Don't know if this is anxiety , any advice much be much appreciated

Hello about w few months ago I was at work and maybe just working too hard I started to feel dizzy so I sat down for a bit and ever since that happened slowly I started experiencing different symptoms . At first I got shortness of breath , I would feel like it's harder to breathe and caused a pain in my left side of my chest . Then I got a feeling a weakness in my knees I felt like I would collapse and it felt like I needed to make more effort to climb up stairs . I feel more tired and energy drained daily . I have this lightheaded feeling and lack of concentration that gets worse when I'm at work or in a store . Now I'm getting more frequent headaches and a pain in my lower back and after I eat a meal I get this tense feeling in my stomach and I tense up . My lack of appetite has decreased but I still eat full meals and snacks . However I have lost about 7 pounds in the last few months ,, I just want to know how to get rid of this feeling it's so exhausting . I was wondering if any of you have the same symptoms and how you treated them ? Also I wanted to try natural anxiety supplements but o don't know which ones . I went for a blood test couple months ago and a X-ray on my chest because of the pain and everything was fine but I'm wondering if something else is causing this anxiety . I did go through a bit of stress with family problems couple months ago but I didn't know anxiety could cause all these symptoms as I've never had them before. Thank you for reading hope to talk to someone who has been feeling like me :)


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  • Hi there, yes this can be caused by anxiety and stress is the most common symptoms, and sometimes the way you feel can give you physical symptoms. Like your body may deal with anxiety by giving you pain or making you feel lightheaded. I recommend cognitive behavioural therapy. Its a therapy that really impacts your everyday life (in a good way ) it makes you feel like you can cope with these physical symptoms and help reduce anxiety extremely quickly!! Or maybe try relaxation techniques , like deep breathing or if your in a supermarket or a shop and start feeling these symptoms think 'how many times have I had these symptoms and how many times has It made me faint or die!' I hope you find this information useful "!

  • Yes I went through maybe a high level of stress because I have never had these symptoms before . But I was thinking of trying a relaxation workshop to learn some ways to cope with it . When I get that lightheaded feeling I try to think it will pass but I just hate the feeling . Thanks I'll look into behaviour therapy

  • Yes all this what is happening is caused throw anxiety problems there's a rescue remedy u could try don't work for everyone but anything to try calm you but the only way u will be calm is if you address the situation think what it could be write it down if it helps or write that's getting you down things that's happened or happening I find it helps but I got as where I had to stop working and I loved my job and go on medication just hope I can go back soon

  • Have your dr test you for GERD. I have all these symptoms. It's scary but it's all connected to GERD/acid reflux. You will be ok I promise! I'm struggling with all your symptoms everyday.

  • Ok thanks so much I will check that

  • Did u have acid reflux ?

  • I was thinking of doing yoga how many days did u do it ? It's just such a annoying feeling to feel like this .

  • Ok thanks for your help :) I'm also experiencing headaches and about a year ago I had a concussion so I was maybe thinking it could be something to do with that but that was a year ago .

  • Yes I would like to know more thanks

  • Yea I've had negative thoughts like when will this anxiety stop and why am I feeling like this and if I should try natural supplements for it like kava . I'm trying to accept the symptoms and a few days ago I had a nausea feeling and like something in my throat and lack of appetite .

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