Make it stop, please!

You'll have to forgive me if I lose my focus in this post, I'm going to type it off the top of my head to match my current, exact thoughts.

A few months ago I posted here about a number of gastro symptoms that were plaguing me every day. Well guess what? Nothing has changed. I still suffer daily from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. Sometimes I wish I'd never wake up. I can't stand this any longer, and I am in desperate need of a cure. My symptoms are:

- Constant 'throat' belching. If I stand up, move or eat or drink ANYTHING I belch. Even Alkaline Water. It never stops and doesn't tie in with my anxiety levels or specifics of my diet.

- Mucus in my throat whenever I belch.

- Burning throat occassionally.

- Total, utter anxiety when the symptoms occur, but not before.

- Did I mention, I can't stop burping, even when I'm on an empty stomach. Only sitting or standing still slightly alienates it.

I find myself constantly Googling what's wrong, and everyone says it's GERD/LPR. I then delude myself into thinking I still have anxiety by Googling anxiety websites in my desperation. They then confirm I have the real, chronic illness. A few example quotes include:

"Belching is a definite symptom of reflux. Especially if you do any bending after you have eaten. The first time I was diagnosed with reflux about 6-7 years ago, it was after I went in to see a doctor because of excessive belching. I had no idea at the time that it was a reflux symptom. I didn't have any heartburn at all. I had never had a belching problem before. My "burping" is all inside, unknown to the world, doesn't go beyond my throat, and since it's been out of control ever since I suddenly "got GERD/LPR", I suspect it is the sphincter failing and transiently blowing open (includes the upper sphincter at the throat, which also "trips" alot). Before I had this bad problem, I called these virtually unnoticeable (i.e., by public) "throat burps". I'd probably have a couple a day. Now it's virtually all the time."

"There is no way stress could cause all these problems, any doctor that writes you off with a lame-ass diagnosis like that should be avoided. Your anxiety is more likely to be a symptom of your condition."

"Belching is a symptom that you may have even if you don't have any heartburn. That is how my reflux started."

Look at those quotes; just more proof of my illness. I don't want GERD/LPR. They're incurable, they aren't natural, they require you to make so many changes which I'm not strong enough to make. I don't want to "adjust" for a disease. I don't want meds, they just remind me I'm ill. I don't want any disease. I WANT TO BE NORMAL AGAIN.

LPR has tested me in every area of my life. I've tried every possible lifestyle and diet change to no avail. It's cost me my friends and family who are sick of hearing my complaining about it. It's cost me jobs as the suffering goes on. It's even cost me my religious faith - how can I possibly believe that any deity would willingly allow any living thing to suffer with this day in day out?! I see people around me eating and binging on junk food and sweets, who will probably never suffer with GERD or LPR. What did I do wrong? Why can't I get away with it when they can?!

Tests I've had include:

- Endoscopy: Clear

- Barium Swallow: Clear

- Rapid Spit Test: Positive; found stomach Pepsin in my spit.

Medications include:

- Various PPIs and H2 Blockers: No effect.

- Various antidepressants, currently on 15mg Mirtazapine: No effect.

- Gaviscon Advance: Only works on an empty stomach. Otherwise, no effect.

- CBT/Hypnotherapy. They only work because I'm sitting/lying still. Once I stand up and walk away, it all comes back again.

No more burping. No more clearing my throat of mucus. No more reflux. No more fearing everything I ingest or every step I take/move I make. No more LP-freaking-R!!!!!!! And yet I'm venting my so-called stress by typing this, AND THE SYMPTOMS ARE STILL GOING WHEN I MOVE. I can't even get surgery - I can't afford it and I'm not eligible for it, AND it might not work. What on Earth is left for me, but to continue suffering? I'm too afraid to harm myself, nobody believes me because of my earlier "heart worries," my lifestyle is in pieces. LPR wants me dead with a passion. Please. Someone just cure me, one way or another, even if the cure is cruel. AND YET THE SYMPTOMS CONTINUE WHEN I MOVE, EVEN NOW. Make them stop, please!!!!

I hate putting on a fake smile, I hate proving every day that I have LPR. I hate knowing I'll never have my quality of life back. It won't stop, I can't live with it, I'll be straight back on Google any minute desperatly trying to think I'll be alright. I won't be. It's been a whole year now. I'll never get rid of it. People have reflux and constant burping for life, not just when they feel worried. All the people with the exact symptoms as me have got it. They lose everything because of it, just like me. It's a Chronic Illness. And I don't want to live with it, but I'm worried I'll scar people around me for life if I do anything to myself.

Please, just make the suffering stop...

Sorry if my post turned nonsensical at any point. I had to stop myself swearing or using certain terms many times. I don't expect many replies, I just needed a chance to vent, even if it doesn't make a difference to my burping which is STILL going when I move even slightly by the way. :(

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  • Hi Daxter,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering like this. I wasn't reading the board when you posted before, so can you fill me in on the background? Is your doctor saying that you don't have reflux disease, but you are still getting these symptoms, so you think he/she might be wrong? Or is it that you definitely do have reflux disease, and having the disease is making you anxious?

    Good luck,


  • Thank you for replying. None of my GPs have confirmed reflux; I confirmed it myself by paying for a private test - the rapid spit test I mentionned. I'd love to believe anxiety is really the cause, but scientific journals and hundreds of testimonies from people with LPR/GERD tell me I'm wrong, and yet I keep desperatly looking for an anxiety link. It's horrid; I can't accept being ill for life, because it's the one thing in life I fear the most.

  • Hi, I have not worked for 20 years because of a botched job on an emergency gallbladder operation and a further 6 operations to try and correct it. I have terrible adhesions inside after all the operations and have to take morphine for the pain and there is no cure. Have you had any operations anywhere as I know without my gallbladder I get awful indigestion and my bowel also blocks with the adhesions which means I have to go into Hospital and drip fed for a week. I have just managed to clear a blockage which started Saturday and it looks as if I am pregnant. Hope you can get this sorted as living with so many medical conditions is a nightmare plus anxiety. Take cre.

  • Hi Daxter,

    I just looked at and I couldn't find any reference to burping. It doesn't sound as though you have any of the symptoms of GORD apart from an occasional burning feeling in the throat, which I think most people get from time to time.

    Probably that's why your GP doesn't think you have GORD. When the barium swallow and endoscopy came back clear, they probably settled on anxiety as a cause because there wasn't really anything else.

    It might be that burping is common in people who have GORD but that doesn't mean you have GORD because you burp. The important issue with GORD is that you regurgitate stomach acid and that has nothing to do with burping.

    Unfortunately, Dr Google—as well as medical textbooks aimed at doctors rather than lay people—will always convince you that you are ill. You can also find cures and tests on the Internet that a doctor wouldn't recommend. I'm not sure how well researched the spit test is. One paper found that 6 out of 51 healthy subjects tested positive, compared to 13 out of 58 patients with GORD. It then concluded that it has 'acceptable test characteristics' which I don't understand. To me it makes the test sound virtually useless. See if you can make sense of it:

    Good luck,


  • I agree with Pete. I think the worst thing to do is to google symptoms on the net. It's so easy to convince yourself that you have every disease imaginable. I think you should insist on tests from your doctor to rule out any medical problems. If there is anything wrong it will show up in tests. If not then it must be psychological. The body and mind are very much interlinked and it's surprising how your body can react to psychological symptoms. Having said that though I know from experience that if you suffer from anxiety or depression etc. there is a great tendency for medical professionals to put everything down to this. Good luck with this.

  • Does it ever ever stop, I am sitting here now fighting fear and thinking I want to die i am so so so fed up with it!! why cant I just order myself to stop!! HELP

  • Hi dexter, I had replied to u in the past about this, but one thing I never mentioned before only because I recently found out is that it was the cause of my stomach problems too and that was gall stones, I had my gall bladder out 8 weeks ago and no more gaviscon since, in fact no more stomach problems since, so I wonder have you ever had a scan fir gall stones ?????

  • I also have H pylori, I have had my gallbladder taking out because of severe acid reflux. It helped a lot, but I still he the constant burping and really thick mucus that makes me feel like I'm choking all day everyday. I really think all this burping stuff is from the H pylori. There's really no cure since the antibiotics only work on a very small amount of people.

  • Hi Teet1987, I recently had H pylori and took levofloxacin an antibiotic which completely eradicated the bacteria. But unfortunately left me with severe side affects such tendinitis, severe gastritis. I did some research and found that lemon grass essential oil is effective in eradicating the bacteria. The test were done on animals. I put 3 drops of lemon grass oil into my tea it is nice, give it a good stir and try not to get it on your lips. Maybe you should give it a go and try it. I would have it 3 times a day for around 9 days and then have another test. Eat broccoli every day for a whole week. Here is a link as well to read

    Buy pure grade oil, I buy from young living. All the best:)

  • Oh man I feel exactly the way you do, even at this moment it's hard to breathe and I feel like going the hospital but I know they won't do anything for me since I don't have insurance. I also suffer from rhinitis medicamentosa which clogs up my nose every few hours so I constantly have to use a nasal spray to open up my nose. When I can't breathe through my nose and I can't breathe because I'm burping so much I start to panic, I also Just want to go to sleep and not wake up, but I have a 3 year old boy that I love so much, and I want to live for him! But everyday it's just getting harder and harder, I am positive for H pylori which is a stomach virus, I've already taken the meds but was unsuccessful in eradicating the h pylori.. I start to get desperate and afraid when I start thinking that there is no cure for this bit I do not want to give up ... I love my son too much... And I am also worried about how It would affecty family If I hurt myself... Especially my son... But at least they wouldn't have to hear me complain anymore about how sick I feel everyday... It's sad I also wish I knew what I did to deserve this since I feel it has taken my life away from me.. I feel like I'm dying slowly.. I seriously need help.

  • Hi Madargentinian

    I saw your reply to this post which is now 4 months old & so not many might notice that you are new to the site & how you are feeling , so I wanted to say Welcome :-)

    I am sorry you are suffering at the moment & when we have anxiety & health problems it can feel like there will be never any light at the end of the tunnel but their is , little steps & things do get better :-)

    Maybe when you feel ready if you did a post & introduced yourself more members will see it & say hello & it really helps to know you are not alone & people understand how you are feeling




  • Hi Just wondering if you have had any luck with a diagnosis? I seem to have the belching thing, only get relief from lying down, regards, Nick

  • Hi Nick-g, Did you get over the burping? I seem to have the same issue - only get relief when lying down. Doctors think it's anxiety related. Regards, Jon

  • Jon I only recently started suffering with a belching problem. In 2001 I was attacked in my home, and I was beaten by three men. By the grace of God I survived. These men were sent by a coward perhaps to kill me IDK, but the main person giving the orders that night was kill by accident by his buddy. I was being hit with a gun and it went off. The bullet hit the mean man and the FIB found his body dumped on the freeway.

    Anyway now I suffer from PTSD, deep depression, high level anxiety, and constant panic attacks. Three years ago my idiot doctor took me off clonazepam and I have been suffering. Now I have agoraphobia and panic when anyone is talking. I hate hearing people talk. My quality of life has gone, on a scale from 1 to 10, from an 8 to a 3. I don't feel like hurting myself but every moment is a struggle.

    Now I burp at night constantly and I am desperately trying to find a way to stop it. I know it must be my anxiety disorder that is causing these burping attacks. The more I read these blogs the more I am convinced you all are having anxiety attacks as well.

    IDK but I'm going to get my doctors to help me with clonazepam and welbutrin because that was working for me before the doctor took me off of it.

    I pray for you all and thank you for your words. I feel better knowing I am right about why I'm having these burping attacks. I encourage you all to seek a psychologist's help. Of course after you are checked out for physical problems.

    God bless you all,


  • might not want to hear this,,but its anxiety,,i had constant burping and rumbling in stomach with bloating in 2011,,its lasted 6 weeks,until i recovered from my third breakdown,had anxiety attacks since i was 17,,i am now 47,,anyways currently going through another bad patch right now,and guess what,its constant burping and rumbling stomach,something i havent had since last anxiety episode in 2011

  • I agree, I think it must be related to the anxiety. I don't usually have anxiety, but a few days before an important exam I always get these symptoms! And then they disappear after the exam. Hope you are better now.

  • Mate I suffer with the same only starts when I've had a panic attack lately I have been having them bad

  • This started with me about 3 months ago. I was worried that I was dying, but now after reading everyone's blogs I see it's my anxiety disorder that is causing this burping problem.

    I do need to lose some weight and start exercising again. I thank you all for your words it has helped me feel much better. God bless you all.

    Thank you,

    Moe ;)

  • My aunt also has this constant belching problem and her miracle med to controll it is an anxiety medicine called lorazepam/ativan. I have been watching her for a year and really believe that she is swallowing air unintentionally and I see that when she worries herself belching is more frequent so I tell her to breathe through nose not mouth, breathe slowly and to relax. I hope ativan can be your miracle med like it is for my aunt.

  • Hi all,

    Managing LPR .

    I just wanted to say that I've had LPR for nearly three years, and at times its been bad in the past, but more recently I'm managing it very well thanks to a number of things.

    Firstly digestive enzymes. I take one just after lunch, and another after a light evening meal. The brand I take is Udo's Choice 'Digestive Enzyme Blend'. These are purely plant-based enzymes..and although I was skeptical before I got them, I find they help digest food so well that I get little or no mucus overnight - or if I end up eating chocolate or cakes etc - the mucus is much thinner than usual.

    The other thing that help greatly is exercise - I do light walking and some cycling. Plus I practice regular meditation (TM) twice a day and find it invaluable for keeping stress levels way down. TM is the only relaxation technique that is recommended by the American Heart Association as it has been found to reduce blood pressure significantly.

    (Google 'American Heart Association recommends Transcendental Meditation').

    I'm convinced LPR is made much worse by stress and anxiety -which TM helps to defuse.

    We also of course need to avoid wearing tight clothing and belts etc, as well as avoiding fizzy drinks, ice-cream and chocolate etc. I also find posture is even a slight stoop or slouch can put pressure on the the stomach.diaprahm and force air and fluids upward.

    I also find that the time of year has a bearing on my LPR symptoms. with winter and cold damp weather causing thicker mucus (which the digestive enzymes will no doubt help to offset.) and spring summer helping to reduce symptoms, epecially by allowing us to get out more and walk on the beach etc..and thus also helping to take our minds of LPR symptoms.

    I also follow mostly a vegetarian diet, plus I use health tips from Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system of healthcare) which recommends drinking warm regularly -in order to flush out toxins and thin mucus.

    If you tend to be of large build, or are overweight and tend towards dullness or depression , then ayurveda classes your body type as being Kapha (Google "Maharishi ayurveda -how to manage kapha imbalance'.)

    If you are thin build and tend to worry a lot..and cant get off to sleep quickly then Google "Maharishi ayurveda -how to manage Vata imbalance'.

    If you are fair skinned, freckly and/or tend to get impatient or angry quickly then Google

    "Maharishi ayurveda -how to manage Pitta imbalance'.

    I hope this all helps,


    PS: Apologies for posting this on an older thread too.

  • Thank you I'm going to try it. God bless you



  • I suffered from excessive burping for about 18 months, and then I was able to cure it. I would like to share with you some things that I did that seemed to be effective. Initially it was all throat burping, just as you mentioned, at some point I reasoned that my body was trying to clear something out, and that I was blocking the flow of the burp at the throat. I stopped this and let it pass the throat so that it made an audible belching sound, yes it was gross, and yes it was loud, but it was essential in the healing process. At this point my anxiety subsided significantly about having the condition, anytime I had to burp I just let it out, if in public I would do the throat burp, but at home, I let loose. If I had a huge burp attack I embraced it, I actually enjoyed it, because I believed deeply that my body was healing itself, and that it needed to burp, so I never held back, and I always accepted it with open arms.

    Another Thing I did was I started to analyze my eating patterns, and saw that I would eat while angry and upset, which led to indigestion and aggravated the burp reflex. Through light meditation (5 Minutes) before meals, and a simple prayer it helped me to eat food in a more balanced manner.

    The most important thing is to not lose hope, keep trying new techniques, keep an open mind. All disease originates from disharmony deep within us; anger, fear, hate, sadness, sorrow, depression, insecurity, and frustrations, all manifests as varying types of illnesses and disease. Modern Western medicine only offers pain relief from symptoms, the truth is that a Doctor cannot cure you, a pill cannot cure you, only a deeper understanding of yourself can truly alleviate the root cause of disease. To understand yourself on a deeper level, I recommend meditation and prayer on a daily routine, meditate in the morning for half an hour, meditate at night for half an hour. Pray for guidance, wisdom, and a cure for your ailment, stay persistent and know for a fact, that this disease is not permanent and that each day your being healed.

  • i have the same problem im lonly i beltch all the time i want my life to be over all ready i can not tsake no mre but how can i leave this world please reply

  • Don't do that to yourself. You were out on this earth for a reason. Please don't give up your life is precious and you must live it. I BELIEVE you're not happy with yourself and I want you to pick yourself up dust yourself off and change the way you see yourself. You're WORTH EVERY bet as much as the rest of us.

    Learn what you like and what you don't like. Do as much of what you do like and focus. Love in every moment don't be distracted by self pity. Everyone hurts but let's not give up move forward moment by moment. God blessed your heart sweetie. I know how you feel. DON'T GIVE UP! LIFE CAN BE GOOD AGAIN. I KNOW IT CAN.

    LOVE YA,



  • Maybe you have a stomach problem, very good it is aloe vera taken first in the morning in some water, the thing is that if you have worries of any kind it's known that it gets to your stomach, so it's related, search for aloe Vera and valeriana to keep you calmer in a herbalist store, you will be fine, take care.


  • Life must be lived so honey let's live it with a smile. You can do it. Get help for anxiety and don't give up. I was giving up until I read everyone's blogs.

    I know things can get BETTER let's all do whatever it takes to get BETTER. Exercising is great therapy.

    Go out and get a massage. I'm an ex-massage therapist and I know we all need the human touch. You'll feel better.

    God bless you my dear.

    Love ya,


  • Hello dear ,how you feeling today? You need to go to doctor and say you want some blood tests to check your iron , vit B12, and tyroid levels like THS and T3 T4 .Don't let him cut you out with :it's in your head . Say it ,that's what I want and that's what I need to know I'm fine. So take an appointment soon and don't let them put you down, you have rights! Take care honey.

  • YOUR right.



  • Non stop burping, nausea, heartburn, bloating, weight gain, extreme fatigue, couldn't eat anything at times without causing an episode.

    I went to 2 different Dr's at different facilities, neither of which would test me for H. Pylori bacteria even when I asked for it. I went to urgent care because of excessive burping and nausea so bad I started hyperventilating and having a panic attack and my muscles went into spasm because I didn't know what was going on, I had been sick for 2 days. The Dr shot me up with anxiety medicine to the point I passed out, he basically chopped it up to me having a panic attack and sent me home. The 2nd Dr a few months later (because of 2 months without insurance) have me mediation for heartburn and told me that would not give me the H. Pylori test because it's a normal bacteria that lives in our system and antibiotics dont get rid of it, but if you're a female you may know that yeast also lives in our system but it can over grow and become an infection. This didn't make sense to me. He then went on to talk about how if we overthink things they can become real and even got my fiance into thinking I was a hypochondriac, although I have been dealing with the symptoms for several months. I had read everything on the internet trying to find some answers. Everything kept leading back to stomach ulcers and H. Pylori bacterial infection, but no doctor would treat me or test me for it.

    As of January 1st 2016 I got Kaiser insurance. I picked up one of the more expensive plans cuz I felt I was going to need to be seen and possibly have high medical expenses for whatever was wrong with me. I picked out my doctor and saw him immediately he prescribed me some high end heartburn medication, and scheduled me for an ultrasound and the endoscopy. The ultrasound came back normal and my blood work. Had my endoscopy done February 1st 2016 and on February 2nd they emailed me that the biopsy to come back with the H. PYLORI bacteria infection and he wound treat me with 10 days of antibiotics. This was beyond music to my ears because I had known all along if there was something more severe wrong, and this confirmed that I'm not a hypochondriac or this is just due to anxiety.

    So for everyone out there who is being let down and run around for what's going on, l hope this helps.

    I am not a Dr and suggest not to take any medication without first consulting a physician, but this is what I was prescribed for H.PYLORI bacteria infection.

    500mg amoxicillin 2 capsules 2xs a day for 10 days

    500mg Clarithromycin 1 tablet 2 times a day for 10 days

    Omeprazole magnesium over the counter acid reducer taken with antibiotics 30 mins before meals as directed

    Hope this helps?

  • can i ask how the antibiotics treatment worked out for your h. pylori?

    did it work? did the symptoms go away?

    please disclose the results. thank you!

  • Just been reading your post do u have or think you got h pylori x

  • Thanks


  • I honestly thought I was alone in this . I thought my habit was weird but to know you go through this , I feel for you plus it's encouraging because I know we'll find the answer to making this better. I had my burping habit randomly , after an anxiety attack . It became a safety blanket for me. But then , a couple yrs later , I realized it was an annoyance . I met up & discussed it with my counselor . She told me to try calming down & let burps come naturally . Don't force em. I'm still trying to break myself fully from the habit but I'm taking great strides in kicking this annoying habit in the ass. I agree with Skyler1212 , all of the methods he/or she told you on here is facts. I should try that myself. I know consistently meditating & diet change is essential . My want to burp often has greatly went away , but still on this journey to nipping it in the bud & moving on , anxiety free.

    I have noticed that when I burp it's because of acid reflux , which I do have from things I eat & stress , & when I have my PMS lol the anxiety , the panic attacks & not all the time but here & there , the belching. At one point , I was like you all , I thought I'd be some burping freak & I wanted to lock myself in my house . But I decided to want to get out of this habit. I know it was a habit because for the most part I don't have a desire to do it anymore . but i think it's geared towards my anxiety , maybe my food regimen , hormonal imbalance lol ( my PMS is crazy, which brings on anxiety for me times a trillion)

    It's annoying but every baby step is a step in the direction you should want to kick this habit's ass. Try calming down..whenever you feel you want to make yourself burp , then you'll get the burps to come , loud ones...but then you have to get used to being calm again , which I know is a challenge in general for us with anxiety , but essential in trying to quit make yourself burp .

    If anyone else has advice for not only Daxter but for all of us it's appreciated . :)) we'll get this habit right in the bud.

  • I thought I was alone too, but now I see I'm not. Thank you all for your help. God bless you all.


  • It seems this is hypochloridia. Low stomach acid and you can try HCI betaine supplement. There are a lot of related stories with successful outcomes. Google it: hypochloridia or low stomach acid. I believe this will help and fix it!

  • Yep sounds like me for about 6 years, it gets better with focusing on what you want and how others have become free of this condition. Remember, not an illness. Just a case of the mind playing tricks, fear is an illusion, your symptoms are not the problem the root of your anxiety is.

  • Thanks for your response (The Anxiety Guy). Did you have chronic burping that got better when laying down?

  • I've tried to get rid of my panic attacks for 6 years tried everything you name it iv done it nothing seems to stop them



  • Hi

    I know this is late but I'm new to this site. I have IBS & acid reflux, anemia & asthma. Anyways, I researched to find a workable solution for me because times I'm too scared to eat because of the burping episodes afterwards. I have changed my diet, I drink 78 oz of water a day, green tea 2 times a day & chamomile before bed or Thai tea at night, also I drink a green smoothie at lunch & sometime in the evening by 9 pm. I also incorporated fruits & vegetables at other times throughout the day, I don't eat steaks, no pork & rarely beef. I mainly eat chicken, turkey or fish. My supplements are probotics, fish oil capsules, iron pills, multivitamins & woodworm liquid & chlorophyll. I don't have any my burping or stomach problems unless I eat something out of the listed items especially cheese or diary or processed foods.

  • Daxter, you said yourself that you feel the most relief under hypnotherapy, which I'm assuming is a point of no anxiety for you. It's anxiety bro, I'm in that boat with you. I've had a history of actual chronic heartburn and anxiety such as panic disorder and depersonalization.

    5 months ago I got LPR symptoms and 5 months ago I started night school, had my workload increase 10 fold, and was planning a wedding. I'm super stressed to this day mainly about work and still have LPR. Such as others PPI had no real effect and really eating certain foods doesn't seem to matter. It's boils down to how relaxed im feeling and if I focus on my lpr symptoms. I'm convinced once I graduate and change jobs it'll go away but meantime all we can do is manage stress and anxiety. My ENT even told me after he scoped my voice box that its inflamed from LPR and that it's most likely the stress causing it.

    The stomach is a super emotional organ and it only makes sense that when someone is under the stress and anxiety we are that this will happen. Hang in there everyone and enjoy what you can :)

  • You probably have already, but have you tried taking Omeprazole and Metoclopramide together?

  • Try ice chips or a slushy helped me

  • I have had this symptom for the past month. Belching with near constant feelings of fullness. I'm not constipated, and now I'm barely eating, yet I feel full all the time and I am constantly burping. I have a 20 year history of GERD, and have been on a PPI (mostly, Prilosec) for 20 years. My primary care just switched me to Protonix; so far I haven't noticed any difference. After tons of googling I'm realizing that belching can be a GERD symptoms (even in the absence of heartburn symptoms). I've also been under a tremendous amount of stress for the past few months, made worse now by these new unexplained, disquieting and uncomfortable symptoms. My H. Pylori came back negative (I was actually saddened by that - at least that would have given us a diagnosis to treat!). This is such an odd set of symptoms, and very frustrating. I miss being able to enjoy a meal. I have some weight to lose, so for now the weight loss isn't problematic, but eventually it will be if this persists and am unable to eat enough. Appreciate this forum and any insights/experiences you all have had. Good luck to everyone struggling with these symptoms.

  • Huckleberry, I have been suffering from many odd symptoms for over a year now to no avail, I was tested for her. Pylori 3 times and all negative, the 4th time I was tested nobody told me it was positive until a random dermatologist saw it and gave me a call from kaiser, the antibiotics literally cured me for 3 weeks and it slowly started to come back, with the interest of experimentation, I have convinced my doctor for a longer, more hardcore round of antibiotics as it has been 4 months between and now my symptoms are completely back, I start it tomorrow and plan on posting results.

    I say this because I don't want anyone to give up hope, we will figure out what is wrong and sometimes we need need NEED to self advocate and get the results and tests we want, have them test you again for h.pylori it's a shady bug.

    Also, look into yeast and fungal infection.

  • Im going though exactly what you are, I don't want to live like this my whole life it's a miserable hopeless life I just want to end these three years of agony that's just getting worse I want to just stand over the large bridge in my town and just hit the biggest truck I can but like you stated I can't even bear the thought of how it would affect my girlfriend and my dad (they are the only people that I rly have that care about me I mean sure the rest of family would miss me like hell shit it would be nice to be missed by mom instead of just being the fuck up I am in her eyes but I digress) the thought of it makes me cry and IDC what I look like when I cry the pain of that thought is worse than the physical pain they are the sole reason that I have yet to cross that bridge (I've never crossed over it in fear that the urge would overwhelm me and I would actually do it. I'm so close to loosing what little sanity is left and I don't know how much longer I can cling to it as I'm writing this I'm trying not to cry because of the pain both mental and physical. I feel as if its just a matter of months before I cross that bridge but I've tried so many ways already and every damn time I get stopped or "saved" I never wanted to be stopped or saved I was trying to save myself from this dark joke called "life" but I the weirdest way I'm happy I was saved I would have never met the love of my life and she's the sole reason I'm alive to share this story. BTW mine is caused by swallowing air due to a hiatal hernia whitch is one of the main causes but I have so many other medical issues that its causing but ive already made very long post so I'll rap post up with this, know your not alone you there are people who feel the same about life and quality of life that this hinders. If you were able to figure out how to stop swallowing air or at least minize it it would be a miracle and I don't even believe in miracles (I'm a budist I believe that nothing is fate but a blind walk in the into the unknown) but I would accept it as a true miracle, anything to excape this miserable existence.

  • I know exactly what you have because I have the same problem where I can burp for hours sometimes for a whole day where I just want to cry, but I have found I can completely control it with diet. No caffeine, no carbonated drinks, NO ALCOHOL, no deep fried foods or processed food, very important NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, No sugar, easy on chocolate, eat more salads and Synergy drinks with Chia seeds. It is also important to eat small portions and slowly. Ginger tea also helps sweetened with honey. It will stop completely. If you have heartburn with it then 1 to 2 T vinegar with small amount of water and honey to make bearable. After maybe a week without burping you can cheat a little. Maybe one soda drink or one glass of wine or whatever but better if you don't...and don't exceed! Eat more raw vegetables. That's it!

  • This sounds like classic hyperacidity, guess what, anxiety makes your stomach produce more acid as well. You probably do have some stomach irritation as well...

    When you have a large meal does your stomach have no discomfort at all??

    Eat bland easy to digest foods, also don't have largest meal in the evening.

    A way to know if it's hyperacidity is to take a drink of water and sodium bicarbonate. This should give relief for a short period of time. Also, in the evening when melatonin kicks in you should feel better before retiring to bed as melatonin decreases acid production in the stomach.

    I know you probably wont want to hear this but you probably need to go on a PPI, it can take months of a PPI for your stomach to get back to normal. This is not a quick fix, therefore, you should probably stop looking on google for a quick fix or something that someone has done to get a quick fix.

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