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I need support,please

Ok,so I posted a lot on this site only because I have no support from my family,actually they spike my anxiety calling me insane and not normal. My stress period began 3 weeks ago when my bf and i broke up and it cause me a great deal of sadness,i didnt eat well and i was stressed and i had fights at home and my parents compalining about me. I went to the doctor and gave me calcium and magnesium because i lacked a lot. I feel like im always spinning and about to fall,that im not steady,i feel stress in my blood,sometimes i cant eat because when i see food i dont want to eat,sometimes i eat well,i pee a lot even tho im not drinking much water,i dont sleep,i can barely sleep 4 hours a night,i feel like nothing is real,i feel like im about to faint or die. Im scared,my mother used to be anemic and she still is and she told me when she was very young,she was really underweight and she was about to die and Im scared because I stress everyday that im not right,that i should be more fat.Im scared,very scared. I feel like im going to die if i keep living like this and I also think everytime that im really sick or that God wants me to die and it spikes me. What can I do? In my country is Easter and there are absolutely no doctors available until the 3 of may. I cant go to the hospital because my parents dont want that. What can I do? I want to live my life fully.

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You're not crazy ! And you are just dealing with anxiety, I know it's hard and its not easy and well we are all here to support you if you need to talk about anything but I do think you should still eat and sleep well, try too you know 😊😋


I feel like i lost the battle


No you haven't and we will all fight with you 😊 don't give up hope and I pray things will be better 



I have just seen your post :-)

Has this anxiety just started since you have split with your BF ?

Splitting up from someone is always a stressful time and can trigger and underlying fears we may have and seems your fear is related to your health 

Some people are generally built of a slim nature and even though you maybe lacing some vitamins this does not mean there is anything seriously wrong it could be simply as you have said your appetite is not great that you are not getting the right vitamins in you  but your Doctor has picked up on this and now the one's he has given will help :-)

Can you make any shake drinks containing fruit this would be a good way of getting something good in you :-)

You say your Mum is anemic but that does not mean you will be as even though that is your Mum we are still individuals but supposing you were a little anemic then that also can be solved very quickly with some iron tablets so try not to fear as that is not the worse scenario , I have been anemic before and then it has come good again without anything , green leafy veg , fish all can be good for your iron , nuts walnuts which you could maybe nibble on but what we put inside us does help how we physically feel as well as it helps the mind when we feel better physically , I know you are struggling to eat and I know how that feels , could you try & maybe eat little and often rather than facing big meals at a set time 

I am sorry your family are not very supportive this does not help at all as at a time like this we feel we need them the most and would love a hug and them to tell us everything will be alright and can add to our anxiety when they make us feel even worse ....have you anyone else maybe a friend you could talk to ?

You have now found somewhere with this Community where you will always get someone that will understand and hope that will help a little bit 

It is the first of May today so just one more day and the Doctors will be open , I would go and tell them how you are feeling , do you have therapy in Romania ? it could be something else to ask your Doctor about as it could help you to understand your anxiety as well as ways to change the way you think and react to these thoughts 

I hope you will let us know how you get on if you go back to the Doctors :-)

Take Care x  


Hello. yes,we have therapy here and I used to go,but lately ive been short on money. Actually,health anxiety has been around since my granda died of colon cancer. She died because she used to work in a very toxic enviroment and it was just painful to see her in her last days. My friend,well,we barely see each other because we live in different villages,because we study in the big city and now we are on spring break. I see my boyfriend who is a very wonderful person,but I feel like its hurting him to see me this way. I know this. Maybe I have too much free time,I mean I barely do something because of the fear that i will faint. But in the end,I havent fainted even when I was way worse. My friend who used to live next door went to college in UK and she studied psychology and suggested to me to do things not only for myself,but for others. She suggested I have to much free time wich is true,I barely do something.



It can be so true the more time we have the more time we have to think and feed this anxiety 

It usually starts with an experience that has affected us and loosing your loved one obviously is what started yours and I am so sorry for your loss and what you had to experience but remember this was your Grandparent and not you we are individuals so it will not happen to you 

Is there any Volunteer work that you could do ?

This may help to build yourself esteem , distract you as well as making you feel good knowing you have helped a good cause :-)

If you search Google and look at Mindfulness there are so good relaxing techniques on there that may help you 

You also as I have said have here to come and chat & hopefully you will pick up copying strategies and work through this :-) x  


You ain't crazy love your fine the wayyou are and if u weren't am sure ur doctor would have been the first to tell u .. you and ur mother r 2 different people so ur body's r not the same ... anxiety is so hard you never no wether it's physical or in your head pet .. but most of it is and a lot of it is to do with stress wen it comes d swaying and head aches ... take it on day at a time for this week and if it doesn't work ask the doctor for some meds x


Hi. I think right now you should put on hold your desire to live your life to the fullest and really focus on taking care or yourself; that means eating the right things and eating often and getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, and zeroing in on your thought patterns and challenging any negative thoughts that are exacerbating your worry.

It seems like you are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety and right now you are at the mercy of your thoughts, and they often play tricks on you. You may feel like you are losing it and are going to die, but that is simply not true; it is merely an illusion, and the more you feel like you are in a hopeless situation the more powerful the evidence is that you are actually not. You are caught in a perpetuating cycle of self-defeating thoughts. Even if there is something that is wrong with you physically, doctors will point it out and tell you what to do.

Please let us know how you are doing. We are all here to support one another. Wishing you the best :)


Don't worry is the first and best thing you can do. Find things to keep you distracted. Also if you are on your phone a lot looking up symptoms, stop. You are dealing with anxiety and it can make your body feel like you are dying. I can personally tell you I have done the emergency room more then 3 times and was told I'm fine again and again. Best advice is stay calm and remember your mind/body is playing tricks on you. Best of luck! 


Unmasking anxiety


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