Please HELP ME!!!

Hello Everyone,

Been reading a lot of other people with these same symptoms and wondering if there was ever any doctor confirmed answers on a diagnose?? I am a 28 year old female, use to be very active, very healthy, and happy aside from all of this happening. This has been going on for 7 years now! I have had every test, scan, MRI, an seen every kind specialist possible for these symptoms. All the answers coming back are turning up normal. I have 24/7 head pressure, foggy, dizziness, and pain. I get shooting and stabbing pains randomly throughout my head. My ears feel full on and off, also get ringing an buzzing in my ears from time to time! I get pressure behind eyes and ears as well. My sinuses and ears are in perfect condition according to multiple ENTs. I am so beyond fed-up with feeling like this. So hard to life a full an happy life as a Mom when you feel like this day in an day out! It's not depression or anxiety if anything all these symptoms with no answers are gonna make me have those things! Doctors think I'm crazy as so far all my test have come back normal, any suggestions or answers? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! :'( :'(


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  • Hi I have all the same symptoms as you right now- it's horrible!! And I'm thinking I'm gonna have a stroke at any moment!! I've had this( anxiety) which is all brought on by worrie. My ear plays up alot - feel like pressure and feel like fluid in there.. Buy I've had them checked, all good! Had the MRI, all good! Ct scan all good! There's nothing wrong with us!! It's all from worry and fear!! my advise stop worrying!! Because it will never go away if you don't. I hope this helps and your not alone. I just need to listen to my own advice too!!

  • O and at the moment my eyes feel like there gonna pop out!! They feel sore and scenitve to light!!

  • I don't understand. If its from fear and worry. Then anxiety and depression treatment should help with it. I have both anxiety and clinical depression and am on medication for both!

  • Hi. First thing - you are NOT going crazy. You are one of millions of people who are going through the same health problems. I know you say you dont have anxiety disorder, but all the symptoms you described are commensurate with general anxiety/health anxiety/ocd. The fact that all the tests you have gone through all return with negative findings for any physical illness ads to the evidence for a pyschological disorder like anxiety. Sometimes people mistakenly equate these disorders with mental illness - and this would be wrong on many levels.

    Anxiety and its fellow travelers can make us feel like we have some dreadful illness by producing symptoms to convince us of that. I suspect probably everyone in this group has had a time when they felt that they had a serious or terminal illness that somehow was being overlooked ,even after multiple tests. Such is the power of the anxiety. I can only assume that your doctor has suggested that you have anxiety issues? To be honest - from what you have written, everything points to that conclusion. However, there may some tests still to be done n the search for a physical cause. I hope that things will improve for you and that you can get some final diagnosis for your health problems.


  • It could very well be anxiety/depression it's just coming out in a physical way. The more you focus and worry about the symptoms the more they will continue, easier said then done. Have you been tested for Lyme disease? I've been thinking about that lately however probably just my anxiety as here in Australia apparently it doesnt exist. If you are from Europe or the U.S. It is possible...

  • Also have you been given anxiety/depression medication? Maybe give it a go if you haven't already then you will know if it is mental or not.

  • Yes, I feel that if she is treated for depress and anxiety, she will stop her worry and fear (as stated above by me) therefore, she will not have the physical symptoms. Any good doctor should now this. My M.D. knew it right off! And she got me on medication immediately for my anxiety and depression. And it did a whole world of good!

  • Hello. I'm curious: what happened seven years' ago just prior to the change? Had there been any critical changes to work/family/relationships/finances

    .. to name a few?

    You say that you were a happy, healthy and active woman prior to the onset of symptoms, therefore SOMEthing has to be responsible

    Sorry, it's not something you'll want to hear or even agree with, but to me, you appear to have all the hallmarks of anxiety. If you didn't have it all those years ago, then I believe you certainly have it now. And the more you get wound up over your symptoms, the worse they will become will become. And the longer they'll stay.

    Anxiety is an insidious illness. It creeps up on us, generally after a period of prolonged stress or an unresolved concern. Even acute stress causes problems if not treated correctly. Excessive worry eventually turns into an anxiety-related concern.

    And after that? Depression potentially follows. This is WHY it is important that you find a suitable way to control how you're feeling. The best way to start is with your thoughts. It took you over seven years to get this far so changes may take a little while.

    I note that you're a mother. That would mean that you're busy and if you also work/study/have other obligations, then something's gotta give ... especially if you're not relaxing or even finding it difficult to unwind. It's important to relax mind and body otherwise the exercise is futile.

    Anxiety can be successfully treated, so take heart. If you're still unconvinced, then by all means have other tests especially if there were no unmanageable changes in your life over seven years ago.

    I sincerely wish you the best!

    PS: low blood sugar mimics anxiety. You don't necessarily have to feel hungry to have it.

  • Hi mine has been 11yrs😫 I was a happy feeling awesome person! Then I got pregnant @41🤗And boom everything started the lightheadedness, dizziness etc. I put it as hormones tho I had 3other children and I never felt that way. Well here it is 11yrs later and my symptoms just keep growing, I've had every test possible and everything comes out normal!!! 24/7 I have head pressure , 2 months ago the palpitations started I'm so tired of this. This has made me a different person😪I can't enjoy anything anymore. I know they say oh don't think about it! Well I don't and boom it's there. I really don't understand why this is happening to us😡So I continue to pray for us all to be rid of this ugly vicious cycle. Sorry for the long post!

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