i HATE anxiety

So i went out with my boyfriend today and as soon as he picked me up i started getting anxious. Now this time, i was able to control it for the car ride but as soon as i got out, vomit everywhere. i was so embarrassed. Then i feel a little better after that. From that point on, i felt like butt. Nauseous and irritable. But i hadn't had an attack like this in awhile. I was really dizzy, nauseous, felt very unstable when i was walking, dry mouth, felt like i was gonna faint, heart racing, my legs and arms and hands and lower back all went numb, i could barely speak, it was really hard to breathe (i had to use a bag to control my breathing). Guys i am starting to think that this anxiety is making me lose my mind. As i was sitting trying to catch my breath, i thought to myself "i am going crazy. This doesn't happen to anyone else why is it happening to me?" like i am so outraged and furious that i have no control over this. i want my old life back. I want to go see my boyfriend without having an anxiety . i want to go out not worrying about vomiting everywhere. I am at the last straw with this anxiety i am sooooo ready for it to be GONE. I brokedown earlier because i honestly felt crazy i honestly felt like i was going insane. It felt unreal which is why i felt like i was losing my marbles. Please someone help me . PLEASE. i dont wanna do breathing or anything like that i need things that work FAST . GRRRRR i hate anxiety. if anxiety were a person he/she would be beaten with a sock full of frozen oranges. There is probably a ton of spelling errors. i was mad when i wrote this lol so disegard the errors. Guys i just really need help. Any type of help is good guys so please anything helps.


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8 Replies

  • Hi Llama215, I really do empathise with you and know how disabling and exhausting anxiety can be. I've lived with GAD since the age of 7. I know how much you want this to be gone, but there are no fast fixes with anxiety. Acceptance is the key to letting you be able to cope with this at your level and be anxiety free most of the time, not fearing everything is so key. Educating yourself on what is going on in your body, read Claire Weekes books, very old school but are written so you totally identify with everything she is saying. Keep a journal, write down all symptoms/thoughts/fears/recurrences of attacks, this is a brilliant way of when your feeling despair that the anxiety is not going to subside, you can refer to it and see that you got through it that time and you will again. Exercise is brilliant, as soon as an attack starts being active is the best way of diminishing it quickly. A brisk walk, out in fresh air. Why not see if there is a local self help group in your area, I went to one a number of years ago that supported/helped me immensely. Mind are a brilliant organisation and will tell you what's in your area. Getting angry with your anxiety is a good thing, when it comes I normally have a full blown argument with it/myself I start saying "what the hell, your not ruining my day, now do one" sometimes with a lot of swear words ha, which I never swear ha... Sometimes in life anxiety/mental illness comes along for a reason, see it as opportunity to take stock of your life, maybe your not fulfilling your dreams, what you want in life, write down whats great about your life, whats not, and what you want to change, and although motivation at times of anxiety can be low believe me I know start changing things, start by breaking things down. Sorry for long reply once I start. Hope your feeling better by now, take care Dee x

  • Thanks . It is long but very insightful . I will definitely look in self help groups and I can start biking again .

  • Hi There

    Have you seen your Dr about how back it's got? Are you on any meds do you need to increase them for a while or have you tried counselling or both. If your Dr is not willing to help find one that will even if you have to change surgeries. Have you tried to meditate.? I thought it wouldn't help but after I'm less stressed an a lot calmer it did take me a while to get in to it so stick with it. So glad you have a really supportive fella they are worth their weight in gold. You shouldn't have to put up with this. I do hope you feel better soon let us know how your doing take care

    T x

  • This doctor thing is taking a long while . I'll talk to my mom and I'll figure something out

  • What I forgot to say is when out I try to distract myself by count my steps to a certain point be proud your made it to the point. Then set another till you get to where you are going. Small steps but your still moving forward


  • Yea that's what I try to do. I start counting or try and keep a word search puzzle on my phone to distract me or something like that . But that only works temporarily

  • Hi,I'm exactly the same as u,it's bloody frustrating.but I would suggest hypnotherapy I've had 10 sessions and it has really helped,it hasn't gone completely yet but my therapist said it will be gone just that I hold on to it.its to re train your brain.i did try cbt which you go and talk to a councillor but personally for me it didn't do nothing.also if u feel anxiety coming on say when your going in to a shop,pub,club,cinema etc walk out and back in the shop as many times as it takes,after so many times ur brain realises nothing bad is going to happen,this works for me! Hope this helps and good luck!

  • I never thought about leaving and coming back. That makes perfect sense. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks!

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