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I cant control my anxiety!!!

I been to the ER 2 times for chest and armp pain had 3 EKG's and 1 chest xray that came back ok. all I have is GERD and theirs nothing wrong with my heart. I "ALWAYS" get chest pains chest tighness and left arm pains I talked to my doctors about it and they said that it was all anxiety and not my heart I told them about my panic attacks and they gave me some medicine. well im always scared that i might have a heart attack and die im always thinking about death everywhere I go. Im scared to be alone because I think that something might happen to me and no one would be around me to help me. Death always runs trough my head everytime I look at a family member I get this taught "what if I die I wont be able to see them again" im always talking to my mom about daying and she says im not tha I need to get that taught out of my head. Something tells me I am idk. When ever I get some other different pain like a back pain arm pain I look it up in the internet and it says either cancer, heart problems or other health problems and I assume I have one of those problems and get scared. I talked to my doctor about it ans she said no your just 16 no you wont have no heart attack no you dont have cancer ot other weird health problems, that I need to calm down and relax that its just anxiety. But I dont get it how does anxiety give me arm and chest pains?

What are some ways i can control my anxiety?

What can I do?

Is this even anxiety or something else?

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Hello there. Yes anxiety is quite the pain in the rear and well lots of other places. I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now. Death anxiety is something a lot of us are affected by. I think we have to just accept it, it will happen but hopefully it will be at some point far in the future. Acceptance is important, recognize your anxiety as just that and find ways to manage it. Some things that help me are: running, going on walks, yoga, meditation, talking to family and friends about how I feel, therapy.

There is no magic solution for everyone, but know you are not alone and hopefully you find a few things to keep your anxiety at a minimum.

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Hello cano

Your so young and going through this ugly thing called anxiety.

Yes anxiety sure can make you feel sick and like your dying and make you feel pain anywhere and cause tightness in your chest even make u dizzy or feel like you could pass out and many more symptoms as I have had them all and it's the scariest thing I have ever had to deal with. There's not a day that goes by that I don't fear dying as well even tho drs tell me my heart is fine and no I'm still not convinced.

You need to try n relax.

Do deep breathing



Write in daily journal all your thoughts feelings how you felt that day.

Hope some of this helps :)

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Your very welcome. Try n hang in there

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I will and thank you


how are you feeling now?

as soon as I read your chest, arm and back pains, I immediately thought about how I was when I first developed anxiety and panic attacks!

I can definitely relate to how you are feeling, i thought there was something wrong with my heart! i went to multiple doctors and been to the ER soooo many times because i refused to believe the doctors, i was convinced something was really wrong and that everyday i thought it would be my last!

for a long time i was trying to find someone that had similar symptoms to me to reassure myself that it really wasn't my heart... so here i am to tell you, you're fine!

the docs told you that nothing is wrong and so you should believe them :) best thing is to do is talk to someone, don't drown yourself in your own thoughts.. makes everything worse. have you tried meditating? listening to calm music etc?

i know it's very hard but you have to convince yourself that it's all anxiety related whenever you get these pains, it takes a long time but you'll pull through! stay strong! keep yourself busy, whether it be with study or exercise etc.

also, vitamin b complex helps with anxiety and stress! so you should look into that, and it also helps with promoting a healthy heart, and since you're afraid of a heart attack, it will give some sort of a peace of mind! :)

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I definitely would recommend trying to think of other ways around what you fear. I had the same issues and I had to actually think about it, If I die, anyway that I go, I will be pain free, stress free and no more anxiety. Not that I thought of taking my life but I thought there is no reason to be scared of dying. I didn't actually get scared of dying but the ways of dying is what frightened me. Also talk to yourself in your head. Tell yourself everything will be OK since You know it is only just anxiety. Try to calm yourself down. Sometimes what I do Is do something that would make me laugh. Keep yourself upbeat. Put the thoughts in yourself that You are stronger than fear, it definitelt is something that you can control and knowing that you can have great days is beautiful.


You are a wonderful person to have the courage to write this post! Remember that courage like this is going to help you. If you are feeling possibly suicidal, it is Mandatory that you seek a counselor and don't wait. I know that can be hard to do at 16, but ask your parents, a supportive friend or anyone who help you make this decision. If you have an inkling of spirituality, ask God too for help. I am sending you love and compassion and KNOW you are never alone!!!


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