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Ahhhhhh! What ACTULLY next!?

So today I had an appointment at the Eye hospital as I've got double vision due to radiotherapy on a central cytoma (brain toumer) I got referd about 12 months ago and I had an x Ray then all of a sudden they stopped seeing me. After telling my brain toumer doctor he rung them and that's why I was there today.

The reason for this post is, why did they loose me/forget about me? Then why when they see me do they no nothing about me like I'm a brand new patient? Read my notes it's all there, I know your bussy and my file is big, but.... Also I've been told 2 different types of treatment 1. Botox but nope I can't have that for my condition. Obviously! So looks like 2. Surgery. You actually kidding!

The reason I say this is....I've all ready had 4 brain surgerys, I've had 30 sessions of radiotherapy and I need a new kidney maybe dialysis. AND NOW I NEED NEW EYES! Ok so maybe not new eyes but surgery on them. I know I don't NEED to have it but........

It's been such a long day and my eyes are so tiered, but I just needed to vent a little.

Thanks fir listening x

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