can to get better, ie: getting therapy, you can get referall from GP, Make sure your GP is on top of things ie: monitering your medication etc.

    Excercise, be aware the exercise will not get rid of the feeling straightaway but I would recommend you get a daily exercise routine and stick to it. When you excercise it releases endorphins into your body, endorphins can help reduce the feeling of depersonalization.

    Anxiety disorder is no laughing matter but hear this.... Laughter is another good medicine. By this I mean that you should make it a habit of watching something that makes you laugh first thing in the morning and last thing at night, make note of your favourite comedy shows. Laughter releases endorphins again this reduces the depersonalization. If you go to bed after laughter you are less likely to worry exessively. Our sleep is important so it is important to get enough of it and also make sure we go to sleep on positivity this aids the healing process. Watching or listening to our favourite comedy show does help.

    It is not easy to do but just accept that at the moment until you get better that you will feel depersonalised and sometimes it will last a long time and sometimes it will last a short time the thing is just accept that you get and ignore it as best as you can. It is just a symptom of Anxiety disorder, when your anxiety reduces so will this feeling.

    I hope you get well soon. Feel free to contact me if you ever need to chat. I am telling you these things as an anxiety sufferer so I know how horrible this can seem.

  • Hey Dimitri

  • Love your reply very encouraging I read it over sometimes to keep me moving in the right direction ty so much.💗

  • That is really nice to hear and I am glad you find it encouraging. Stay strong and a Happy New Year to you :)

  • Hey dee4025 did it end up going away!?

  • Hey Deecey I'm an 18 year old that feel just like the way dee does, I'm am trying to figure out if it does go away in time because it has been two years since u posted your comment for dee

  • Pthank you for your input demitri I appreciate it!i will try those things i haven't been driving though because of it or gym like I used to:(I just want my life back and think maybe I have some psychological disorder ?:(I'll try comedy thing and I want to go to gym and excercise it's just that feeling makes me feel aweful And increases my anxiety to the max!are you on any medication or tried any that helped?i don't want to be on any but currently I'm just tKing hydroxyzine like 75 to 100 mg a day to take edge off I have Ativan but trying not take unless I have full blown attack!im trying to get sleep and feel I was two days before last the hydroxyzine was helping and I could sleep last night not so good kept waking with extreme anxiety I was able to calm down and sleep few hours after waking like 4 times in night I'll try to at least do walks for now maybe Monday I'll be able to get in gym I miss it and feeling normal:(I have an appointment on the 8th of August to be put to sleep for extraction of impacted wisdom teeth which I think is what started my panic and OCD about it a month ago I was supposed to have done I get there and they tell me I need to reschedule because I took sip of gree tea instead of water with my pills!?i was furious and so basically I had been so frightened to be put to sleep and fear of not waking up and that's all I obsessed about now I think that's what's going on maybe underneath somewhere cause I'm going in less than week and at this point I am still alittle scared but I just want to feel normal not this derealization feeling cause that's more scary !do u think I'll be ok to go to this surgery with that state of mind I'm constAntly in?i try todo whatever and stay busy but it doesn't go away!i have to have this surgery done I'm 33 and wisdom teeth are impacted!will I be ok?i hope so maybe once it's over my anxiety will start to go down

  • Hi Dee

    Sorry for replying so late. I think to me it sounds like you are really scared about the operation and this is enhancing your derealization. Most people are frightened of having a procedure but anxiety sufferers tend to panic that little bit more. I personally think if this is what has been worrying you the most, then the good thing is once you have the procedure I think you will start to feel a lot better.

    It is worth letting the dentist at rthe hospital know that you are very anxious and stressed about having the procedure as they are normally very good at keeping you calm. Remember they do this day in and day out it is their job so your worry is a normal reaction, but just remember you are over reacting more than usual because you are an anxiety sufferer.

    The derealization always gets worse when anxiety levels are raised. I think once your wisdom teeth are out and the pain settles so will your anxiety settle too.

    Let me know how you get on. You can talk to me anytime if you are worried about your anxiety symptoms. Good luck with your operation and at least your wont have any wisdom teeth problems in the future.

  • Hi demetri thanks so much I appreciate your kind words:)I think your right!i just had them out today and was not so bad after all I wasn't even completely knocked out so it was good!i did get general anthesia and a valuim and also Percocet for pain lol yea I'm on all 3 currently I feel good!im truly hopping to my anxiety subsides now that that's over and I can live normal life it has been pretty bad past three weeks constant derealization,not driving working no gym:(I hope it's gonna get better!ill keep u posted and how bout you how are u feeling?do you take any medication see therapist?

  • Hi Dee.... good I am glad to hear that, these things are never normally as bad as we think they are going to be. Valium normally does the trick...... it is a little wonder pill really LOL....... Shouldnt say that but, it has bailed me out of many emergencies hahahaa.

    I generally feel good nowadays, my anxiety has subsided to a level where I have a lot more control over how I respond to it so it never really gets out of hand any more. I had battled my depression and anxiety refusing all meds from my doctor and just using therapy and mindfulness meditation. There were ups and downs with trials of different therapists etc, I think in many ways I was too phobic to take any meds had I done so I might of felt a lot better a lot sooner. The strange thing is last year I developed an irregular heart beat and the consultant prescribed me beta blockers to regulate the heart. My anxiety got a lot less after taking these, I later found out that they are also prescribed as a treatment for anxiety so I think that taking these obviously impacts in a good way on my anxiety.

    In general I feel like I have overcome the worst of it and that my life is starting to resemble some level of normality now. Dont get me wrong I still have my bad days and low moods but I very rarely get any panic attacks anymore and I tend to worry a lot less. So things are looking up. But once you have been through severe anxiety it is something you never forget. The good thing to come from this is I have become a lot more empathic of other people who are struggling with this illness which i think is a natural consequence of experiencing the devastation an anxiety disorder can cause..

  • Well that's great to hear!:)I hope I'll feel better soon myself,thanks for your story and good luck with everything!id like to not take any meds but we gotta see how I do!

  • I have been feeling derealization/depersonalization since the latter part of last year. I saw a therapist which helped. She recommended Gaba and T-Theanine from the health food store. It helped but made me very sleepy; I took it at night but was still sleepy during the day. This is a very scary feeling, like I am going to lose control of myself. One supporter said she just ignore the feeling. (Which is hard to do sometimes.) I find that when I am focused on something or someone other than myself, I am not award of this strange "not here" feeling. I do drive and concentrate on my driving. I try to diffuse my anxiety when I feel it is coming on. I focus on what i am doing and tell myself to calm down and relax, usually what I am doing is nothing to be anxiety preparing to cook. Ridiculous?! So I am learning to calm down. I am a Christian so I pray a lot knowing that nothing can happen to me unless God permits it. I found comfort in that. I just prayed for you. Wishing you peace.

  • Thank u so much it's been aweful and still ongoing

  • Ive had this! Scared me half to death, but after i read about derealization, i felt more assuref and my focus turned toanother symptom.

    Since all the focus shifted, the derealization went away and the symptom i turned my focus on enhanced.

    Itll go away, but leave the house and do stuff. Its empowering to know you can still do things while feeling this way. Thats the kicker.

  • Yeah I've been trying too go out just haven't been driving or gym or working:(little over z3 weeks now,I'm gonna try to drive to gym tomarrow wish me luck!:/it's quite scary and hard to ignore when you have feeling all day ,why won't it go away!?:(

  • Yes! I know what you mean. I have it there constintaly as well. We will pull through sometime!

  • When?!im concerned at this point:(it's been straight month of it constant I'm just tired of feeling like this it's not normal it's very uneasy I feel I'm in a dream state all day and it scares me,I left long message with my doctor that she should be concerned at this point I want MRI and some blood work done to rule out any health conditions and I'm in therapy and waiting to see phychitrist but this feeling is getting rediculous! It's scary driving I don't do much of that anymore:(I'm out of work now too since a month:(

  • I suffer from derealization and it just started 3 months ago my anxiety was sooo bad that my doctors put me on ativan 2x a day 1 for sleepiness so basically i was drugged all day long then the derealization kicked in it was horrible i looked up every single thing as too why then i came up on an interesting article that despersonalization is also a side effect of drinking too much ativan so I immediately did an appointment with my primary who confirmed it was true so he had me see a psychologist which helped me alot now i still feel the feeling but i feel each day im less and less in that state so no matter what i only drink ativan when i cant get myself out of a panic attack

  • I can totally related with the derealization. Especially during the panic attack. Had one late afternoon. Took extra of my neurontun, klonopin and visteral went to bed early. Woke up took my Meds. The derealization is still there. Not as intense but I feel like I'm walking a tight rope from the tallest building in nyc. I have no motivation. I feel spaced out. Sick to my stomach. Anxiety. I see my therapist today I hope talking with her will simmer things. I have had panic attacks real bad to where I was put in psych ward for 7 days. It now has me disabled. I can't work. It's been 14 years. Been they tons of Meds. For me nothing has been perfect. Your like a ginnie pig when it comes to psych Meds. What works for one someone else could have killer side effects like being suicidal. Happened to me with Prozac. If you want to ask more ? I'm here.

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