Seriously, what next?!?!

Right hello everyone....I need someone to talk to, feels like a I am genuinely falling problem is severe Health Anxiety.....

2016 has been a year with loads of tests for throat, stomach, bowel & lung cancer (I believed and kind of still believe something is not right with me), the last procedure I had was in October (colonoscopy) which was normal - thank goodness..

So, I have been diagnosed with Globus in Feb 2016 and ever since then my throat is tight & my cough has come back (I had a cold about a fortnight ago) now convinced I might have lung issues or even the C word.....I had a clear Xray in Jan 2016 also.

The other thing is about 4 weeks ago I found a lump in my left breast (I have an appointment with the GP on Jan 13th), I am seriously freaking out so much to the point were I really cannot see sense......I have been prodding and poking around for the last 3 weeks and the courage has set in to get this checked out.....

My throat is now playing up, it was so sore last night, tight and terrible, feels like im being strangled.....the GP has prescribed me citralopam but I am yet to use it

Worried too as had bloods taken last week Wednesday for another issue (I am on blood thinners & they want to try me on another drug) and petrified what my results turn out to be.

I am so scared of living but I do not want to die....

Sorry for waffling really stuck in a rut right now :(


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19 Replies

  • Sounds like your experiencing a bad time. But youve got the all clear thats a relief. Health anxiety is awful as i do to suffer from it but am still here plodding along. Honest a was really bad with it i locked meself in darkness and just cried. Until me mam eventually caught me one day and sat me down and had words she scared me tbh a thought i was guna end up in a mental place that made me think dramatically wow what an earth am a doing why am i like this etc. And now am so much better a just laugh at it and think am healthy compared to these poor people who are seriously ill.

  • Hi

    Thanks for responding, my husband has had words with me all the time but nothing seems to sink in, feels like my whole world is falling apart, nothing else interests me anymore other than focusing on my current health.

    I hate waiting for blood test results incase they need further investigating, I always question myself, double check this lump every single day its a never ending story....

    I am really not sure what normal feels like, however what does take it away a little is alcohol......(which is a dangerous thing) I could turn into an alcoholic!

  • id talk to u. been there done that

  • Thank you, this feeling is just awful....I am fearing that I have breast cancer now with this lump I have found :(

  • I'm exactly the same started with dizziness had tests done said I was OK and dizziness went away then throat hurt when swallow like a lump it goes away and comes back then chest convinced myself this is really serious I was so scared had tests done was OK thanks God! But I just seem to be any feeling or pain I have I latch on to it and that's all I think about I'm just stuck in this nightmare ! Dizziness is back now aswell I'm just now thinking back to doctor's again ! Just had healthy heart check an cholesterol done but now thinking this isn't right I'm just fed up with myself , even if I sneeze a few times everyday why ??I'm just on constant alert !!

  • Oh i know the feeling too well. My throat is so tight and hurts when i swallow now im panic'd beyond belief. Plus the gp surgery is open tomorrow meaning the blood results might be in feels like doom is awaiting me!!!

  • I know it's just mental torture ! I couldn't even phone for my results I asked my daughter to do it ! I get so angry with myself for wasting days months just focusing on symptoms then to scared to go to doctor's then knowing it's tearing me apart I have to go in the end ! I basically take every day as it comes don't plan anything anymore , but I know the throat thing really is anxiety that's how panic feels in our throat everything's tensed up all muscles and nerves in neck, hope all ok tomorrow with blood but does sound like all anxiety xx

  • Thannk you. I moved in Oct and since then i had a what i can only describe as a muscular shoulder pain, it comes and goes but now with this cough and tightness my mind says i have throat or lung cancer but i am a smoker also! All this worry, im petrified my phone rings tomorrow and its the dr on the other end, i might just have a heart attack, seriously:......

  • I've had the shoulder pain too absolute agony couldn't lift my arm up at all , yeah it comes an goes luckily it's been OK for couple of months but was every couple of weeks I thought the same but i was told something like that wouldn't get better it just gets worse, I did smoke but trying to stop by using e cig , haven't had a cigarette for a year now but it's hard to just give up the e cig ! This anxiety is a mind game like something going on an on in your head and convincing us every symptom is worst case scenario 😭 xx

  • My shoulder pain is also when i breath in at times deeply, its so bad with my anxiety!

    I honestly appreciate you messaging back i dont feel so alone, i just hope my bloods are normal. This breast lump i found thats being checked out soon, im thinking ifnit is the c word its spread to my lung hence the shoulder pain and coughing...

  • Your very welcome, I'm on here everyday so if you ever need to talk and like me your linking one thing to another and getting the worst answer in your head cos that's were anxiety has took over your brain , and I ment to say i have the odd glass of alcohol it does help relax you ! Xxx

  • Thank you! I had a bad cold 2 weeks ago and now i have a major sore throat, it hurts to swallow food and saliva, what is wrong, could it be a throat infection?

  • All the viruses about you've probably been run down with your cold and picked up throat infection it will ease in couple of days have you tried lozenges, paracetamol xx

  • I have soothers and they not helping. I turn my head and the pain is terrible! Its the last thing i need. My throat is always tight but not its tight and sore! None of this will stop, im sorry for freaking out :(

  • I've had that with my throat painful one side when turn my head and swallowing but remember having anxiety will make it feel 10 times worse because we focus on it so much every swallow every thing we eat how it feels all we do is check , it will ease when you just let it be you'll be fine and don't be sorry I freak out every day xx

  • It so sore when i swallow its horrendous. Im going to try and get some shut eye to make me forget this pain arrrggg... ill message tomorrow if i hear about the blood results or not or not depends what they tell me.

    See another worry!

  • Sleeps the best thing only escape we have from all this worry, speak soon, it will be fine goodnight xx

  • Hi I'm the same I found a lump had biopsy and just a cyst got my self so worked up thinking it was the c word results fine then my throats was sore felt like I couldn't breath felt someone had there hands around my neck then convinced iv got throat (c) convinced need now I'll die of heart attack as iv got svt now heart beat of 300 on tablets controlled it abit but still scares me I have really bad headacks think it a tumour docs tell me I'm riddled in anxiety but hard to believe wen I feel this I'll every day I understand everything ur saying and it's horrible just going I'll wake up one day bk to myself x sorry to hear ur going through the same I'm here to talk anytime x X

  • Hi

    My bloods have come back normal except for my clotting screen tests which has showed some elevated numbers (the dr has marked it satisfactory)

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