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Foggy headed, dizzy, weak, cant concentrate, spaced out, is this really anxiety?


Hi im 19 year old man and I suffer from some of these symptoms on and off through the day like they could last 10 minutes up to hours they make me feel really weird and like im gonna pass out and im terrified it might me mini stroke or something like ill get a weak tickly burning feeling down right side of body even my right tab and right side of face burns up but everything works fine i talk okay can raise my arms I can smile walk just thinking its a mini stroke I dont know,I get brsin fog dizziness tickly feeling in body feel weak everything dont feel realnits like I cant register everything if that makes sense, ive convinced myself im having seizures strokes all sorts, ive thought ive had a brain tumour, ms, brain absess, all sorts, I do get other symptoms now and then muscle twitches hot flushes heart pounds now and then vision goes funny an thats just a few off the top of the head theres alot more, I havent had a panic attack in quite a while but still get these symptoms I dont gets headaches I never have done, ive bin to the doctors hes done the normal tests like push him pull him towards you all that he says its fine and said its anxiety gave me so booklets and leaflets to take home I was alright for a couple days then it started again, I just want some reassurance that it is anxiety and if other people experiance these, just dont know what to do or think constantly thinking im dying of a serious illness:/

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Hi. I am sorry to hear of your distressing condition. All of the symptoms you mentioned here are all related to anxiety,ocd/sensorimotor obsession. You mention that you have had various tests all with negative results - again that is commensurate with all of the three related illnesses mentioned before. With health anxiety it is very usual to feel that you have a terminal illness or that somehow they have missed some serious condition even after they have done tests. This is how the illness works - it attacks us psychologically, but can produce physical feelings like pain, even though there is no reason for that pain to be there - this is psychosomatic disorder, again very much related to anxiety and ocd.

I dont think you mentioned anything about what treatment, if any, you are getting. It might be that you need short term medication to control certain feelings and thoughts while you undergo the appropriate therapy. Perhaps you need to speak with your doctor about what help is available to you.


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Thankyou carl made me feel abit better im going to arrange an appointment with my doctor in the morning an see what I can do im on no treatment what so ever at the moment thankyou for replying helped alot :)

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You are very welcome Keep in touch and let us know how things go.:-)

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Hey you sound like me! I also have Heath anxiety and it's the worst isn't it.. Constantly thinking your ill and the doctors are missing something! I went to the doctors yesterday about the muscle twitching because j also get these 😁 I was convinced I had MND he done me a strength test and assured me absolutely not do I have it.. I got doctors at least twice a week not that I want to and I'm ashamed to be there again but it's an illness that just goes round and round like a roundabout and you can't get off!! Talk to your doctor about cbt! I've started mine and I'm coping much better than I was I know it's going to take time .. I know what your going theought because in my anxious mind I've had every cancer, tumor there is!.. P.s try not to google he's your enemy! Xx

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Yeah! So nice to know its not just me! Whats a cbt? Yeah I try not to haha thankyou:) xx

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It's called cognitive behavioural therapy.. You can either do one on one or group sessions I chose one on one.. Go for it! I was also put on sertraline but I had awful side effects only took it the once! It is nice to know your not alone xx

Oh yeah id rather do one on one to be honest, yeah im trying to avoid medication if its all in my head then it should be able to shift without medication its just reassuring your self aint it lol xx

I'm sorry to hear this pal. But be reassured this is normal. I get sensations on one side when I'm anxious. I get pains in my left arm and sensations on one side of the face. I've had these feelings for a while because of anxiety, and I've never had a stroke/heart attack etc. I also feel spaced out and disconnected when my anxiety creeps up. Chill dude, you'll be fine 😊👍

Nice one mate thank you 😊

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How did you go.are you feeling better.

Mine started 4 months ago when i got a gastro virus and it all spiralled from there.Now have dizziness,night sweats,upset stomach,twitching in face.Had all the tests and no answers.

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I was just released from a week long hospital stay.. I was admitted due to a gastrointestinal virus which led to dehydration and led me to pass out multiple times... I'm still battling the gastro thing.. but the anxiety I have I feel is making it worse with diarrhea continuing as well as the constant need to urinate...

with that being said... I have been in and out of panic attack after panic attack- the only solace I find is when I EVENTUALLY fall asleep.. which is a daunting task in itself.

I believe I suffer from health anxiety as well as general anxiety and panic disorder.. maybe even PTSD? I am scared to death of losing consciousness again... it's a huge fear of mine..

My Symptoms?

Brain fog (I feel like there is literal buzzing and fuzziness like cotton in my head), disorientation (I feel like I'm here but I'm not here- like I'm dreaming? and then sometimes I'll get the feeling like I forget where I am), and then there is the soaking wet palms and feet, and the weakness.. just laying down I sometimes feel like I literally just ran 2 miles. I can't think straight, I can't focus, certain sounds, lights, conversations, movies, even certain textures spiral me into a panic attack.. my brain has the literal feeling of being overwhelmed and like I can't handle ANYTHING.. not even a simple conversation. and this is NOT WHO I KNOW I AM... I'm usually very good at coping under pressure of daily life situations.. I just don't understand what is happening to my body.. and how my mind is making my body feel this way? I also get extremely scared of neurological issues..

I am mostly aware that it's a panic attack, but I just can't stop it, or control it, or prevent it..

with all this being said- I have been through a similar time about 10 years ago when I was 14/15, and I was put on lexapro 10mg.. I felt as if the meds might have stopped working over a year ago.. is that possible?

does anyone else feel this way? trapped in there own body?

and if so, how do you control/stop it? how do you live your life day-to-day? and do you take any medication for it?

please... please help...thank you so much <3

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Ive got the same did your brain fog go away? Im on fluoxetine & it helps

I can relate. Did it go away?

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