I have suffered depersonalisation severe shaking and panic attacks for 4 years

I've never found the cause.There have been no traumas in my life but all happened post menopause.All anyone has found is low blood pressure(not POTs)

Antidepressants make me worse constantly spaced out with headaches.Now I take no medication.

I recently list my mother suddenly and I guess the trauma of her death in front of me has escalated the severity of my illness

I have tried everything exercise meditation counselling but still suffer.

I feel my life is ruined as from living a full active life I just struggle through each day.I like to think that one day my illness will fade but after so long I'm beginning to have my doubts.

I exercise shop socialise but always in a dreamlike state as if I'm living behind frosted glass.

Not sure how much longer I have the strength to deal with this.


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8 Replies

  • Hi there it seems you have tried lots of different things. Have you tried going to a naturopath? They maybe be able to help in regards to menopause and also possible vitamin/mineral etc deficiencies, the doctors have a different range of normal then naturopaths do. Could be worth a shot? Also I highly recommend a book called dare by Barry McDonagh helped me majorly. I wish you all the best toward your recovery :))

  • Thanks - will try the naturopath and the book

    Great to receive some support.

  • I understand Pddc56. There may not have been any traumas proceeding your anxiety but sometimes they are subtle. Going into menopause for some women can be a subconscious feeling of the end of something. Then when your mother passed away suddenly, it was another trauma that life doesn't go on forever. (I became agoraphobic and the anxiety heightened when my mother passed away several years ago) I literally felt myself step up in line. A lot of anxiety is how we perceive the thoughts in our head. So you can have the most perfect life and wonder why are you all of a sudden experiencing anxiety. I too walk around behind frosted glass. I don't see life as clearly anymore. It might be time to reach out for other therapies since not on medication. I'm sorry about your mom and wish you healing from your anxieties.

  • Hi Agora, I know this is an old post but I found this answer so relevant to something I've been going through for a while now. I read the answer before looking at who posted it. What a pleasant surprise to see it was you. Gosh I wish you lived in Australia. I'd love to sit and have a cuppa with someone who has been through so much and has come out the other side.

    Keep up the great advice Agora. Your words are very helpful and reassuring.

  • Thank you Lbk64 for your kind words. Sometimes we have to weather the storm before the seeing the rainbow. Message me anytime. Wish you well.

  • Thank you so much.Does your anxiety ever leave you or improve.?

    I am trying so hard but don't seem to make any progress .

  • It's too raw for you right now. You need to give yourself some time. I am doing much better since being off of medication. For me it didn't work. I have gotten better by using deep breathing most exclusively as well as meditation and relaxation. I've had a lot of CBT therapy but feel now it is up to me to heal. I don't know if anxiety ever leaves us. It's like being an alcoholic where one slip back starts us up again. It is a forever job of keeping these learning tools regarding anxiety on board. Not only when we need it, but always practicing so we are ready. Life hands us all kinds of surprises and stresses, we just have to know how to handle it without destroying ourselves. It will happen. You need time right now. Wishing you well. xx

  • Hi there is a great book out there called ' at last a life ' by paul david have a read this guy suffered with depersonalization for 10 years .

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