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left arm pain that comes and goes and shortness of breath

left arm been hurting lately making me a little worried because the pain stay for a while then it leaves and while im at rest laying down i touch my chest to feel my heart but it seems like its beating very slow could even barely feel its that normal and been getting slot of shortness of breath and couldnt relax my body today its hard to explain the way i feel because no one would understand but its like i felt my heart pounding and going really fast so it s like my back i move alot or really fast so i could try to come down and feel like i cant i breath so its like basically i felt like i was about to go out of control i get that alot aswell and its hard to calm down what should i do feel like im just gonna die soon or something like im i really going crazy and docters saying im fine idk 5months like this stuck this way seems wierd to me plus happen after smoking a blunt that was 5 months ago this is the reason i am the way i am now friend i smoked from the same thing he was calm good but my heart was racing i even through up to calm down plus i was shaking after that day i never smoked again but the thing is why do i still feel this did it messed me up really bad probably it was to string but 5 months after that happen i still feel the same idk seems wierd plus i havent smoked sense that day this is the strange part why im feeling all these physical synthoms why i cant relax my body why is my heart beating so fast mostly 24/7 and pounding hard then sometimes really slow that i could barely feel it and why my vision seems unreal or dream like the hell happen did that weed messed with my head or body like come on guys im sorry probably you think im just going crazy because post all the time and no im not a fake page im real i just post alot how i feel just me because i never experinced this so its driving me nuts and this is the only place i can talk and say how i feel !!

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You really need to start taking those Paxil, hun. They will help you start being able to sort through all these feelings you're going through. If you can't follow through on the treatment that's been advised to you by numerous doctors there's not much more anyone else can do for you. I hate to be so blunt but it's the truth. Please start on the antidepressants or at the very least look for a therapist the can help you learn some natural coping remedies. Force yourself to take slow deep breaths when you're feeling this way. You can also take magnesium from the Vitamin section at the pharmacy and it naturally helps to calm your body. Start with 200 mg and slowly work up to 400.

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yeah im just a little nervous to take those pills thats what it is plus i was trying to control everything on my own when i do it works but i feel so tierd and my body starts hurting and my heart start pounding and its okay you can be blunt with me i rather have someone be blunt with me then lying .

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Oh, Johnnie, so sorry to hear you're still having so much trouble with your feelings and your heart beating, and so on.

Have you ever checked back your doctor about how you won't take the medication prescribed because you are afraid of it? Is that because you had smoked some weed five months ago and then you start to have these probelems? I don't know if that caused this or if smoking the weed was just a coincidence.

Your anxiety is not lessening the way you are going. You deserve a better life. Won't you please consider trying the medication? Really don't believe it will make you any worse than you are. But please remeber it takes a few days for medications to take affect. And please don't drink alcohol or already learned that you became very anxious after you drank at the club.

Some people who have a drink believe it relaxes them, but the way alcohol works in your body, it can actually be the opposite. And the RedBull I'm familiar with is very high in caffiene which causes a reaction like 'speed'....and that you certainly don't need with your anxiety.

You are a strong young adult and will make your own decisions, and I support you in that. But the medication prescribed by your doctor doesn't seem it could make things any worse than they are. Hope you make the decision to finally start taking it.

We all here for you. ok?


Yeah idk if it was the weed because that was a long time ago but i guess it gave me a panic disorder and anxiety because this the first time i experince this before that day i smoke i was always good having fun im just worried because these symthoms is mostly 24/7 and it makes something is really wrong with me and the docters dont know yet like it just seems wierd to me why after 5months im still this the weed been left my system but its like i have really bad nerves and physcal symthoms. and yes im a little a nervous to takes the meds because say if its not anxiety and something is wrong and im taking those meds for no reason


Dear Johnnie,

You over think things. I do that sometimes, and I have to stop myself.

You know weed's chemical residue isn't stored in your body fat for five months if you haven't smoked it since then. So I think you know in your own head that isn't causing anxiety now. It may have triggered something else in your life that happened or was happening at the time you smoked it last and that's want is causing the anxiety now.

Paxil isn't going compound the weed effect that occurred 5 months ago.

Most likely it's going to work the way your doctors think...relief.

Ok, please make a decision to take the meds or call your doctor and talk to him about it. We really can't help you more than to listen, and we will. But you aren't likely to get any different suggestions from us. We're not doctors, we are your support.

I need to go now. But I watch for your posts. :)


Alright thank you for being here and listening to me have a great day and ill keep that in mind .🙌🏻💯


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