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Dizziness, anxious all the time feeling like I'm just not with it


I've been living with anxiety for over a year now, it came out off nowhere suffered from a sinus infection which gave me tons off symptoms lightheaded, balance problems, dizziness, eye pressure, headache, anxious. Ever since then anxiety has taken over my life I've visited the doctors multiple times and feel like I haven't been taken seriously even though I've Been told I've got health anxiety I'm not convinced, everything I read about health anxiety it's like reading about my life it feels good to know I'm not the only one but it's such a horrible illness to have. Every pain I have I google and convince myself I'm dieing, I don't understand how anxiety gives me all these symptoms, I've tried everything from counciling to mindfulness apps nothing can anyone give any advice?!

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Sorry to say but I guess I am in the same place as you

Aim1996 in reply to charles

Are you on any sort of medication?

Sorry to hear you are going through this. I've been Dealing with the same thing for years. Have you tried any anxiety meds?

Aim1996 in reply to lyn21

I've recently just been put on venlafaxine but after my first day off taking them it made my anxiety worse the feelings I was experiencing was just as bad as taking no meds, it's just such a horrible illness to have and I really wish I could live with it and believe I actually just have anxiety not that I'm going to drop down dead Any second

lyn21 in reply to Aim1996

It is a horrible thing to experience. I've tried over 10 different anxiety meds. The only ones that have worked are Paxil and Zoloft combined with Klonopin. But after a couple of years for some reason the meds stop working. I think in time with the right meds you will start to feel at ease.

You posted this 3 years ago so I don’t know if u even come on this site anymore lol but I am currently struggling with the same thing. It’s effecting my whole life. I was on medication but I like to be as natural as I can when it comes to healing meantal health. All that to say if u do see this could u let me know if u got thru it?? What did u do that helped? What didn’t? Would greatly appreciate the advice and tips!🙂

It's such a viscous cycle:/ praying we all feel better soon!

I have bad ears blocked with wax for years always pops I'm always of balance and I panic all the time just want to cry feels funny when I'm walking to there's nothing what helps me I'm also scared to go any were what's up with me. I hate goin to sleep tox

Could have labrythitus or vertigo comes and goes mines terrible and also with anxiety it's worse x

It does sound like a little counseling and an SSRI or something like that for anxiety might help - but in all honesty, weaning yourself off of the computer might be a biggie. It sure is for me!!! I actually am in the process of searching for a certain breed of dog to take to formal training classes to get me out of the house and away from the computer to help myself.

When I go into see my family doctor, I've always looked up what I think might be going on to see if I really need to go, and tell him that when I walk in - he laughs at me. I don't like it. But I'm not as anxiety ridden, like you are - I just sort of want to be prepared. The truth is that I've had a fairly serious auto-immune problem with my blood for about 30 years, so I do get a bit anxious about that when I go see my dr with something new.

I guess the point is that we who suffer from anxiety need to trust ourselves to get some help - some of it with a therapist to treat the anxiety and some with whomever they recommend to provide some good medicinal hellp to take the edge off. It's very, very hard to work with anxiety when the level is high. Sometimes it needs to be brought down with medicine, just to be able the think enough to have help be effective.

I've had a life-long anxiety disorder, so I've been through a lot of ups and downs, but certainly not as severe as you are experiencing. I've only had 2 anxiety attacks in life, but I've stayed on top of things - with doctors and therapist - for years.

You don't need to suffer - really you don't. If the first therapist doesn't help, go to another

Best wishes, Carol


Anxiety sucks! Iam on the same boat

Try light exercise and talking to people as can help i.e walking club as exercise and meeting people can help. Also if it's a club you're doing something and not just talking so less pressure. We have elmbridge walking group in our area and get wide range of people on it.

Or a meetup for anxious people/mental health, some councils have links to them or search online.

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