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So I went to see this homeopathic doctor yesterday it was quite interesting. Firstly see was so freaken nice really made me feel so comfortable and warm. I told her what I was going through and the nightmare of living with all of this anxiety. We talked a lot and she was really caring and I could actually see her empathy on her face so that was really nice. She did some testing on me I have never done these type of test it was like wow this is new and strange. She used a metal thing that I held in my right hand and than with another metal stick thing kept pointing it on my thumb and it picked up what my body was deficient of and what it rejected. I was so amazed really. It picked up that my body is actually being chased by a hungry lion 24 / 7 that's how high my anxiety is. It picked up that I had no libido at all which I did not even mention but was 100% correct. She picked up that my hormones was a little out of whack. My kidney's was giving of too much adrenaline and that I had problems sleeping and staying asleep. She made a whole shock treatment especially for what my body was craving.  So now I am on a two week treatment and hoping and trusting for the best. She was also so kind to ask me if I wanted to pray with them I just thought that was wow. Everything they use is natural products so that a relieve for me on its own.   


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  • This sounds very questionable. I don't believe in this kind of "medicine". There's no way she can know that your kidneys were giving off too much adrenaline except by observing your behavior and listening to what you said about yourself. (Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys, it's they who release adrenaline) The other things also I would attribute to observation of your behavior, nothing more. You received time and attention and gave information about yourself. She provided a listening ear and made you feel good. That's about all you are getting for your money in my opinion.

    I'm sorry to be negative about your experience, but I think you can go to a counselor or a good friend and get the same feeling. The counselor would be better trained and the friend would be free but a real friend you could enjoy and do things with. You can also come here and talk with people here who understand how you feel. This community is pretty good about supporting you when you need it. I hope you explore some of these opportunities and don't spend too much money on this homeopathic Dr.

  • Thanks for the reply.  Doctors these days are questionable themselves.  Lets rather use drugs that causes us to have bad side effects and why we at it get addicted to some of these meds. Yes she was nice yes she was a listening ear but that's not what I needed I can yes call my friend and she will provide the same listening ear. Each to there own right? I believe that it took my mind and body a while to break down so it needs help in revovering

  • Good for you honey. I'm all for trying anything  ( within reason.lol ) to help ease and maybe rid this obnoxious demon anxiety.  

    I really hope this works for you ...please keep me posted xx 

  • Thank you so much for your support.  

  • I will go all measures to treat this anxiety but the natural way and this is one of those steps....I can choose to embrace the treatment or think like you and just get disappointed and no joy. Have you ever done this treatment?  And it failed? 

  • I've only ever tried hypnotherapy. ... and it was amazing x 

  • It worked for me as well...

  • I wanted to try that but decided on this route. Glad it helped xxxx

  • I have done many treatments including the natural ones I mentioned and all have helped. Counseling and knowledgeable friend therapy were tremendously helpful. Also online questions getting answers from the community--not necessarily just this one--were very helpful. 

    You seem hardened and antagonistic to doctors who use stronger medication than homeopathic, ayurvedic and acupuncturists yet I mentioned several ways that weren't that method. I also had to allow the medication because the "natural" ways weren't strong enough for my problems. Some of us have severe enough problems that medicine must be used that is stronger than the medicine made and used by homeopaths and ayurvedic Drs. and also an acupuncturist that I tried. Hypnotherapy failed for me. We each have to do what our body requires whether we like it or not.

    If your way works, fine for you. I gave you my honest opinion. I've certainly been around the block a few times to all kinds of therapies and just don't want to see you waste your time and money but that's up to you. Enjoy your new therapy with a sympathetic ear in your Dr. Sometimes what we believe will work works because we believe in it. That's only possible if the problem wasn't severe in nature to begin with.

  • Thank you sue do appreciate each and every comment given on this forum...especially yours makes me so happy to know that someone is only giving advice based on their own experiences :)

    Like I said each to their own right?? and the severity of this anxiety believe me is very much so severe that's why I am trying each and every method to help myself in recovering from this and I actually do believe in full recovery. You mention sympathetic ear, yes I am actually one of those types of people that love's talking and tell people what I am going through and get opinions from them as well and that in itself helps me and I have come to see that people tend to open up about their health struggles as well.

    Sue you seem to be very hard when it comes to wanting to explore and feels like you would like to push your negative thoughts regarding failures of your own recovery on me, why is that. Maybe something that works for you doesn't work for me and visa versa.

    We are all here to try and help each other not to put down something that we hope in all off our heart might actually help in recovery but you seem to pop that bubble or want to.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and for your reply but sometimes people just need a " hey hoping with you " rather a " just wasting your money type of thing"


  • Yes, you're right, I should be more encouraging but I can't with this particular therapy. I do want the best for you and hope you find a good recovery and answers that work for you, whatever they are. I hope for the very best future for you as soon as possible with your anxiety under control and no longer a problem at all. Best wishes to you.

  • Thank you sue


  • Amen and many prayers to you for your healing

  • Thank you Sherelle1010. Praying for healing for all of usXXXX

  • Keep us updated! I'm interested to see if it yields some positive results 

  • will definitely keep you updated...

  • antianxiety, I'm happy for you.  It sounds like you found a route to take

    that you believe in.  If you were given a pill that promised success BUT

    you didn't believe it would help, it won't.  The mind is powerful enough

    to heal the body.  I wish you good luck with the 2 week treatment.  xx

  • thank you Agora... healing doesn't happen in one day so this is a long road that I am so happy to take.

  • I have recently visited a homeopathic doctor too.  He is an MD but uses osteopathic manipulation & homeopathic remedies.  The questions were mostly non-medical yet the remedy he gave me does match all my physical symptoms.

    The problem is that even homeopathic remedies have side effects so I'm just as nervous as taking prescription meds.  I do appreciate the prayers though!

  • I know how you feel I have a phobia of meds as well even homeopathic meds but I have said to myself can I really feel any worse if I take this and I am currently taking it for a week now and I can tell you I do see improvements in my sleep and anxiousness

    if we have been sitting with anxiety for many years we can't just expect a quick fix our body needs time to heal. I pray for you and pray you find calmness.

    God is good all the time.


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