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need help and suggestions

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hi, its been almost two years , i still dont know what i have suffered , but i developed fear that makes worry all the time especially when i m doing nothing, i did yoga, but not helped, i did try to do meditation but really could not connect , its been exactly almost two years i go to bed fearing i may not wake up, i dont know what it is???? had been to doctor few times already done a body checked up, ECG twice ,luckily everything is normal , but my constant fear of dying is affecting my daily life, picked up a guitar recently distract my negativity and somehow i think its helping me too to think better and positive, guys just share something which can help me to think better,positive, happy as i was before.

9 Replies watching this helped’s how your mind is so powerful

thank you will try this

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This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing

Death is not something you should be afraid of. Anyway I need you to know all that you think is perfectly normal . I need you to search certain videos on YouTube interview of Anita moorjani and I need you to listen to it n analyse it. And then reply me back about it. I am here to listen.

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thank you ydal for the recommendation, definitely shall post again to update you

I can totally relate to you! Me too! My brain is programmed to expect the worst and with the anxiety and heart symptoms I've had off & on for the past 2 years, it's like I always think I'm going to die or something. I love the video wilburbudgirl recommended! Another great resource if you like science, is Dr. Carolyn Leaf's book, 'Switch on Your Brain'. I have the audio version and I have found it VERY interesting! Life changing! I'm working on reprogramming plenty of unhealthy neural networks! Dr. Leaf is a brilliant neuroscientist and is Christian.

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thank you usagold, will try on wilburbudgirl video, will update u ok

Same story as mine :) i have had anxiety for about two years nd still feel the same as i f am gonna die but now i can manipulate my mind nd make myself do something to stay busy ....nd to fight my anxiety i have started painting that i had left back in college nd believe me it helps a lot makes ur mind calm nd you start to think positive :) :) try it am sure its gonna help you :)

Tk u so much for your kind words,in order to feel and live normal i have very recently picked up a guitar and started practising which has been my passion for years o,beleiving my mind will start to think all positive,and yes by few percent i got positive out of myself,but i ve been thinking negatives in everything all the time, in order to get ok,i quit 20 yrs smoking habit ,drinking and i am clean over 2 years.which is quite extraordinary result which satisfies me immensely. But i get so unhappy all of a sudden when fear strikes out and everything i find so tough, i ve stopped going to movie hall,getiing into the crowd,minimise my traveling unending list, but i am going to temple everyday since last 15 months for prayer. Lets hope anbpray everything will be normal . And i enjoy life as normal as possible and happily.

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