Hi, I'm looking for support/help.

I went on a holiday about a month ago now, in a place I didn't know, with a friends family. I felt alone and scared. I stayed in the hotel room for most of the week. I had awful anxiety and didn't feel real. When I finally got home I couldn't believe it. However, I thought it would go away. A month down the line I'm struggling everyday. I'm 16, I used to go out a lot and travel to many places. I don't feel alive anymore, as if I died and now I'm just floating through a different life. I can't remember how it feels to be okay, I'm scared. I constantly feel like I'm going to die each day, I feel distant, like everyone around me is fake. I'm so scared and fed up, I really don't know what to do anymore.


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  • Hey love, welcome to the community. For starters I want to let you know that you're not alone. I believe you're suffering from Derealization. I too suffered from the same anxiety symtom at the beginning of the year for about 4 months. I managed to fully recover from the Derealization 🙌🏽. So I would like to try and help you in any way I can because I know how dibilitating this strong scary symptom is. So let me start by asking, have you tried any marijuana, any other form of psychedelics, or alcohol? I'm asking because mine was induced by a bad trip off marijuana

  • Hello, I used to smoke marijuana over a year ago, never since. I haven't had a drink or any drugs! It's hard to believe that a simple holiday, which usually is good for people, has made me forget myself, it's completely blanked out the past few months of my life. It sounds silly but now I've become so used to this feeling im scared to feel any different. I'm so fed up!

  • Wow I literally felt the same way. I was so afraid to feel normal again. But I started taking Magnesium which is what cured me naturally so I started feeling normal again naturally and it felt great to come out of that lol. Have you been thru any sort of trauma recently or ever before? Sometimes DR can come from suppressed emotions and just sorta creep up on you because you have anxiety and don't realize it

  • I don't think so, I wouldn't see anything that's happened to me as traumatising. I don't know if the holiday itself was, being hours away from home, scared and anxious and just wanting to hold someone again. Does that sound silly?

  • No that actually makes a lot of sense. I was trying to see if you had any anxiety somewhere and there it is. I wasn't aware that you had fear and anxiety from being away from home during the holiday. That's exactly what triggered it. Basically with Derealization, your anxiety gets so high to the point that your brain knows it's not good for you to feel that way and switches off to an altered reality to take your mind off of whatever it is that's bothering you. The brain doesn't know it's scaring you even more by doing this, it's just protecting you so to speak. It's your brains defense mechanism. So once that happens, some people can recover right away, and for others, like myself, it can take longer. Depending on how it came about, you can cure yourself. You kind of have to just start ignoring the symptoms and accept them. Let them be there. Because the more u feel them and allow them to scare you, the higher your anxiety, the longer your brain wants to protect you, therefore the longer the Derealization will be there. Believe me I know how scary it is, but you are NOT going to die, you are NOT going crazy. You're perfectly fine. Just have to relax and allow your brain to understand that nothing is wrong and you are not in danger, it's going to switch back to normal for you. I would suggest for you, to go onto YouTube and watch videos of others that had it and have recovered 100%. It will ease your mind and help to aliviate the anxiety and lead to your recovery. Please feel free to chat with me anytime love, if you have any questions at all, I'm here

  • Your posts are so informed and helpful

    When I first had d/p d/r aged 10. no one knew what it was

    I thought I was off another planet

    I was prescribed Valium etc at 18,became addicted to them

    Put under section when I came off them due to hallucinating/psychosis etc

    Still had d/p,d/r

    What helped me surprisingly was going gluten free

    Almost disappeared overnight

    Wish i'd known about magnesium then.

  • Wow so switching to a completely gluten free diet helped you??? That's very interesting...

  • The food experts say gluten can cause brain fog,d/r even in those without intolerance but symptoms would be much milder.Some people of course can eat anything without negative effects.Wish I was one of them

  • The experts say gluten free can cause brain fog/DR but it helped alleviate yours?

  • gluten causes it

    not gluten- free

  • Gluten causes it,

    not gluten-free

  • I personally messaged you to say thanks once again. Hope you saw it

  • See you doctor to stabilise your anxiety with possible medication. Therapy can also help you to understand what is happening and develop coping mechanisms. You are likely to be panicking about panic and this is keeping you on the alert; a constant adrenaline rush. Consider if you have social anxiety (needing to appear "normal" to people around you, fear embarrassment etc.) You have mentioned the insecurity issue and this is probably exacerbating your helplessness/ability to cope, particularly when you are away from your "security" e.g. family support, home environment etc. It's common to become agoraphobic, but the "threat" is in your mind and needs to be worked on.

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