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I don't know what to do no more

It has been a month by now since I been feeling scared that I might have something really serious due to the fact that I have weakness, tiredness, dizziness, shornest of breath. I been to the hospital and they have check a lot of my test and they only replied back saying "there is mild differences, nothing worry about.." .?!?! Like that's dumb. I know my body and I know there is something wrong. My doctor set up and appointment for me to see a gastriolisg since I been having bowmovements problems for almost three weeks... he has test me a lot and I feel like they all asume is anxiety but I think it is something worse. Today a customer came in and she told me that she was feeling he same and she also has kaiser and all they would tell her is that she had anxiety and she didn't believe it and she kept fighting and eventually she find it another doctor and she end up finding she had cancer in her blood... now I am worry I may have the same or some type of cancer or dangerous thing.

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They would have found out by now if you've had all those tests/blood tests


Try not to compare your symptoms with those of the customer you mentioned, even if your symptoms were similar it doesn't mean you have cancer, you've had tests and anxiety does bring on a lot of strange symptoms/sensations/thoughts, it's difficult but you need to find a distraction, I'm sure you will be ok, just allow time to pass, hang in there xx


Thank you both of you for the encouragement is just I get frustrated. Because I'm 25 and I feel aweful and I want to make sure I am okay..


I understand what yo are going through Iv been there have had all of them thoughts and still do. Iv made even made my doctor test for absolutely everything I can think of .

It's you v your mind in the end, anxiety has an endless list of strange physical symptoms . Read, meditate, practice mindfulness . The best way Iv tried to overcome it is through this .


Plus I haven't have a normal bow movement since a month ago


I agree with the other two replies. Don't base your circumstance on anyone else's. Unfortunately anxiety plays with all of our emotions and symptoms. But if you have had test after test and there is nothing to be found then you have to start trusting in the professionals that are looking at you.

I had this problem with my health anxiety but the more I would see my Doctor and the specialist i would not be satisfied. Finally I made sure to accept it and move forward. I still feel symptoms but it is getting less. Prayer and mindfulness have worked tremendously for me.

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Glad that you mentioned mindfulness . Simply being aware of right now , enjoying the present helps a lot it takes a while to practice (still not there) but definitely worth it .


Thank you guys , I will do what you guys said. I am a big believer of the man up stairs but I at the same time my sickness gets on my way. It's hard when you work and you deal with a lot of customers saying that they were miss diagnose to have anxiety when they really had something worse. That even happen to my mother as well.


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