Unbearable symptoms now.. Doctors won't help

Hi all,

I'm really struggling at the minute and have just felt worse and worse.

Since November 2014 i've experienced head pressure & diziness.. the pressure mainly being on left side of head accompanied by loud tinnitus.

More recently in the last year or so everything has just become worse and worse because of the symptoms on top -

Head pressure



Brain fog / much slower mental clarity

Difficulty thinking of words

TMJ jaw pressure mainly left side also

Tremors / Shaky hands / Weak legs / Difficulty controlling movement

Constant fatigue

Difficulty focusing on fast moving things (eg traffic going by or reading moving writing)

General feeling 'off' & derealization type feeling

I'm at a loss & seems like the doctor is too. I feel like everyone thinking i'm a hypochondriac but they don't have to suffer with it.

When I first got some of these symptoms I could still basically live life but now I struggle to get out of bed, struggle to go out and socialise, work etc.. my life is hell

I had CT scan on sinuses Feb 2015 clear, an MRI on brain, clear..

I don't know what to do :(


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  • I suffer from all these systoms as well. I know exactly how you feel. I seen on a couple of cites that vitamins deficiency can cause these problems, and by taking them can help you feel better. Calcium, B VITAMINS, Magnesium, vitamin D, and 5htp are just a name of few. I take a organic multi vitamin, Flaxseed oil, Co q10, B vitamins, and Magnesium. I do feel less vertigo, and have less migranes.

  • Thank you for your reply :)

    Do you have constant tremor aswell and difficulty with movement / co ordination.. Almost like Parkinsons..

    None of my blood work has come back out of the ordinary

  • I have mouth twitching, and muscle twitching. My eyes move without my control. I have chronic fatigue. I feel light headed, and like my head is unbalanced, and like it is floating.

  • Hi! Me again! I have this mouth twitch!! Not often. But It took me to a&e last week I was so scared. What did you find out about it? What causes it? Am I right to think it's anxiety again....that word covers so many symptoms! I have muscle twitching and dizzy/falling sensation - weird head and tinnitus in left ear.

    I'm really relating to your symptoms and I can't believe someone else has them! Do you get a strange dizzy head when talking too much? Best wishes X

  • Hi CH33 I have tinnitus in my right ear all the time. My head feels wierd 90% of the time. I don't know why I have the twitching. I think the doctor said the eye movement was part of my vertigo. When I am in a crowd I feel do wierd, and when I'm in a group of people, are someone talks to me too much I feel weird. Yes I feel weird when I do a lot of talking, but I try to talk so I can forget about my systoms. I have trouble watching tv, and being on the computer. I get a wave like feeling when I am laying down.

  • Are you on Facebook? Would be great to connect further nobody seems to be able to relate to me on this!

  • No, I'm not on facebook, but you can email me any time, and maybe we can help each other. My email address is marvaleach@ymail.com

  • Same. It's unbelievable really how our symptoms mimic each other's .....and many of the people's on here. Anxiety sure is a nasty thing! I would never have believed before that this word covers so many horrible symptoms. This is why I was almost convinced I must have something incredibly serious wrong with me - hence the reason the anxiety got worse along with its symptoms! Thanks for your reply!

  • I have all of this, with me it's caused by a short course of antibiotics that I took well before my symptoms began. If it is this, let me know, there are things you can do to help.

  • These are common with antibiotic adverse effects--Have you taken any at any time in the past?

  • Ditto..had been feeling better but all started up again today..

  • Same here ive went through the exact symptoms for about 4 months now. Went to multiple doctors and still is but they all seem to say the same thing which is a anxiety and migraines. Its bwen nights where i thought i was dying especially from the head pressure. It scared me at first because i thought i had a brain tumor or something was wrong with my brain severely. My doctors pit me on some b6 vitamins which i take twice a day and some migraine antibiotics that help with the tension headaches. The vitamins really belp it balances your whole body out and you have a lot more energy. Im still fighting these symptons but trust me it'll only take over if you let but dont let it get you down keep pushing..😉

  • I'd wonder for you too, then, valachia-t, about antibiotics.

  • Tinnitus can also be cause by some medication and zinc deficiency.

  • I have been out if work for all these systoms that you listed for three years. I am now doing research on my own to heal myself. I looked up what vitamin deficiency cause tinnitus, what vitamin deficiency cause vertigo, what vitamin deficiency causes anxiety, etc... I think this research will help you too. I have seen my share of doctors, and done my share of test, and my test are normal, but I still feel terrible. So I started to research. I don't know why doctors don’t do test that check vitamin levels. I take blood pressure pills, and I have been for at least 20 years, and I know they rob your body of important nutrients, and the ones I take contribute to tinnitus. I looked that up too. So some times you got to be proactive for your own health.

  • HI Love,

    Before this started, can you recall if you took any antibiotics? I have these symptoms, and with me the culprit was fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Symptoms can start months after you stop, so you wouldn't necessarily put it together especially if it was short course of pills, like with me. All of your symptoms I have. If it is this, there are things to do to help, and it takes time to recover. Avoiding certain things, such as Ibuprofen and steroids and other antibiotics are important, also sugar is a big one. To help in general with those things, a magnesium supplement is good and also high dose Vitamin C--these are things that cannot hurt. Before I go on, tell me if you did take an antibiotic--there are specifics to help if so. Tests from the doctor usually don't reveal anything, as they are not geared for this. I'm sorry you're going through this, but you are in good company.

  • Hi Dizzy Kitty. I have taken antibiotics, a couple of times, but I don't remember their names. I took a flu shot and after about 3 months, my health went dowm. My doctor said it couldn't have been the flu shoot, but I don't really believe that, because I know someone who took a flu shoot and her doctor said she have something that starts with a T, and she got it from the flu shot. Now she cannot walk. She has MS systoms. Her problems didn't start right away either.

  • Please pay attention to what im going to tell you and it will eventually make you batter. Everything you are describing is exactly what i had xmas 2014. I had shakes, brain fog, difficulty thinking, bad bad head pressure on the left, i had ear and jaw pain. I honestly thought i was dying. I couldnt get out of bed i rang in sick at work most days. Everything and i mean everything was doen to tension. When the doctor told me i didnt believe him. I knew i was in too much pain to believe it was tension. But the more i focused on my symotoms the more tension was building therefor my pains got worse. My head was tension headaches, my shaking was anxiety (would wake me at night) my jaw pain and ear pain eas from grinding my teeth. Most of the time i didnt even feel that tense. Finally the doctors gave me the right prescription of anti depressants to calm me down a d make me mlre relaxed. The first 2 weeks on them were a nightmare i almost gave up but then one day i woke up and felt like id not felt in a long time. I felt great . Please beleive me when i say tension anxiety and stress cause so so so ma y symtoms. Symotoms you would never think. Try and not focus on your symptoms it will make itworse.get some tablets to help you relax . I never believed the doctor for mo ths and months and months now i wish i did.i hope this helps



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