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Help!! In desperate need of advice or anyone to share their story of weight issues from this!!!!


I am struggling with weight loss ever since this anxiety came on me in june. And the fact that I am steadily dropping weight seems like every month so far I get on the scale I lose like 5 lbs. Basically it has drove my anxiety through the roof. Today I weight myself and looks like I'm down another 2lbs from last week. And yes my menses was on that last week when I weight myself and so I weight myself again today which was two days after if has been off. So i don't know if that will make a difference but still I'm looking at the overall lost since june basically 20lbs. help! Can stress, anxiety do this? I'm worried of some disease or cancer the doctors haven't found. I've stop being active so why am I still losing weight? And yes I do struggle with my appetite. It's not like it use to be. So I have days that I struggle to eat like I want (upset stomach, acid reflux, light nausea comes and goes). So anyone experience this weight issue? How was it? I'm become so scared to even get on a scale because if I even see a 1 pound loss of weight, like I did today, I am freaking out. I scheduled an appointment soon as i saw the scale. now I think I have brought on an anxiety attack because of it. My vision is wierd, dizzy, shaky. And now I hope I can eat something today?

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Thanks for the advice. I may have to try the smaller meals but more an also comfort eating. I will work on breathing and meditation. I just don't understand though, I've had a few weeks of good better eating than I've had and to still see the scale and no weight change its disappointed and it stress me more. I've brought on a headache and start to feEl lightheaded and dizzy

I've had same since having to go on gluten free diet

Found eating healthy high fat foods make a lot of difference

Ie avocados,olive oil,nuts etc..not overdoing it though

If you aren't gluten free then wholemeal bread with avocado works well

,Keep up protein intake too as that makes a difference too

A smaller build person at same height would weigh less than heavier build

At 5ft 3 for example 8st-8st 6 is still within normal range

I am the same Suicidal, not eating losing weight, terrible depression. Just lost job of nine years due to gross misconduct which was depression related. just sit in chair all day all family suffering cos of me please please someone help me.

Try not to concern yourself about the weight loss It happened to me. And many others. That happens with anxiety. Better not to keep looking at the scale. Just keep eating somethinhg even if you don't feel like it. I sympathize.

Hi. Yes, I understand. I have been loosing weight a lot this past year. My food intake is not the same. I thought my cancer was back. Everything checked out good. Cancer free. My doctor said that stress and anxiety will cause weight loss. Another doctor told me it is from the cymbalta I'm on. I researched it,and found out it does cause this,as well as anorexia. My hair has been falling out too. Check your medications,if on any. Try those whey protein powders.

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