Stressed out and agitated

MY BF have been at my place since Thursday afternoon and still here because I have the Netflix with Sons of Anarchy on it. He is addicted, I can't take after a couple of days of being with him, he starts telling me where I should put things, putting things were he wants them; controlling. He won't go home. He is driving me crazy.

Oh, how I Love Him!

I seen my therapist today, she suggested that I should talk to him about how I like my independence and it helps our relationship when I can be with friends. Of coarse, he told it as ALL OR NOTHING in the relationship. He's insecurity, Yes!



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  • you need to end this, it won't get any better, only worse

  • Sorry, I feel asleep last night, it's been one of those weeks with my BF. I hope your feeling better!

  • Sorry, wrong on my part. He left because I told him that he had to go after one more episodes. He was pissy but I had to do it. I am finally here alone . Thank you!

    He will be pissy with me today but hey I'm a big girl.

    Today I going to have lunch with my Best Friend down in the community room cafe (I live in a high rise). Freedom! I love doing what I wanna do. I go back in my own routine.

    Thursday he suppose to come but I am going to tell BF not to come. I need a break. It's just after spending 2 or three days with him he gets like that. That is why it is 2 maybe 3 days then he goes home.

    My boundaries. I need to set more.

    Thank you Sheffman, I appreciate the reply!

  • Hi 3D USA So sorry for your situation , but you must think about your health, plus sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, but you can't surly live with all this stress.

    Good luck

    Peggy ☘☘

  • Thank you! Yah, I learned that last night! He isn't acting pissy with me over the phone like I expected. Maybe just a little but, not as much as I thought.

    Again, I can handle the situation more when he is only here for 3 (the most) days.

    AFTER THAT: Highway to Hell!

    Thank you Peggy 76

  • Good to hear just keep thinking positive thoughts & be strong and kind to yourself .

    Al the best

    Peggy πŸ’πŸ’

  • Thanks! Appreciate the long distance support! πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

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