I cant be the only one going through this anxiety

well anxiety isnt a new thing in my life. It has found its way back into my life. My anxiety is caused by no other than the anxiety its self. I fell that i cant leave the house because i fear that i will have an episode while im out. And that causes my anxiety, but its kicked my ass for the past 3 days, it came out of nowhere. im 18 and the last time it was this bad was 3 years ago, and i dont know how i got through it. it starts with nausea and itll come in waves some worse than others, i get light headed and start to think to much and my breathing gets shallow.i feel sick to my stomach after an anxiety attack and feel that all my energy has been drawn from my body. ive been given meds but i refuse to bring myself to take them, and i feel like therapy wont work. i just need to know im not the only one struggling right now.


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  • So you don't want to try the medicine and not optimistic about therapy. That sounds like you don't want to get better?

    If your symptoms are really bad, then surely it's worth trying some treatments?

  • You are definitely not alone. It's sounds like you have a form of agoraphobia. I do, too. Although, I do force myself to leave my house...sometimes it takes a few hours, lol...but, it freaking sucks. I deal with the shallow breathing, random numbness, derealization, trembling, dizziness, racing thoughts and all those other crazy symptoms! And, I refuse meds, too. I use all home remedies, diet, and homeopathic ways of dealing with it. I'm sorry you're going through this, but, you're not alone. You'll get through it 😁

  • Oh, and I have a channel on YouTube all about anxiety, if you want to check it out. It's "under construction" and extremely raw and real, but, I started it years ago so that people would know they're not alone in this. There are almost 200 videos on it. There's a link to it at the end of my bio on my profile, but, you can also look it up by putting "Living with Health Anxiety" in the YouTube search bar. I hope you find relief soon.

  • Thank you, I will definitely visit your channel and thank you for understanding

  • Thanks for the information will have a look x

  • Your not the only one struggling. I have started to have severe panic attacks after a long remission from them. Now I am afraid everyday that another will attack. Just take your medicine , surround yourself with loved ones and friends and most of all pray like you have never prayed before!!!!!🙄

  • Take the medication. You will be able to think better once you are a bit relaxed...anxiety is awful and we all have it in various degrees. I am 62 and anxiety has crept back into my life again. I would be lost without some medication to get me through the really bad panic attacks. And the attacks drain you tremendously. As much as you think it may not work, you should give therapy a try. Good luck!

  • Why fight it on your own. Take the meds. They really help.

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