plz help me :(

hey its me 24 years old nd the symptoms of my anxiety are changing with time nd i am worried now cause all i think now is a heart disease :( in the beginning it was difficult to breathe for me but there was no side symptom with it then after few days i had left arm pain nd always felt suffocated but now the left arm pain is there but no difficulty in breathing ...i am soo worried i dont want to go to the doctor :( now i have sometimes a very slight pain in left arm nd sometimes pain at some point in chest but that ends when i lay down there anyone who can help me with all this or anyone who has the symptoms of anxiety :(

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  • I note you've had the arm pain for a couple of months. I presume you have had this checked out at some time. If the tests were ok then anxiety is certainly likely to be a major factor in this story as it is not at all typical for heart or lung problems and they would be very unusual at your age whereas there seems to be someone posting here about chest pain and normal investigatons every day!

  • thnx for ur reply :) bless u :)

  • Don't you worry.. You are not alone in this.

    I have had the same symptoms which is why I have developed a health related anxiety. I've been checked by my cardiologist doctor and have had many tests done. They say I am in perfect with my heart. Of course I still feel certain symptoms (cheat pressure/pain, back pain, left arm tingly and pain, jaw pain etc.) I just tell my self it is my anxiety trying to get to me. Your brain is a very powerful muscle and can make you think you feel things. Kind of like inducing the pain so you can prove to yourself that there is something wrong.

    You have to remember that we are wired to try to figure things out and make connections, which is what your brain is trying to do.

    Go to your GP and trust what they say.

    Trust in God that He knows what He has for you. You will be fine and you will over come it. =)

  • thnx for ur reply now i have some hope that its all anxiety :) bless u :) i also have this fear of death as if am gonna die nd if anyone in the world die and i come to know about it i am badlysaddened by it :( nd this anxiety nd panic attacks all strtd becx of someone's death whom i wasnt even familiar with :(

  • Yes! I had the same thing.I to am afraid to die, but everyone is or there is some level of fear in it from everyone. But understanding that it will happen inevitably is the key to accepting it. I don't know what your faith is but I am a Christian and look for God and Jesus a lot to help me cope with those ideas and thoughts. I look to Him because I know He will help me and calm my thinking.

    Don't get me wrong, I still get scared from time to time about those things and I continue to think about things that may scare me but I say STOP, and begin to pray and just become mindful with my thoughts.

    The more you begin to trust the more you will understand how great life can be. Life is meant to be enjoyed and loved with all. =)

    God Bless my Friend

  • thnx for showing concern :) may Allah bless u a muslim by faith but Allah nd God are same ...nd yes u are right when am taken over by my anxiety i try to calm myself by praying ...remembering my creator nd surely he is the best planner :)

  • I have anxiety and have had these symtoms go to out doctor and they will check you out

  • thnx ollie i am planning on going tl visit the doctor

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