Has anyone tried clomipramine? Desperate!

Iv been on clomipramine 10mg for 8 weeks now for obsessive thoughts and anxiety and have tolerated it pretty well up to now with little few side effects, however 3 weeks ago I noticed my anxiety coming back and I'm bad tempered and irritated, my doctor increased my dose to 25mg and last night I took one and woke up like I was on fire and felt sick I was terrified, was this dose too high? I don't know why iv suddenly gone down hill after I was ok when starting it.


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  • Stop taking it.i dont take medications i fight on my own.

  • I don't think I could function at all without something to help me along.

  • Jus try. I had a bad attack last night.after it passed i jus went to bed cuz thinking about wat happen makes anxiety wores.dont worry if it will happen again.jus tell your self if it does ill get tru like i jus did.

  • It's so hard I tried before and just couldn't function without something to help I also suffer from obsessive thoughts that can be crippling at times they seem to be a bit better but not the anxiety.

  • Then wen u had the feeling ur going to die started medications again?

  • Just couldn't handle the anxiety taking nothing at all, it's just terrible.

  • Ok. I still think u sud try.

  • To be honest nothing has ever helped it for long, I get a bit of relief for a while and then it's back again.

  • I stoped worrying about it wen ever it comes i deat whit it whenever it pass i fotget about it.

  • I'm still learning to try and do that it's really hard

  • I knw sometimes i feel so tired an breakdown cry. Think about alot of stuff.

  • I shake physically when iv got anxiety and feel really stressed, it's one of the symptoms I wish would go! Racing thoughts as well as catastrophizing everything, worrying il never get better. Iv had cbt 5 times and it's never really helped.

  • Am sorry about that.you'll get bettter.how did it start btw?

  • My anxiety started years ago but just kind of got worse over the years, i suffered a trauma very young( sexual) but iv had some treatment for that it's just generalised anxiety now and obsessive thinking.

  • Ok am really sorry.

  • That's ok we all have something don't we?

  • Yes we do.

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