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New Here..Need Help Please?

Hi everyone! I am a 30 y/o female with two little boys (3 and almost 7). I recently found out that I have PMDD. I have had anxiety since 2012 when I was pregnant with my youngest. They thought that it was PTSD since my uncle was murdered and I had to hide my pregnancy due to my families opinions about it. I go to CBT which has been two years in for me and it is great. But last month I got SEVERE anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and even suicidal thoughts (I could never leave my kids or harm myself) and realized it was all before and during my time of month. The doctor prescribed me Fluoxtine 20 mg last week which I havent started. I am so petrified to take it. I do not use medicines, or drugs or recreational drugs. I do smoke cigarettes to "cope" I guess you could say. I am currently in my PMDD stage (a week before again). I dont know what to do. I want to be the best mom possible. My boyfriend doesnt understand. My family says I caused this to myself since I had a second child. I just feel alone. I dont know what to do. Anyone been threw this?!

OH and I also found out I am low Vitamin D & B12 as well

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Hello and Welcome :-)

So sorry to read your post , it seems like you have been through an awful lot but pleased you are getting some support even though your family does not seem to understand and the comment about bringing this on yourself is nonsense , none of us choose to be this way and neither have you but you will work through this :-)

I am sure you are a wonderful Mum but your anxiety may tell your otherwise

The medication you have been prescribed is not addictive , you won't be abusing it and so many people take prescribed drugs for the right reasons which if you decided to take them you would be taking them for all the right reasons and if it helps that could be a good thing ?

Maybe give them a go for a couple of months and see how you feel then but it is your choice , your therapist might be able to talk this through with you in person :-)

Your OH won't understand , I think unless you suffer it is unusual for someone that doesn't to understand but you have found so many people now on this Community that are or have felt just like you do and so you will always have a listening ear when you need one :-)

Take Care x


Thank you Bounce.. That really means alot to me.. I decided to join this because I need support somewhere. I needed to know that I was NOT ALONE and Im not the only person on Earth having this condition. Thats what my anxiety and depression does to me. It makes me feel very less. Im going to try the medicine once I find someone who can be home with me just incase I have a side effect or something goes wrong. I am very allergic to alot of stuff. Hopefully this just does me justice. Thank you again for your comment :)



You are certainly not alone but I know how lonely you can feel before you find others that relate to you :-)

I understand the fear with the meds about side effects I have that fear to but what I tell myself is that usually it will take several days to possibly give you any and sometimes we have to wait if we do get any till they pass which in a lot of cases they do and the other thing is I work better when I feel I am in control , so when I have to take anything I tell myself I will take one just for today and I will see how I feel the next day and then I do the same again the following day reminding myself if it all gets to much I can stop them any time I like , not sure if this makes sense but it helps a little bit :-)

Have you noticed the Action ob Depression Community on Health Unlocked to , I noticed you mentioned your Depression and you may get some good advice on there as well as on here and we can be a member of as many communities as we like if they are helpful to us

I will put you the link on that will take you to the Community and you can have a look :-)

Let us know how you get on , take each day as it comes , don't feel like you will or can conquer all this at once because it does take time but slowly you will get there :-) x


I think my anxiety triggers the depression. Which puts me at a confusion about the Prozac. It says that its for depression not anxiety. So are there anxiety medicines that are SSRI and not just benzos. I know that the benzos are the addictive ones? Ive always had the anxiety I just started getting the depression last month. But i also had literally a week straight of anxiety and one of those days I went to the ER where they gave me Benadryl. That in turn sent me on a ten hour wave of anxiety back to back. Im just so confused. I go to see a actual Psychiatrist (a holistic one) on the 22nd. It was my OB who prescribed me the Prozac.


I think a lot of these medications can treat both anxiety and depression even though I know they state sometimes they are for depression but lot's of Doctors prescribe them as well as they can be prescribed for other thing like I know they use certain ones for people that are suffering with migraines etc

I think the therapy will really be a huge help I really do

Again it is not a quick fix but if you tell them all which I would because believe me there is nothing you can say that they will have not heard before or would shock them and follow what they advise even if at times you feel it does not make sense or is not working but if you keep it up eventually it slowly starts working , a lot can be the pass and learning how to deal with it and put it down and then changing the way we think as we have got into a pattern of thinking as we do feeding the anxiety and we have to then with help reverse that thought process

I hope it helps you , come back and let us know how you find it :-) x


thank you. i have been journaling so i have everything wrote down from the past two months to show the doctor. im just scared is all.


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