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Itching all over. Help!!

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Since last friday my hands have been so itchy from the inside. No matter what i do they wont stop itching. Now my whole body is itching like crazy. I dont have a rash or hives. Its just constant itch everywhere. I went to the docs and they couldnt figure it out. Im freaking out because dumb old me went and looked on the web and all that stands out to me is liver disease and kidney disease. I have had a cold the last 2 weeks or so and i did just finish some antibiotics last week along with taking out my living room floor friday night. So i guess it could have something to do with that but i dont know. Does anyone have uncontrollable itching with their anxiety

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I have the same symthoms it feels inside my body but last month when I got scan everything came out ok so idk what it is but honestly are mind is so powerful that it could possibly be anxiety.

Yeah i have never had the itchy with my anxiety but i have beem to docs and they seem to think its nothing. They did do blood work when i went in for chest pain last night. All my blood work was fine except the blood clot marker they check was a little high so i had a ct and everything was fine so now im like well is something else wrong since my numbers were a little high. Anxiety is such a

Yeah I went to ER for similar things and they told me everything was ok and my levels where a bit off what I have notice my itchness comes and goes sometimes I itch in the inside of stomach or by the bottom of my breast and trust me I have checked everything out and they keep saying am ok

Are you on any meds? My cousin was on Zoloft experienced the same Dr couldn't figure it out. Ran liver test and come to find out she was just allergic to Zoloft and any med in that same class so they switched her. Could just be that or just the anxiety. I get a burning feeling at times and for some reason in the morning the top of my feet get wicked itchy.

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Im on zoloft. Have been for 7 years or so. I just finished an antibiotic a couple days ago so it could be that. Just not really sure what kind of blood work they did when i went in.

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Could be that then. If it was the zoloft you would of know a long time ago. Feel better soon.

Go to doctor and have a liver panel blood test done. That will relieve your mind. Many liver problems are not at all serious and clear up by themselves.

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