So today I started taking multivitamins for her and it seems like it's making me feel a little bit better but this is only the second day that I have taken it. I just feel like not many people understand other than this site obviously I have a husband and two beautiful children and I'm trying to get over this dizzy lightheaded overwhelming anxious stage of my life and it's very hard for me I've tried all sorts of breathing methods Yoga working out eating healthy nothing has really works for me and I'm hoping and praying that the vitamins will help with this stress anxiety and panic that I am dealing with for the past 6 months. I hope and pray for all of us for all of our well-being and a future of happiness health and wellness! I hope you all have a great day.


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  • What vitamins were from? X

  • They are called multivitamin for her get them at any heath store or drug or grocery store

  • Or great are they good

  • Yeah I like them they seem to be working mornings are always bad for me I'm always lightheaded or dizzy and now I wake up take one with yogurt and grains and am doing a lot around house I'm still not cured but hoping for the best!!

  • Ye I wake up the same thank-you il get them tomorrow il get me mam to pick me them up I believe in vitamins I youst to take pregnacare when a was pregnant worked wonders c

  • Yeah I use to take those too when I was pregnant hope they work for you

  • Me to I can't see them on the morrisons website though a can see well woman

  • They are called nature made multi for her but they may be called something different from where I live to where you live

  • Thanks were you from x

  • Washington you?

  • We're that and Middlesbrough

  • I'm confused what multivitamins to take as I need to feel more energy as I too have been ill with thyroid and anxiety depression I lost a lot of weight and when I asked doc he said any over the counter one but there's so many . I don't like mixing my medication in case of interaction if anyone knows what ones to take please advise Im on sertraline levothyroxine and propanolol x

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