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Please help me



I'm hoping someone can assist me or offer some kind of advice as i'm at a complete loss. I'm 22 years old and i've not had any proper kind of life since I was 19/20.. I feel 80 & some days feel like I don't even want to be alive anymore. And before anyone says no not because I suffer with depression.. because i'm depressed about all the constant symptoms I have.. I try to go out and I can't in comfort because these all hold me back :( no doctor seems to be able to help me or even diagnose me..

Before this I was a happy, outgoing, extremely ambitious person with a lot of dreams.. now I spend most of my time at home in my room because I feel too poorly to go out.. I do force myself but it's so hard..

- Onset of first symptoms was Boxing Day 2013

- I started to feel a heavy pressure in my head & dizziness.. felt terrified

- Doctor advised most likely sinus infection.. Given course of Ammoxocillin and it cleared up..

- Repeated trips to doctor for next 6 months or so with similar issues..

- November 2014 I got the same thing again and this time the Ammoxicillin didn't make me feel any better.. was given course of Doxcillin

- A few days later on the bus to work I started to feel 'weird'.. I felt like i'd just smoked a very strong spliff (although never been a weed smoker.. tried it as a teen).. I felt like I was half in a dream.. what is often described as 'Derealization'.. I felt drunk and 'Not with it'.. Also bright lights etc especially around fields with green grass etc made it feel proper trippy.. Literally like i'd taken drugs.. it sounds ridiculous.. This feeling has never left to this day & progressively gotten worse with no luck from doctors...

As of September 2016... and this is no excaggeration at all..

Current Symptoms:

Head pressure / Headaches on left side / neckache



Muscle twitching / Spasm.. Mainly head does little jolt every now and then or feet when relaxed

Brain fog / much slower mental clarity

Difficulty thinking of words.. Mixing up words / Slurred Speech.. More spelling mistakes than usual

TMJ jaw pressure mainly left side also

Tremors / Shaky hands / Weak legs / Difficulty controlling movement / Difficulty walking straight often feels like i'm going to fall to one side

Constant fatigue

Difficulty falling asleep / Staying Asleep

Difficulty focusing on fast moving things (eg traffic going by or reading moving writing)

General feeling 'off' & derealization type feeling

Gassy discomfort pressure type feeling on left side.. Fizzing sound comes from throat in mornings.. Burping..Hiccups Passing wind often

Strange blurry vision

Night sweats

Cold symptoms / Sinus issues often / Aching muscles

Anger / Irritableness which is becoming severe (possibly due to the constant above symptoms and no resolution?!)

Depression (Again due to the constant above?! Maybe??)


Early 2015 - MRI Scan on brain *Clear*

CT Scan on Sinuses *Some mild inflamation but nothing to cause concern according to ENT*

Hearing test - Well i'm not going deaf so apparantly no issue with ears despite the loud tinnitus!!!!

Sep 2016 - Elisa Test for Lyme *Clear*

All blood tests through including thyroid.. vitamin defficiency etc *Clear*

I spent about 15 weeks on Citalopram for Anxiety / Depression.. did absolutely nothing and I came of them.. made me a bit calmer I guess but all my physical symptoms were still there

I'm 22 years old and I just want my life back.. i've quit smoking.. i've joined an expensive gym even though it's so hard to go due to my fatigue and other symptoms I do my best.. i'm taking fish oils.. vitamin tablets.. magnesium.. i'm literally trying everything..

I'm at a loss.. I can tell the doctors are too. I don't know what to do and i'm suffering a lot. The main bother for me is the cognitive stuff.. pain I can look by.. but the brain fog, not feeling myself.. trouble thinking and focusing.. As a young man I was part of a childrens radio station because I couldn't stop speaking.. now I struggle to piece a conversation together..

I'm sorry for the essay i'm just trying to find my cure.

Thank you


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KWater, we are not doctors so may not be able to help since your doctors are baffled as well. What is Boxing Day? Since this all started that day in 2013. Something must have happened to you on that day that prompted all this symptoms to escalate. You have seemed to have every test done and yet the issues continue.


I feel so bad for you, as our stories are so similar!! All of my symptoms started January 2, 2010, with a scary episode of derealization that last for a couple of weeks.. It was the first time I've ever experienced something like that so immediately I thought I had a brain tumor, but my scan was clear. I was so relieved and thought the nightmare was over but a few days later these strange feelings of being uncomfortable and anxious crept back, along with bizarre physical symptoms. At one point or another I have had all of the symptoms you describe. The 'not being able to find the right word' and short term memory problems really scared me but yes, it is all anxiety.

And there doesn't need to be an event that triggered all of this. For some reason (genetics, learned behaviours, chemical/hormonal imbalances) thousands of 'normal' heathy happy ambitious people will suddenly be affected by generalized anxiety disorder.

I have tried everything in the past and due to recent onset of panic attacks and a worsening of symptoms, I am now trying medication! So far so good. I pray to god this helps. I truly Believe you will beat this and find something to help! No one should live like this, and I think an ambitious guy like yourself won't quit until he finds releif! Message me anytime!

Amy :)

Hi KWater, scratch what I said about wondering was Boxing Day was. I looked it up and felt foolish. I thought you were in a boxing match and might have gotten punched. I like your definition of Boxing Day. I still don't have anything more to tell you, just that I do hope you get diagnosed so that you can start moving forward. Best of luck....

I can relate to every single thing and symptoms you listed. I am so to the point of being sick and tired of wondering when will this end. I have so many up and down days. I don't get any sleep. I wish us luck as we move forward to being ourselves again.

Have they checked your spine for any lesions ? You described MS and you said they did test on your brain and they came back clear . But if you have a lesion on your spinal cord you can have the same effects as MS. And did they test for any diseases like limes ? Or anything in that nature ? Anxiety may be the cause of some of it. there are things anxiety can do to us that is unbelievable . . Anxiety can get so bad it becomes physical and starts havac not only in our minds but our body's also . Good luck I hope you figure it out soon.

I feel the exact same, I'm 21. And I used to go out and be so happy etc. Now all I want to do is curl up in a ball. I feel like something bad is going to happen to me constantly. I always have the fear in going to have a bleed on the brain and it's so draining. Not sure how much longer I can deal with it. Had anxiety in general since I was 5 or 6. Developed into health anxiety when I was around 13 years old. I'm exhausted. I hope you find answers soon

This is a link to the symptoms of b12 deficiency


Do you know if your levels of B12 have been tested at all? same for folate?

Many GPs rule out the possibility of B12 deficiency unless there is evidence of macrocytosis - enlarged and deformed red blood cells but this is just a symptom and for about 30% not one of the first to manifest.

If you think it is likely then please join the PAS forum on health unlocked

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