Hi Im new here and HELP!!

Hi i'm new here and for the last week my anxiety has be so bad that I cant seem to do anything but cry and sleep and sleep is a big maybe. My anxiety meds are no longer working :( and everything i try to do to help just seems to make it worse. I'm afraid of being left alone. What do you guys do to help when your meds arent working any more. Or could this be from me tappering off my prednisone since i have Addisons.

What do you guys do to help maintain your anxiety


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  • I don't know I'm having the same problem I'm on 21/2mg of klonopin, 60 of cymbalta and 30mg of buspar i want to get off and my anxiety is worse and my bladder is hurting i don't know what to do what do you take

  • right now all im on is Zoloft and hydroxyzine 25 mg

  • Do you have a supportive doctor who you could go back to for a medication check?perhaps there is a different combination that could help you?is there anything triggering your crying etc? Ive completed a course of cbt and am trying positive affirmations and mindfulness etc to help my anxiety but it only really benefits me when I'm feeling more rational-if im in the middle of a lot of anxiety I find it difficult to pull myself out-do you have any support around you for when things are particularly bad?

  • yeah i have a really supportive dr. and ill be calling her first thing in the morning. the only thing i can think of is that i lost my dad 4 yrs ago this month and that could be triggering it but im not even really sure. i have some what supportive people around but when i ask them for help they seem kinda at a lost on how to help.

  • You need to have a good talk to yourself ! When I was at my worst with severe anxiety for months.I said to myself I've had enough of this and I'm going to accept the symptoms and carry on as best I can,as this anxiety and fear is not going to stop me and I went out shopping and my heart would race and my hands would shake and my mouth was so dry from fear.but I made myself do it day I day out and I started to feel better day by day .

  • Im so sorry honey i know how u feel! But going out even if you can't just tell yourself that i'm strong and i can do it!! I'm suffering a lot too i really am trust me your not alone! I was crying like crazy i wanted to scream because no one understands us and it's making me feel more horrible!! I just go work everyday and make myslef really tired. There is a blog called Anxietynomore by paul david. It's really helpful to understand anxiety.. i know it's hard to understand when you really anxious, but give it a try. Hope u will feel better xxx

  • thanks it is really hard when you feel alone in it and that's what i kinda feel is alone and a lot doesn't seem to be happening i'm just hoping this is the worst of it cause it seems like i cant take care of myself and i feel like i'm being needy cause i don't want my mom to leave my side and if she does for a long time i feel like a little kid that gets dropped off at the babysitters or preschool and i start to freak out even more. I'm hoping that it passes and that that i can make a drs appointment first thing tomorrow. and ill check out that blog thanks :)

  • she will never leave you she's your mother trust me i thought the same things about my family.. it's all because you think ur alone in this whole world and no one understands you but your not alone Trust me!

  • I know she won't but its that feeling that gets stuck in my head that sometimes i cant get out of my head. its like when im around my mom sister and niece i feel almost ok and my anxiety is at rest but as soon as one of them is out of my sight or i dont hear them my anxiety gets worse and thats when i call my moms cell phone like 15 times in a 30 min period. Asmr used to help with the feelings but lately it hasnt. so i really am at a loss of what i can do till i can get in to see my doctor

  • try not to over analyze your thoughts and don't answer your thoughts it's really helpful for me. Don't try to push them away because that's why it's making you anxious because the more u don't want it the more u gonna think about it

  • yeah as soon as i kinda stopped doing that last night it got a little better and i'm just hoping since waking up this morning my anxiety is a but better but as i have noticed the day goes on and it get worse so i have a appointment today so hopefully my doctor can help.

  • Best of luck honey! Everything is going to be fine.

  • So my anxiety is a bit better my dr did give me a new anxiety med of Klonopin 0.5 mg so a low dose and hopefully this will help

  • nice and once a day?

  • Yeah in till I start to feel better

  • Hi Sandrafoor. I had that happen to me recently. I had been on my meds same mg for years. I started to feel really good so I asked to be given half the dose. It lasted about 5 months. But in between had family tragedies and by the time I knew it I was crying all the time, bad anxiety, heaviness in my shoulders and neck. Felt as though I had an unforeseen object in my throat, hard to swallow. Well I went back to my reg dose and as of now I still have some rough and tough days but I'm learning some breathing and meditation. I really do not want to take more or stronger meds. My faith is strong and I know that this too shall pass. Stay strong and know that you will be okay :)

  • I'm trying I'm trying to stay strong and hopefully I won't be on the meds to long

  • There you go. Stay positive 👍

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