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Getting over my depersonalisation and derealization disorder!!

Hey guys, hope alls well! Just updating my progress here and I'm getting a lot better! It took me so long to find out that I actually had depersonalisation disorder... I can tell any of you here that has it I'm so sorry for you, it's the worst thing imaginable I think personally. BUT it's very beatable! Stop looking at the complicated answers cause it's such a complicated illness... I've did all the research I possibly could and in the end I know the answer for recovery for I feel in the space of a very short time I'm about 50% recovered, it's simple. You think about your dp constantly for it's so overwhelming and scary right? Stop!! (I know that's near impossible) but to begin this process you should start by letting the thoughts in and letting them pass, give yourself the attitude "I don't care" I'll do this and I'll do this without worrying about the consequences, if I have a panic attack FINE give me all you got, I don't fear it anymore and you'll be surprised how this attitude can take away so much fear. What I did was think of everyday as a day to let my brain recover, let it rest. So the two things you need to do to recover are, 1. Stop fearing your thoughts (this illness is anxiety fuelled and if you take out the anxiousness it'll dissipate but over a period of a few days to a week or two if you do it well, or it could take a longer your recovery is not the same to anyone else's and take as much time as you need but never stop) 2. Just do it! (Whenever something comes up that you are afraid of, screw it just do it, I would recommend myself to not jump straight into the highly pressured things the first day but do all the things you did before first, from football training or the gym to socialising with some good friends) I know you feel alone and insanely confused right now but you gotta make today the day you fight back and win your life back and I guarantee you will not regret it at all! Good luck!

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A really positive post all making sense & really pleased that you are in a better place

I think most anxiety sufferers know what to do but sometimes depending on the severity & complex history , it can be easier said than done yet from reading your post it sounds so obvious what to do when written down

I am sure everyone is aiming & will get to a level where they can adopt more of this attitude , meanwhile it is great that there is so much support now to help people along the way till they reach that goal

Wishing you all the best for the future x


Ive had dp for four months thanks to anxiety. And you are right. I do sometimes check in, like, is that feeling still there? Yup, yup it is. And I notice that when I am anxious, it gets worse, which makes me feel better because then it just confirms that anxiety is the cause. I have finally been able to accept it! I think that is the only reason it lasts so long for some people is they have to reach that place where they are okay to feel this way and that it doesnt hinder them, only makes them feel that way.

Ive had derealization, too, and it sucked but that part is gone, or at least, 95% of it is. Now, if I panic, sometimes I feel like I disappear out of my own body and my thought doesnt go straight to fear of that anymore. Now its just, "woah, that was weird...." and I just let it go. Like Elsa.

I still have it but man, I thought I was going nuts for the longest time and every recovery strategy Ive read says the same thing. It will go once you stop focusing on it. Like coaxing a turtle out of its shell, your coaxing your mind to switch that defensive mechanism off.

"Brain, I am chill now, kay? Super chill. So just stop with the whole dp ordeal. It is counterproductive."

I often feel like a ghost, invisible, not tangible, sometimes like I am not really there, time doesnt mean that much to me, and my thoughts get freaky. Nor do I like thinking about how I felt prior to this because it makes me feel really weird and off. But I am also on break, so I am home and it gives me time to focus on my problems. I feel like a lot of it will be solved once I am out and about again. Thats what helped the first two times before having this setback. But it is due to something else, not dp. For once!


The same exact thing happens to me. Are you better? Any advice? Please I'm desperate


I am new on here.. but i agree with you.. I am in a bad place at the moment. My anxiety and panic attacks started when i lost my mum suddenly last year. I work in the NHS and supervise the admin team. A new Manager came into the department just after i lost my Mum. She's done nothing but make my life hell by bullying me. I was away from work last year it got so bad. Dizzy palpatations and sick. I finally went back after 6 months. I have continued to work with this manager who continued to bully me. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and off at the moment recovering, but while off continue to worry which is making things worse. However i have just found out shes leaving in 3 weeks, so i will now be off and will not have to work with her again.

Its really good to hear you are coping and have found a way forward. Good luck


This is a fantastic post! really . I think it is very important what you are saying! i have also recovered once and am back on the process of recovery again due to a relapse, but it is ten times faster this time around! i feel i have great tips on helping people overcome this horrible disorder seeing that i have been through it. i have a blog i feel has so many useful tips to make this process alot easier. derealizationrecovery.wordp... I share all that i have gained in recovery here. stay safe,stay strong all of us can recover!


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