Depersonalisation and derealisation

in 2016 at the end of June I went on a school trip to Italy and in the airport I had a really big panic attack and a short experience or derealisation or depersonalisation, through the holiday I had little episodes of it, when I got back I still had the same, but as it went on I got extremely panicky and I made dp come back more often every day, and I had a massive panic attack to which I went to the hospital, had blood tests came back fine, eye tests came back fine, doctors saying to just anxiety and stress but I'm to the point we're I feel so bad, I don't reckognise myself in the mirror and my whole body feels numb, and it feels like it's not myself talking, like I'm far away from my own body, faint, numb all over it's so hard to explain, and if also got this fear that I am certain I have a brain tumour but the doctors are saying they don't want to give me an MRI scan because of the radiation but I really want one to find out if I do have a brain tumour or to see if anything is there but at the same time I don't want a scan because I'm scared if the MRI scan will make me feel worse. I'm sick of feeling like this.


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  • Are you sure mri gives off radiation? If it does, I think it is very minimum. Get another opinion, because you need to know what is going on.

  • Hi Madison1234, It sounds like a memorable trip that you went on. Too bad the memories you brought back weren't from the trip to Italy but focused more on the panic attack at the airport. As you explained, when you got back home is when it turned into daily events. All the things you are feeling and experiencing are certainly a sign of extreme anxiety. I'm sure the doctors would have suggested an MRI had they thought there was even a doubt that you might have something seriously wrong. The MRI scan itself will not make you feel worse but expose you to unwarranted radiation.

    I know how difficult it is to deal with these symptoms on a daily basis. It may be the time for you to talk with someone (therapy). Get down to some of the reasons and reactions you are having involving DP and DR. Let us know what you decide and how you are doing. My best. x

  • Hi agora1, thankyou for your advice, the symptoms that are most hard to deal with is the detachment, my voice sounds like it's not mine it's awful, I have went to counsling during the summer time but I stopped going because it just was not helping me, I do worry a lot, and I research every symptom and seem to diagnose my self of the internet, whenever I go to the doctors they are saying it's anxiety and it is all In my head so I should do some distracting therapy which I'm starting at the end of Jan. Also when I do pe in school I notice the detachment gets worse, sometimes when I focus on something then look up and in focus it felt like I wasn't there, like I'm in one place one minute then another place the next, also sometimes my ear rings, get dizziness, sinus pressure, head pressure, numbness EVERYWHERE can anxiety make you feel this bad? kind regards x

  • Honestly get a CT scan or MRI of the brain to put you mind and rest. A neurologist once told me that brain tumour symptoms don't come and go. Secondly they would keep getting worse over time. Be well and keep breathing.

  • Well that's what the doctors are saying, so they think it's all in my head with anxiety, I've been going to counsling but it isn't helping one but so I stopped going

  • Hi madison iv got the same thing as u had this almost 16 month and it's horrible I first started wen I was waiting to board a plane to Mexico never bothered me before but I had my first panic attack which lasted all the way to Mexico on the holiday I was seen to calm down the on way bk home started again since then I have dp and it won't go away iv had eye test bloods all fine I worried iv got a brain tumour aswell I don't no what to do anymore it's a weird feeling u carnt explain unless uv felt it my anxiety is through the roof chest pains constantly iv give up my job as I feel so I'll I'm 27 and feel 80 worried I'll be stuck this way forever x

  • Hi carla89, Wow it's so good to know someone is experiencing the same symptoms as me, do you find it harder to cope dr and dp when you do physical activities? Also do you have numbness all over your body and your voice seem really far out?

  • Yeah I did go numb wen I first started with dp but in time it went and the voice seeming so far out is horrible as well I suffer really bad with chest pains and trouble breathing like I carnt get a full breath the disconnected feeling I carnt seem to get use to it awful wen outside walking it's like ur the only one there even tho u can see ppl u still feel not real and your head feel numb and in a bubble I sympathise with you I really do it's the worst feeling in the world I hope sometime soon we can wake up back to our normal selves x

  • Then it breathing thing and chest pains would really be horrible, that must be so hard to cope with, I just really do worry myself thinking I have a brain tumour because of the pressure in my head and sinuses, the numbness all over my body, sharp pains in my head, disconnected and far out 24/7 every minute of the day and my voice doesn't seem like mine, any advice what to do? I really just want to be better x

  • Hi valachia-t, what do you mean by get another opinion?

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