😩😣 cant breath

I kno im breathing but im still scared. My body is in so much pain and I feel a fever but im not sick. My girlfriend says im ok but my whole body aches. I can barley walk. Literally jumped out of bed in my sleep in fear for my life. Need to get my shit together. I took a valium. I hope it helps. Not sure what to do. The doc said to see a nuerologist. 


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5 Replies

  • Way back at the start of my anxiety problems, I use to do that.  I would wake up

    from a deep sleep and feel as if I couldn't breathe (like my chest was locked)

    I would be so scared that I would literally run down the stairs and to the door.

    I guess I felt I needed fresh air.  Just as I would get to the door, my chest muscles

    would open up and I could breathe again.  It took a long time for me to realize,

    that I had been breathing all the time or I wouldn't have been able to run down

    the steps and through the house to the door.  I remember feeling my face being

    hot that must have been the surge of adrenaline in my body.    The valium should

    help you through this.  I'm sorry you are going through this.  I too went to a neurologist and yet past the tests they do.  I would set up an appointment like

    your doctor said just to reassure yourself nothing else is going on.  I wish you

    much luck.  That was the weirdest thing that anxiety dumped on me.  

  • Oh it's such a horrible feeling I'm suffering at the min with anxiety I find propananlol are brilliant feel breathless heart racing n sleeps affected hope u feeling better soon 

  • Go see the neurologist and get peace of mind all this sounds like anxiety am goin thru that breathing at the minute it's really scary and I smoke which makes it worse 😂 I usually jog up and down the house with ear phones on to prove to my self my lungs r ok and puts ur mind at ease x

  • Trouble breathing is one of the worst feelings that come along with anxiety. I went through a period where I swore something was wrong with my lungs.  After multiple test and many doctors I finally starting letting myself believe that it was only the anxiety.  This actually helped.  Finally realizing that it's my anxiety and nothing horrible is wrong with me my breathing got better.  Hope you feel better soon. 

  • Hi It sounds like anxiety with perhaps some depression. Try to relax before bed tea, music  deep breathing try it for a week.  If you start feeling better than you know it's anxiety at its peek.  Cammomile tea  is the tea I suggest.  Good luck Hope you feel better🙏

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