Anxiety problems

Hi. I hope I'm not the only one in this. I'm 15 years old, and about 5 months ago, I had a panic attack during my school's sports day. Ever since, I can't eat with people around, because i would feel super nauseous, and just I'd feel nervous to eat. Even if I don't eat, and I feel this anxiety, I could throw up, but there would be nothing, just water. I can't go out with my parents and sister to eat, because I'd feel this anxiety, even when I smell food. I would have to order in food or pack it home, bring it to somewhere I can be alone, like my room, and then eat as usual. This anxiety feeling doesn't only come when I'm eating. I could simply think about that time during sports day, and feel really nervous. I just told my parents recently, and all my friends after so long, because I've completely ran out of excuses to give for not eating. Sometimes I cry my ass off when I'm alone because I don't know how I'm going to just go through things. I'm a teen and I get invited out to hang out often, and stuff like that. I would really love to go but I simply can't and have to stay home like a loser. In school, I barely eat. I pack food and maybe sneak myself to the toilet and eat in between classes. Now that it's summer, I get to be free and just be in my room and I don't have to eat with my friends and all that. I don't know how much longer I can take this. I really want it to stop. I hope I'm not alone in this, and I know this is all just in the mind. I don't want to see a doctor, because they would just tell me that it's all in the mind and there's no medication to take. Also, I'm very underweight. I'm a really skinny girl, and I can't afford to lose anymore weight! In these past few months, I've lost 2kgs. It really upset me because it took me about a year to gain that 2kgs. :(

I hope there are tips for me. I really hate this feeling and I'm afraid it won't go away, and I would forever have to eat alone and not be able to socialize.



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  • Hello Amanda

    We seem to be getting a lot of teens joining Health Unlocked and as I have previously said even though no fault of yours whatsoever you should actually be 16 to join but the lack of some Good Administration on here this seems to be getting by passed so please be careful on sites that you join

    I can see this stemmed from a panic attack that must have been so frightening and as happens a lot we do not understand so therefore the fear grows and the anxiety gets worse like is happening to you , but with some help you can overcome this fear & will

    Maybe if you could start eating just a bag of crisps in front of someone close or even a cracker so you can see nothing bad will happen would be a start because you have to start somewhere as you know you can not live like this

    You say your parents know , could you ask them for some support to help you or maybe go with you to the Doctors about this as therapy can also be a help to reverse the patterns our anxiety develop , I would sit & talk to them & let them know just how bad this has got & how much it is getting you down , you are very young and you can & will overcome this

    Take Care x

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