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How to deal with poor employers?

I've been off sick from my new job for 5 weeks now but have been sending in sick notes from my GP. My first pay came through on 12th Septemeber for an amount of less than £20! When I tried calling the wages dept I was told you can't call them direct - it has to go through your manager. I spoke with her and told her I've not been paid any SSP and two shifts I worked also haven't been paid. She said she would look into it and get back to me. That was over a week ago. Meantime I've sent in a letter detailing things and giving an estimate of my return to work date, but I want things sorted out before then. How they expect me to live on £20 I have no idea and I'm worried they will not sort this out properly. I have also claimed help with paying my rent whilst off sick and they want to see proof of my income including my SSP, which I don't have yet. So now not only am I still struggling with depression and anxiety but am getting slowly in to debt through no fault of my own. I am going to give them until next Wednesday to repsond to my letter, and then I'll be calling them. I'm starting to think they can stuff their job, but no way am I going to let them get away with not paying me.

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Im sorry to hear this and can understand how its making your anxiety worse. My OH had her appendix out and wasnt paid her SSP, still hasnt after 2 months. She doesnt like making a fuss though, im like, hang on, its what you are owed.

It goes to show how little employers care mate, cant the council ring them, that might make them take notice of their bad practice. I know its grief but you could talk to the CAB too.

Good luck and i hope it gets sorted soon, being skint sucks. xxx

love Cookie xxx


ACAS are good for advice too xxx


Thanks for the advice. I hope it doesn't go as far as involving others, but if I get no joy next week, it will do.


Are you in a union


I'm not in a Union right now. It wouldn't make any difference though, since you can't take any legal action against your employer unless you have been emplyed with them for 2 years. All they can do is give advice which, quite frankly, I can get elsewhere.


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