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in my first relationship, need some advice

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hi guys,

i’ve been with my boyfriend, tommy, for 7 months and he is the best thing to have ever happened to me! he treats me nothing less than a princess and makes me so unbelievably happy! i truly feel like i’m in love & that he's the one! he’s genuine, sweet, sensitive & so many other amazing qualities! he’s a rare gem in this day & age and i will hold on to him & cherish him as much as i possibly can! however, i’m so new to this relationship thing. he’s my first boyfriend & first everything to be quite honest! but, since he's my first boyfriend, i know absolutely nothing about relationships and have quite a bit of anxiety sometimes because i’m so unfamiliar with the concept. I’m not sure when we should start becoming more intimate or if i should be doing more for him, or vice versa. will everything just happen in it's own time? how do i know if things are becoming bad or stale? i try to tell him how I feel & be as open and honest as possible, but i don't want him to just accommodate to me & him feel not as valued or important in the relationship. i want & need to treat him like the prince he is & don't really know how to do that! he’s helped me through so much & i want to make sure i’m just as supportive & loving to him as much as he is to me!

i’m just super unaware & not really sure what's suppose to happen?

advice would be great, thank you loves x

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Be careful who take advice from because relationships make some people jaded and they'll give you nothing but negativety.

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That's true, thank you!

Oh you look lovely together :) enjoy your days together. Tell him how you feel and how you appreciate him.

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Thank you so much! I will, always!

Hello :-)

I agree with what has already been said what a lovely couple , both young and very good looking , O to be young again and know what I know now :-/

Relationships are something that I believe only experience helps you to learn how to deal with them and every relationship is different and there are no rights or wrong's other than making sure you respect each other :-)

You will both learn together what is best for you , keep talking with each other , letting each other know how you feel communication is vital for having a good relationship with someone and do not feel pressured by others , your relationship is yours and what others have done in theirs is theirs no two people are the same you have to do what is right for you and sometimes it is not all about listening to your heart but to that gut instinct we get , if are tummies feel all knotted up I feel that means we are not ready or comfortable with something and we should listen to that and not what we think is expected from us or what our piers may be saying to us as we are all individuals :-)

What ever happens enjoy the now , tomorrow will take care of itself :-)

Just a thought but I wonder when you are posting your picture if you are aware that if you do not lock your post to the" Community only " which is an option you will see before you post that anyone browsing on HU will be able to see it or if someone is searching for an answer similar to your question in Google search engine it could also bring them straight to your post , you can still edit your post if you did not like that idea and choose the option for " this community only " or if you don't mind it been open then of course that is fine to :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you so much, lulu! I completely agree with you! You take care as well & thank you for always giving me great advice ♡

Just communicate that is the biggest key in relationships grow through what you guys will go through it will be very good for a long time couple fihts here and there but the bigger fights are whats going to test the two of you and your relationship obstacles will come into your pathway when the waves come just surf them let it ride if you guys need soace or you sense he does ask him always be upfront

Just please communicate with him

Of course, I agree that communication is everything! Thank you so much!

Just let it flow naturally. Everything will fall into place as it will. Enjoy it.

Thank you, I will!

Thank you so much, I will enjoy him & hold on to him for as long as I can! ♡

danielsc15....Ah the look of young love. May you and Tommy be happy, today, tomorrow and forever and a day x

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Thank you so much, love! ♡

Don't let the outside world and anyone influence your relationship. Trust is the biggest thing and being able to communicate with each other. My relationship ended when my girlfriends parents influenced everything in our lives. Now I am suffering the pain and consequences and my daughter is suffering the most. Remember love them for who they are and even there flaws. If you get into a fight, talk about it, don't go to sleep angry at each other because the problems won't go away. Enjoy each others company and learn more about each other. Let everything come naturally and don't force anything. Together you can conquer anything.

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Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well ♡

Thank you so much, I will!

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