Anxiety !! PLEASE HELP 😭😭😭😒

Hi I'm really new to this. I'm 16 and I feel alone 😭 I would like to tell someone everything because I feel like no one around me can understand, relate or even better re assure me that I'm okay 😭 about three months ago I was loving life like nothing could ever go wrong but a little boy died a few streets away from me and it was all a major deal that he had a heart attack. That day I was really on edge for some reason and I didn't want to 'nosey' as usual πŸ˜‚ after this I was looking after my little brother when he started crying about his friend (little boy) and as I was starting to comfort him I had an awful pain in my chest and my heart started racing and I literally thought I was going to die ! This I found out was some sort of panick/anxiety attack. After this I didn't feel myself for a few days until I felt okay for a couple of days about a week later and I was back in work. But I came home from work one day and it all just hit me and the same thing happened again. This time much worse ! Now I'm a 16 year old boy bare in mind and I started crying out like a baby ! This hasn't stopped since and I've had all sorts of symptoms from spasms in my neck, feeling like I'm having breath literally sucked out of me !, constant dizziness, headaches, but most importantly pain in the left hand side of my chest and behind my left shoulder blade. Twice I've been to the doctors and I had an ECG test and blood tests which were all clear and they've said I'm 100% not going to have a heart attack but I really don't feel re assured as I have not spoken to anyone else who has gone through this and sometimes the pain is soo real that I really feel as though I'm about to drop 😭 so please if anyone has or is going through the same thing or anything similar or even if you could just be nice I would really appreciate it !😭😭😭 I want my life back 😭😭😭


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  • Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you're having a tough time with the awful anxiety. I also get chest pains and shortness of breathe I also panic so much I black out for ages I wondered what the hell was wrong with me but after 3 years backwards and forwards to the doctors and the hospital and countless tests they diagnosed me with severe anxiety. Since I've embraced this as the reason for my pains I've felt much more at ease and able to relax a little more. When I feel myself getting into one of these 'moments' as I call them I remind myself that it's simply my brain tricking me and I start to calm back down. I do hope you can get some reassurance from this :)

  • Thank you soo much !! I really don't want it to last that long 😭 these pains feel soo real !😒 did you ever feel the pains and horrible thoughts sometimes for a full day ?

  • Yes certainly.. sometimes I felt almost crippled with pain which spread into my back, chest and ribs. I think that if you speak with people who are suffering similar problems you will feel more relaxed about it. I didn't speak to anyone when it started for me and that was the problem. The doctors were also looking down a different route for me as I have another illness that they thought it was linked to but it isn't. It worried me senseless so I understand totally.

  • It's an awful thing to suffer and I think people who haven't been there can't truly understand. But seriously don't let those thoughts win, I've been there and trust me I was very low but now I've changed my attitude towards the anxiety I'm improving. Currently going through the worst time of my life as my dads been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer but I'm using the techniques I've taught myself to get me through x

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your dad 😒 cancer is such an awful thing !πŸ˜ͺ again, thank you very much x

  • Thank you so much for being so kind and responding ! Definitely very re assuring ! These pains and thoughts are taking over my life !x

  • Danevans01,

    I know exactly what you're going through.. sometimes we go through a traumatic situation in our lives that can trigger this horrible anxiety.

    I began having bad anxiety after my son was born in 2015.. my anxiety is health related too.. any little pain I could swear I was dying.. I've felt everything you've felt and even more! I've also had countless blood test, BRAIN MRI, CT, eye specialist, ENT... AND everything is NORMAL!!

    I'm not dying and I'm healthy for the most part..getting those test result back have made me feel better an dhabe re-assured me that I'm ok.. it's just my brain playing tricks on me.. Thank God my anxiety has been less and I've learned to recognize an anxiety attack but i just remind myself that I'm healthy and I've seen about every doctor in the book and everything is ok w me!

    Also.. I'm trying acupuncture once a month and that helps my anxiety a bit.. I try getting body massages 1 or 2x a month to destress.. amd I've been taking BLACK SEED OIL.. That oil works wonders and u should try it.. go to any vitamin shop.. I also take magnesium vitamins.. sometimes if you're deficient in some vitamins u can feel anxiety and other symptoms...

    Good luck to u and remember to pray to God.,,

  • I too have been to the ER three times with chest pain and thought it was a heart attack and it was anxiety, so don't feel bad about being afraid of a heart attack. I'm so sorry about the little guy dying, but know there are medications that can help with anxiety and should help calm you. Never be afraid to talk about it and never be afraid to seek help.

  • That's also very reassuring thank you soo much ! Do you take medication for anxiety ? And do you know which ones would be best ?😒

  • I have a lot of medical problems that prevent me from taking a lot of meds, but if you talk to your family doctor he/she can help. I don't like to give medical advice since I'm not a doctor, but there are several your physician could try. Also, I don't know what your insurance situation is like, but finding a good therapist is crucial. I know it's helped me tremendously and I even go to a hypnotherapist and she has helped so much. Most areas have counseling services based on income and if like me, you are low income, you can even get free care. Please check it out and let me know how you're doing! I care!!!

  • Thank you!, I've spoken with my doctors and they said that the best possible thing to do is to just keep trying to be myself and not let it stop me doing what i do. It was suggested to me to try meditation and at first I thought it sounded ridiculous! But since I'm willing to do anything to make it stop I gave it a try and surprisingly I found it actually helped πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š after all the great responses that I've received from this site I had a really good day today apart from some pain still in my chest, hearing from other people going through the same thing as me has made me feel much better !

  • How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you for taking your meds and giving it a try! Wishing you peace and more good days ahead and remember we're here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you !!!😊

  • Dan, all the symptoms you describe are very, very common symptoms of anxiety. Everyone on this forum has exerienced most of them some time.

    You are not going to have a heart attack or die, there is absolutely no question of that. Your chest pains are sympathy pains because the death of that young boy has affected you badly. The ECG and blood tests prove conclusively that your heart is 100% fine and you must accept it as true and take reassurance from it.

    Dan, you should not be facing this alone. There must br somrbody in your family who you can talk to about this. Don't be reluctant to 'bother' your parents or grandparents about this as this is what they are for, no matter how busy with other problems they may appear to be. I promise you will recover, these bad feelings will pass. But you must get family support to help you, your problem is a family matter, do not try to handle it alone.

  • I honestly cannot tell you what this reply means to me ❀️😭 I have tried speaking to everyone like my parents and don't get me wrong they couldn't be more supportive ! But they don't understand and I can see the affect it has on them 😭 thank you soo much !😊πŸ˜ͺ

  • That boy's dead was the culprit to all your anxiety. That's the way our mind functions. Whatever we feed into our mind will manifest in our bodies. That's how everything started back with me. I was fine for a long time until my dad die suddenly. It was just too painful and stressful. That was 2 years ago, and I'm still struggling, but I'm also trying to do the best I can. You're my daughter's age and I'm so thankful she doesn't have to deal with this, but I can tell you what I would tell her, just enjoy your life. Don't pay attention to your body's weird symptoms. All they do is try to scare you and get you out of balance. Don't fall into that negative thinking. Trust your doctors and every time you feel like your coming up with a bad thought act like you don't care. You ARE fine. Just repeat it until you believe it. 🌀

  • Thank you soo much !!! And I honestly can't exaggerate how glad I am that your daughter isn't going through it either ! If she's my age she will understand what other issues I face as well !πŸ˜ͺ social media in our generation is also a nasty piece of work and I'm sure you and your daughter would agree !, again thank you !x

  • Hey buddy, sorry to hear you're going through this rough patch, but there's a few things to note that will help. Firstly you're not alone, not even close. Something like 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health issue, be it anxiety, stress, depression etc. Secondly, you will be ok. You will recover and you will be a better stronger person for it.

    I have had the chest pains, I've had three EKG's done and I'm fine. Still doesn't stop me worrying someone's but then I'm still recovering too.

    I could write paragraph after paragraph but I think the best thing to suggest is to go to and read the whole thing. It has made an immensely big difference to my life and my anxiety.

    You don't need drugs, though that is something you should discuss with your Dr.

    There's no quick fix sadly. No magic pill. But you will get better.


  • Thank you soo much means a lot !😊

  • Hi Dane I found this site 2 weeks ago and the help and support from all over the world has been amazing.anxiety is awful and we all feel your pain but you can beat it trauma shock loss and the things life throws at you .watch Clare weekes a doctor on you tube she is inspiring its a illness and together we can beat it .acceptance is the key πŸ”‘ I'm been anxious since 6am pins and needles I. My face headache and odd pains and sensations,I've got to go to a busy shopping centre soon god knows how I will do it .but my anxiety tool box πŸ“¦ will come and all my breathing exercises help.listen you are young and got lots of great things ahead of you.follow Jeff he is a wise man lots of great advice keep strong we are all behind you πŸ€—

  • Thank you ! I will check it out !😊

  • First point of call is your GP. Have you been to see your GP yet ?

    Counselling is so good for this type of thing and it doesn't cost the world. I pay a fiver an hour n I go c my counsellor once a week for an hour. It helps me soooooooo much.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you soo much ! I will definitely take this into consideration!😊

  • Magic 🌞😊🌞😊

  • First of all I'm so sorry you are going through this. 16 is too young!! First of all, can you tell your parents? I mean of course you can find support but as a therapist myself I think you are having what is called an Acute Stress Reaction. It's something I would want a parent to know so you can see someone fast who can help you get rid of this as soon as possible!!!

    In the meantime time you've got to distract yourself from it. Find something to focus on. And breathing. Push your stomach out breathe in through your nose and blow it so you hear it out of your mouth. Close your eyes and just sit and do it over and over until you are a bit calmer. Then find your mom and tell her. Just tell her you need some help. And it will never pass. I promise you can do it!!!

  • Thank you !😊

  • I totally understand where you are coming from my coworker committed suicide a year ago. It bothered me so much. I started therapy first and tried my best not to deal with medication. I started meds this year I could not take it anymore! Do you have someone you can talk to about it?

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