Hey everyone, this is my first post on here. I've never gotten anxiety before but since April this year my life kinda changed, I've never been ill or anything but in April I did.

I'm 35 and have 5 children, youngest is 2, eldest 17.

At the moment I get ear fullness and head pressure, not painful just very intense head pressure. I get it every day on and off. Some days are slightly better than others but it's there every day. I also get a swaying off balance feeling. I went to see the doctor and a couple times they said they have no idea what it could be, maybe sinus pressure(never had sinus problems before and nose wasn't runny or anything) then because decongestants that they advised didn't work I went back. I saw a doctor who said its Eustachian tube dysfunction and gave me steroid nasal spray which I'm still using every day, twice a day. I got it from her 3 weeks ago. I don't know if it helped but I still get head pressure, now it's even sometimes painful, dull ache.

This is how it all started,

In April I got very ill suddenly, shaky, heart palpitations, dizzy, hypoglycaemic symptoms, completely out of it really. Before this I had never been ill like this. Turned out I was severely deficient in iron, b12 and vitamin D. I was horribly ill for a while, then the vitamins kicked in and I started to feel much better thank God.

But that's when my head pressure and swaying feeling started.

I didn't even think it could be anxiety related as I thought that would be all in my head? I do get very depressed since I got so ill, it scared me as I have small children and they need me, I'm 35 but feel like a 70 yr old, didn't go out as I was scared I'll get dizzy and out of it again.

But now I get depressed because of this ear fullness and head pressure, could it actually be anxiety??

Also, I feel very weird when I go into a department store or supermarket, like needing to strain my eyes and my head gets all weird with pressure, it's just all worse in a shoping place! Like I can't focus? Could that be anxiety too? :/

Sometimes my legs feels so weak like I'll collapse, hate feeling this way and don't know where to turn?! Tbh don't feel like telling the doctor as he'll say oh it's anxiety that's all even thought I feel like it's something else??

Anyone else ever had this or have this? I don't like telling my family as it'll only worry them or they'll think I'm going on as always I go on about how I feel awful every day with head pressure :(


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  • Hi. Im sorry for what u are going through. I have been there and still do. Yes it's anxiety nd it sucks. Mine started this year middle of May nd I had no idea what mine was either. I just felt like I was going to die one day nd it never went away. U can pm me sometime if u need someone to talk to. It will get better with coping skills etc.

  • Hi, I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I have suffered with anxiety for a long time and the symptoms do come and go but are often replaced by different ones. I have had anaemia and vitamin deficiencies. For me, it makes me think of my own mortality with two little ones and that triggers the palpitations, dizziness etc. certain places such as supermarkets make me worse. I've started yoga and mindfulness to try and quieter my mind. Hope you feel better soon

  • Dear Henna

    I could have written this post myself

    Everything you wrote is my sensations to a tee

    I am 60 and I also have a terrible fear of death

    Lately my balance has been so bad the Dr says it is low b12 ,iron and vitamin D

    I have a phobia of anything being put inside of me injection wise and so I cannot have b12 shots, I have been eating steak and kidney pie, liver and doing a whole lot of praying ;;;smiling. My poor toes are so sore from clinging to the ground when I walk to maintain balance

    I get bad ear ringing and it seems to bring on my asthma

    hugs Helen

  • I could be reading about myself, my ear pressure started in april, I was told it was congestion, given nasal spray even though my nose is clear, seemed to go away for a while, in august I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder with all the symptoms you describe, the worse for me was constant feeling of butterflies in my stomach, been off work since as this was causing so much stress, the ear fullness has not gone away so I think it is something to do with the anxiety even though the doctor is still saying congestion.... I now have good days and bad days, some days feel almost normal and days where I think is this ever going to end, I have been having CBT which has helped, I am 64 and have never had anything like this before, I hope you feel better soon, you are not alone which is something I felt when this started.

  • Thank you so much for the replies, you're all wonderful.

    The thing that worries me the most is the horrible feeling in shops and stuff, I avoid shopping now. I used to love shopping, still do but get too bad in shops. Severe head and ear pressure, weak legs and sometimes swaying feeling. Is there anyone else who has that? Or had it? And Got over it? Xx

  • Helen444, I was thinking b12 too for the balance issues but I've been on injections and now sublingual tablets so it should be better now right? I hate the ear oressure and get so scared its inner ear related as I heard that can be very bad and awful to deal with

  • Hi there. I just want you to know you are not alone. I am 41 and have a 10 y/o and a 7y/o. This past July I started having fullness in my ears. I thought maybe my ears were clogged so I used ear wax remover and hoped it would help. It didn't. By August my head had such incredible pressure and my eyes felt strange. I too had the exact same feeling as you in malls and other places. Almost like everything was coming at me in 3D. My legs would get shaky because I was so afraid of fainting. By the end of the month, at a party, my head was so heavy and the pressure insane. I thought my nose was running but next thing I knew it was actually bleeding. It bled for seven hours! I immediately went to the ER and had a ct scan. It was normal. They sent me to an ENT. He also said my ears and nose were clear, no problem there. I had my thyroid levels checked, good. Bloodwork, good. I found this web site after searching my symptoms and it has been a life saver. Reading other posts have made me realize what anxiety can do. Knowing I am not alone helps too. I still get dizzy. Not spinning but where I feel like I am on a boat but I feel like I have a better handle on it now thanks to this website. I am a worrier. I worry about my kids constantly. Will they be safe at school? Will I see them get older? Illness, injury...I worry for them. All of that is my anxiety. I also found out from siblings that they have the same symptons and suffer panic attacks. It is definitely in my genes. We can get through this though. There is so much worse to go through. I keep telling myself that. I wake up and thank God for another day every single day. I am grateful for all He has given me. I feel much different since the last few months. Will it get bad again? Maybe. But I feel like I have the power of knowing now. I wish you all the best. Just go and love those kiddos. God will guide you and never give you more than you can handle. Xo

  • Thank you for this post it is really helpful to me.

  • I am so happy to hear that. Hang in there. Once you accept your symptons for what they are, you will begin to feel better. Each day will get a little better. You are so much stronger. You got this.

  • Thank you so much wmer1996 xxx

    Sorry to hear what you went through but I'm so glad I found this site. Will try and ignore the head pressure and ear fullness.. See how I get on knowing that it's anxiety

  • Hi there, I'm new to this forum and just saw your post which describes exactly my experience. I was wondering what these symptoms subside? Thanks.

  • Please get checked for Lyme. You have the same symptoms as me and it gets better with treatment.

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