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I am a 22 year old female with a long medical history but the key thing is i had stage4 cancer at 10 days til i was 2. I have had numerous problems growing up amd was even in some clinical test which proved the chemo affected my brain developement(organization skills). So i came across this forum because recently i have been having alarmingly increased amounts of anxiety and panicking feelings. I have a constant pressure behind my left eye(my good eye), and weirdly have this feeling to keep yawning alot. I am getting a bit worried cuz of my history and would love some feedback on any ideas that would help. I have scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist which isnt til the 21st. Any feed back wpuld be seriously appreciated, thank you!


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12 Replies

  • God bless you. I am so sad to hear your story. I am happy you pulled through. All I can say is my love is with you and God is always there. You are not alone. 😙😇

  • Thank you! I'm really trying my hardest to stay possitive in this ever expanding darkness.

  • Jelly rose, have you seen yourMedical doctor to rule out medical issue? Are you on medications of any kind ? Started a new med? Check for side effects ? It is very very understandable to be concerned, make appt with medical PRIMARY doctor to rule out physical problems, pressure behind your eye could be simple sinus infection. 😘

  • I'm on the same stuff ive been taking for years. Heart meds and birth control. But my father also recommended the same thing and i think i will cause this isn't right. I have had spouts of depression and anxiety but nothing like this. I fear maybe even chemo at an early age has effected my brain over the years but i dont know for sure. I appreciate the feed back. I really do

  • You're brave and beautiful! I am so proud of you and I am sending peace and prayers your way. Yes, you need to vent and talk it out so I am happy you are going to see someone. Until then express your fears and hopes and dreams here so we can all support you. Hang in there! Anxiety gives us all kinds of sensations. Your body needs a release from all the stress. You can beat this! Find how to do SKY breathing on Youtube to help you relax.

  • Thank you for your compassion. It means alot! And i will definitely check out that sky video. Breathing excercises have been the only thing keeping me from losing it.

  • I tend to yawn a lot when I am having anxiety..yawning is also a symptom of withdrawal...have u quit taking something recently??

  • No actually. All i take is my heart medication and birth control. I did take one alpazolam but that was cause i was on tge verge of a serious panick attack. But i try to take it sparingly as it causes weird sideeffects like causing me to be jumpy and more easly frightened.

  • I hope you feel better ❤️

  • Hi JellyRose, sorry to hear you've had a rough start to life.

    Definitely agree with the others to have a check up to rule out anything physical/medical.

    Please keep us informed on how things go for you. I wish you all the best.


  • Hey JellyRose ~ The fact that you have posted here shows that you are strong and doing fine, keep believing that you deserve good things and a happy life ~ It takes effort and you have shown that you can smash it ~ I wish you a happy life and joy sounds like you deserve it !

  • Can you go to the Emergency room just for an ease of mind while you wait for upcoming appointment?

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