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social anxiety and friends


hi everyone, i’ve recently joined because i don’t have anyone to talk to about my anxiety. Most of my “ friends “ at school are fake :/ i don’t have any close friends, i only have one friend who knows about my anxiety, she’s so nice to me but i feel like she only tries to help me because she feels pity for me. She has her own circle of friends and everyone else does at school and then there’s me... i don’t have anyone. I really want to become closer with her but i feel like i only annoy her whenever i text her and that’s why she doesn’t text me back. Even though she kind of opened up to me by telling me a little bit about her anxiety, i still don’t really feel like she considers me as a friend. My parents don’t believe in anxiety and they don’t help at all. I feel so lonely... i also think i suffer from PTSD at the same time which makes things a lot worse.

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i’ve been suffering from social anxiety for years.. and it only continues to get worse

not having many friends, or the ones you do have being fake, really sucks. i’m in a position where i also don’t have many friends and am insecure about them half the time but i’m also not in a position right now to make more friends. with that one close friend you have, i would suggest make sure that when you talk to them, don’t make every conversation about your anxiety. find something fun to talk about. you may not think she considers you as a friend but that’s probably just your anxiety trying to make you push her away. don’t let it win. also try to find happiness just by yourself. i imagine that can be hard in a school setting but trying to rely on the people around you to find happiness will only lead to hurt and disappointment. i hope this helped and i really wish the best for you.

but if she really considers me as her friend then why does she ignore my texts all the time 😔 i really want to us to become closer but i’m so awkward and i don’t even know how to have a normal conversation without being weird

i have a friend that also has anxiety and depression and sometimes she will ignore my texts because her illness makes her distance herself from others. you may need to bring it up and talk to your friend about it i know that can be scary but you shouldn’t be ignored all the time by someone that is a friend. also consider she may just be busy and not have much time to talk. like i said, it’s probably best to talk about it since you don’t know why she’s ignoring you. and you can dm me if you’d like.

don’t you think it would be weird if i asked her that.. i don’t wanna annoy her i already know that she’s ignoring me so

plus, she has her own friends, she doesn’t need me :/ i feel like i should just never talk to her again because i feel like i’m always annoying her

i know how u feel :( feel free to dm me, maybe we could be friends 😊

I know the feeling

yeah, it honestly sucks :/ my anxiety just makes me feel the urge to distance myself from everyone

Yeah same, my social anxiety can be bad too my face always gets red in social situations and they think I have a crush on them or they call me out for it, it makes me wanna disappear sometimes

i feel youuuuu, like no thx lol i only have social anxiety don’t get it twisted

i don’t tell anyone about my social anxiety.. they never get it

Yeah but on here lots of us understand

yeah i know.. dm me, we could be friends <3 since we both prob don’t have any

Thx I will


Being an introvert for periods of time is ok too

Hi honey. I too have a generalized anxiety disorder. I don't have close friends but I have a lot of casual friends. I have coffee or go to the gym with ladies but it's not like a close friend. I had one and she died. They a church group, a local anxiety group. Are you overweight? Overeaters anonymous is great. Keep me posted. I know your loneliness.

Do you have any interests that you've never thought of pursuing? This can be a good way of getting out of your head and making new friends. If you're interested in something then see if theres a way of pursuing it as a hobby, see if theres a community of people either online or in your local area who are interested in the same thing.

Or even better, try something completely different and approach something as a beginner in a space where you can get support. It could be anything from learning an instrument to trying a sport!

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