Is anyone here currently experiencing this? I've suffered anxiety for the past 5 months and it's finally got to this stage I think. I thought something was up with my brain but doctors have said it's fine and I've had an eye test too, all fine. I just have a weird pressure in my head, my vision seems strange, i just don't feel like I'm with it anymore. Like when I'm out in public places it all seems to weird and like I'm not really there. I'm just watching people there. I'm so scared something is up with my brain but need to believe the doctors I suppose. Constant teeth Grinding probably isn't helping any of this. Can anyone relate?! Genuinely very scared 25yo male here.


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  • I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY. Do you feel Ike sometimes you don't remember things you did throughout the day unless you focus really hard? Or like you can't focus on anything????

  • Exactly that. I cannot stop worrying about brain problems either. Do you have any pains?!

  • I have some pains, but I would say there are some pressures I feel too. It's like a weird pressure.... It's so hard to explain!!! But I feel like I can never focus, and like I'm looking straight ahead.... But I'm not?.... it's so hard to explain. And I get dizzy, at times too!!

  • I can't look at something then everything else around it is trying to catch my attention. Yeah my head pain is t really pain. It's like my scalp. I'm sure it's to do with my jaw maucle though as I can feel that too.

  • Welcome to my life -- one day, whilst eating toast, I got this weird panicky feeling and then my vision went all weird. I feel like things look 'too real' and I can't connect to anything. I also have constant sparkles obstructing my vision which no doctor has been able to explain so far....any ideas anyone?

  • I also grind my teeth in my sleep. I haven't had this confirmed by my doctor but I read about someone else who said that the distorted vision was because teeth grinding builds up pressure in the inner ear that causes visual migraines - they can be with pain or pain free

  • Same I had it yesterday I felt like I was going to Die or have seizures now I'm feeling so much head pressure where I can't focus under my eyes feels puffy 😔 I only had 4 hours to sleep last night

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