Stressed about next week

Anxiety is back with avengeance, have to see gp on tuesday for new cert for work, feel bad about being of still but just can't face it. It's a new gp as well, my dad has seen her and says she's ok but still stressed.

Next Friday I have my second meeting with Mind, really worried as I got so stressed after the last one, trying to do one day at a time but motivation and concentration has gone, have to force myself to do even the simplest thing.

Sorry to land you with all my worries but I just had to tell someone that understands.

Thank you


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  • hope your meeting goes ok. I hate being off sick makes me worry more, as I feel guilty

  • Thank you, are you off sick too?

  • have been for two weeks had to leave a job because it stressed me out now looking for another

  • the mornings are the worst

  • I know it gets better through the day but it doesn't make the mornings easier. I'm so glad to have survived the day and got into bed but I don't want to fall asleep as the cycle starts all over agin. I can't imagine working somewhere new, it scares me, but then everything does at the moment. Take Care xx

  • Morning boater I've been off six months and I spent the first two months stressing and feeling guilty. Worrying just held back my recovery. Your health is the most important thing and if you had an operation you would need time to get better and this is no different. I worried and stressed every time my note was due so I know just how you are feeling but seriously listen to your doc and try not to think about work and you will get better quicker. I'm about to be phased back in. Good luck big hugs xx

  • Thank you, feel like I've failed and I know I'm not helping myself but it's so hard. xxxx

  • Hey you haven't failed or messed things up but I know how it feels to think like this. I'm in a good place at the moment but its only a few months ago that I felt hopeless and like I would never get better. You can and will get through this but don't be too hard on yourself. It's not your fault that you have become ill and you can get better but you need help and support. Your doctor will understand let us know how you get on when you can love eve x

  • Hi, hope it all goes well. You feel better when you have been to the dr. I went yesterday as stressed about medication and asking for more diazapam. Was ok though and felt better after. I am waiting for my first meeting with a mind support worker. She should ring this week. Very anxious about it and if i will like her. I gave up my job because of stress and new colleague. Not sure if i want another job. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • Thank you, let me know how you get on, sounds like you are in the same position as me. It helps so much as I feel like I've messed everything up. XXX

  • Yes we sound similar. Least we are not alone. Anxiety is horrible and affects everything. Got to come off new drugs this week as they are not working which is hard for me. They have made me so tired though and my memory is bad. Know being off sick is stressful but so many off with stress. Hope your new dr is helpful. I feel like a failure too. Not nice. Could easily go bed but wont. Let me know how drs goes. Xx

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