Hello everyone iv been reading all your post an just sounds same as mine iv had to take a day of work today cos my anxiety levels have gone really high I'm so scared I want it to stop I'm a 25 year old bloke an it makes me cry I feel like I'm going to die that's all I think of is death an it works me up so bad I panic. My doctor says iv got anxiety iv had all test an I'm ok but I have this illness that can come from stress witch I use to be a lot. I get really dizzy feel like going to faint feel sick feel like I'm going crazy walking up an down the room rocking back an forward wishing it to stop am I going mad my stomach gets pains my neck feels like iv pulled a muscle an hurts for weeks get headaches all the times an feels like someone putting pressure on my head it makes me want to end my life cos I feel that low can anxiety make u feel this ill like I feel bed bound when I am ill it don't feel nuthing like this when this was all before the anxiety. I live with this everyday an had it for 1 year an 8monthis now. Iv stop a lot of things cos of this I can't smoke fags cos it make me go really dizzy an short breath I'm not has fun anymore as I use to be. I gave up smoking weed when I was 23 an I use to smoke it so much before this all happen I woke up one day smoke half of a joint an this I panic freak out feeling sick an dizzy an can't breath an now all most 2 years later iv got this fucking ugly illness that makes me so angry cos I just want to be me again I miss the old stuff that I use to do now I can't cos our just end up getting dizzy an thinking I'm going to die an get into a panic attack I can deal with the panic but I can't live with anxiety every day I'm on medication beta blockers I had to stop takeing as I was getting really bad side effects so now I'm on 20mg of citalopram that iv only just started so hope it helps me. Please can someone help me is this what you call anxiety or have I really got something wrong with me : ( please I'm begging


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  • Hello there, sorry to hear how bad you are suffering. We can all relate on here to your symptoms.

    I hope this site will help you and hope your medication takes effect quickly.

  • Do u suffer from this ?

  • Anxiety can make you think you have all sorts wrong, it's awful. I've had a tough few months but I'm alot better now.. just suffer a bit now with insomnia and restless legs!

  • I just don't get why iv had this so long how did I get this. Is there a reason for it. It really does make u feel like crap an there something bad going to happen to you I really hate this. This no life to live I never ask to have this I feel so scared I don't no what to do

  • hi sorry your feeling this its not a nice feeling and its hard to ignore, you will probably feel better when the citalopram kick in I don't take medication I refuse so I just try and deal with this as best I can. I found going for walks to clear my head but some people get anxiety attacks thinking about this. everyone is different but don't suffer in silence talk to someone your doctor or friend.

    good luck

  • I try to do it with out meds but like u say it's hard to ignore so I have to be on them I took a test an mine that bad it's saying 94%. Is that just to worry me. I never new I had anxiety until a month back an iv all ways had it for 2 years iv been dealing with this everyday I could not tell anyone until my mum found out an took me to the doctor. I get good days an bad I most get only one day of it not being so bad an like now it's come back stronger iv had person die who was close to my family that might of strike it she died an I don't like the sound of death so that's all I ever think about when I get headaches it makes me think I got brain cancer when iv got a small lump on my hand I think iv got cancer I'm a worried person an people telling me this what anxiety can do to u I just find it hard to believe as ppl say it's all in the mind an it can put you in so much stress I hate it

  • yes death can trigger it I lost my sister and son in space of 12 months then I developed a fear of motorways which resulted in me refusing to go anywhere I have never bothered before its slowly getting better but I still shut my eyes when my husband overtaking I was sent to physgologist and am trying to deal with it as otherwise I will get myself in a rut and I don't want to. keep thinking positive

  • Hi i'm 31 i recently lost my partner and guess wat anxiety took over big time! I feel dizzy sick jaw pain neck pain blurry vision shaky etc i even mimic symptoms he died from. went to the doctor no good its ur anxiety i refuse to take meds full time cuz of the side effects. i may have a dizaepam 2mg very rare. I think i have everything in the medical dictionary. I had an almighty panic attack a few weeks ago had to call an ambulance they did ecg said its fine didnt take me to hospital. might have something wrong who knows can never get an appt for tests at my gps. i am sooooo tired of the tenson, lack of confidence. My body feels so tight i feel like i am having spasms does anyone else get this? Stefan 25 u r not alone stay strong

  • Hi. Sorry that you're feeling like this, anxiety is a bitch, it completely takes over your life. In my personal experience with anxiety smoking weed has always made things worse, I would stay well away. The last 8 weeks have been hell for me, I've been on the brink of suicide because I couldn't bare the thought of living one more day like this. But the Citalopram has kicked in a bit now, I'm week 3 into a CBT course and I'm due to start counselling on Monday. Give the Citalopram time to work, if you don't feel any better after 3-4 weeks I would go back to the doctors, you may need a higher dose or a different tablet. You won't feel massively different to start with, the first difference I noticed was I would start to feel normal for 10 mins whereas before I spent my whole day shaking and feeling like I was dying from chest pains, my neck really hurt and my arms feel cold and heavy. I really recommend CBT, it has massively helped me to understand my thoughts, accept my flaws and more importantly I'm finally able to see what's also good about myself. I do still get these feelings, but I'm now able to stop them in their tracks. Take care and remember we are all here for you, any time you want to talk.

  • Hi loopyz1234 please m not ignoring ya mate the way I talk about this dose it sound like I have anxiety my doctor say I have it runs in my family's but I just think the worse of everything I mean like the stuff I'm saying to you is this the same some times I get burning stabbing on my brain it's messed up that anxiety can make u feel like this it so hard to believe I know it's a mental illness but it's like a really bad fever I feel soon cold in side my body but hot on the out side what the fuck is that all about I don't get this I really don't x

  • Hi Janet12 and shielkatie1984 I'm so sorry for your losses that must be so hard for use just remember there all ways with you. Death is a painful move I know it plays with your feelings so bad that's why I don't believe in god he took my 2 best friends. I don't no what trigger this anxiety of but iv had a pretty hard life my dad walking out when I was 8 we was so close I all ways use to go help him at work now I only see him ones a year as he lives in Scotland an works loads iv got a 6 year old kid that iv not seen in 2 years now I did fight it but I lost for no reason an thay told me second try will be worth the fight but I gave up I'm a coward I should of never gave up an now he mum say to me she calling a new man dad that hurt me so much that she said that but I stay strong an said its me thought I was never there for her I'm happy she as a new man in her life doing a better job than me I lost my sister iv not seen her for 8 years we was so close but I was so stuiped at the age of 18 an stole a lot of money from her partner that I ended up in prison for she may never talk to me again I'm coming on 26 iv got good job a loving gf a grate mum who all, ways been there for me. I'm just wonder can this be part from an anxiety. I need to open up from my self it makes me feel better hiding it all in just makes it worse iv just started 20mg of citalopram doctor said take them at night an sleep past the side effects but it hard I wake up feeling really sick an it give me the runs is this ok can it make u feel like this. I'm so glad use understand me it makes u feel better talking to someone with the same problems xx

  • Hi Stefan!

    I literally felt the same as you as the start! I'm 27 (26 at the time) and one day I woke up with back ache thinking I had something seriously wrong with me, which developed into headaches! Head pressure across my eyebrows, dizziness/lightheadedness (have a read of my other posts) I've had untold tests/scans because like you I didn't have any problems, I was a party animal loving life! Great family great friends. This has completely changed my life! Am I 100% convinced this is anxiety... No? Is that my main problem... Probably

    After my MRI scan and confirming I didn't have a brain tumour things started to relax a little for a few weeks but now it's my chest!

    The one thing that hasn't seemed to die down is my dizziness like you I can have this 24/7 and feel faint I've had days off work for this too and sometimes i dread getting out of bed because I know the dizziness will start!

    I hope you find comfort in these posts like I started to x

  • Hi Louise yer I'm just scared that's all iv left it so long with it untreated an it's just got worse my vision is shocking it's mad this beast can do all this to u. I started my 20mg citalopram an I can't sleep I keep getting up to go the toilet getting really bad stomach aches feeling sick I keep tossing an tuning like a girl when there that month iv had to take a day of work again as I'm a roofer an that is not safe for me to be up high an faint. Iv had test blood an that my eirs for balance etc my doctor did not put me on a scan as he knows for fact its anxiety an he check my profile I was on citalopram years ago as I was very low an self harm all the times. I just came of the pills cos I wanted to yer I got the side effects but I didn't have anxiety at the time so it's was ok then but when u got anxiety an the side effects at same time it's a new different levels it mixes together an can make u feel twice as worse he said I just hitter put up with it the stomach pains an sickness will go away an u will see a lot of difference in your self. Am I the only one but in your mind with anxiety It makes u think your going crazy an go really weird like losing control of your self pacing up an down the house thinking the worse what going to happen working your self up even more feel like your going to drop dead it really does feel like your dieing is made me bed bound can anxiety really do this to your it give u one big fever xx

  • Its all about controlling the mind. The mind is more powerful than anything! I mean I'm no expert because I still don't believe mine is anxiety but the longer it goes on the more I think to myself... if there was something "medical" wrong with me with the amount of tests Ive had, surely they would have found something by now... thats what you have to think too, you've had these problems for so long now. If there was something wrong you'd either be dead by now or doctors would have found something. I'm not a strong believer in all these pills though... I think it just covers up the problems. You need to get your mind in the right place and not think everytime you get a pain/dizzy spell that you are going to die. Its easier said than done I know that but you have to start somewhere... I keep thinking to myself I wont let this ruin my life!!

  • I'm trying so hard it's a fight with it but I can focus of it a little bit just got to find way all together. I just got to deal with the pills for 3 to 4 weeks then side effects gone it's just give me a head start of helping out my self how long have u had yours for iv work my self up that much it's really bad mine is

  • I'm not 100% convinced I even have anxiety, but the fact Ive had nearly every test ever going and seeing untold doctors... What else can it be?

    It started over a year ago... I suffer from lightheadness the worse out of all it and racing heart at night time, i'll be fast asleep and it will wake me up and I won't fall back to sleep for hours. It started with really bad head pressure and headaches but since my MRI when I found out I didnt have a brain tumour (which I was convinced I had) those have easied off quite a fair bit :)

  • I get that some times head pressure that is part of an anxiety as well its bitch it as every fever going all round your body it make sense when u work your self up its not just your head your hurting its the body it self .. But how long have u been feeling like this now months years ??

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