Hi I can finally feel like Iam not alone! I don't know what to call this. But the symptoms are really bad that I've had to resign from work. It just got worse day by day that now I don't even want to go out alone coz I'm scared I'm going to faint or collapse but is all in my head coz I went to doc and they said I'm not ill it's all in the head.. ant depressants made me worse I was given sleeping pills also which fu*** up my sleeping patten. Does anyone get other symptoms such as diaphrea shivers and then panicky feelings? I feel like crap I've enough don't you feel like this isn't the way to live your life I rather have something wrong with me the doc saying it's nothing how can all this be anxiety 😢😢


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  • It's amazing isn't it? The shivers, shakes, panic, freak out feelings, spacey, ill feelings all from stress hormones. Let's work toward peace and relaxation. Let's work to turn our minds off of stress and onto happiness. Breath. Peace to you!

  • And then when I'm asked... what is ur stress why u stressing? And the truth is I don't even know why I'm Stressing is coz I wana know why I'm getting all these stupid symptoms! From all of them the worst thing is I can't go anywer alone it's been two weeks and I feel scared to go alone coz the minute in step out side I feel nervous and anxious 😩 this needs to stop. And by the way did u say amazing two right it is! lol is really not its ruining my life

  • You have had high stress in your life and it built up. Your body is telling you that you are stressed and have worried too much. It needs you to breath and not worry. It's hard to do, but we have to give our bodies a break. We have to keep moving and just let the anxiety work its way out of our system. It will disappear with positive motion and energy and rest. Give yourself a break. Laugh, live, play, talk, move, and give the anxiety the time to see you are OK!

  • Great reply Sunny G Yes let's kick this anxiety out of our lives 😃

  • I completely know how you feel. I have been through the worst of it! I have made a lot of progress through the past 6 months (thats when my panic attacks started). I recently posted 2 posts on my page with things that have helped me feel myself again. I hope you read them and I hope that something on them helps you. Nobody deserves to go through this pain and suffering. I wish you all the best!!!

  • Oh dear I'm sorry but you need to change your doctor "Not ill- all in your head " ? He's the one who should be resigning

    I'm so sorry you feel so bad and totally understand

    Yes think most of us on here get the same symptoms as you

    One thing I recently found out is that when you are anxious you won't faint as the blood is rushing to your head not from it - which causes you to faint

    I swear by the book DARE by Barry McDonagh and I know loads of people on this forum find it helpful

    I really hope you can see another doctor who knows what they are doing and won't talk such rubbish and get the proper help you need

    I hope you get well very soon with the care you need and get back to employment and enjoying life

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