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seeing a Psychiatrist next week

I cannot wait any longer!! I need to get on sometype of meds. Iam always thi king about DEATH or how iam going to die (Heartattack) i keep getting these sharp pains in my shoulder blade and on my chest and it scares me. I just want to get On meds and Just handle it one step at a time. Right now with no meds at all iam going crazy. I cant sleep i cany enjoy my days i wake up already feeling like shxt. And my heart is always beating fast. I know my body is so use to being nervous all the time but sometimes i am just Hanging out and Boom it hits me. I hate that! Its ruined everything about me! My personality my Life My emotions My thoughts! I hate you ANXIETY!!!

(iam losing it... 😣)

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Hopefully you will get help from the meds, even a bit of peace and relief so you can enjoy your life, good luck (: 

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Exactly. Thats is what i need right now. peace and tranquility. I cant keep living in fear.Thank you alan. :)

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Anytime, I'm here to encourage you, I hope you get there without any fear or anxiety, just stay strong and positive okay 😊 

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I appreciate you. Iam here anytime also. I will try my best. I need to be strong iam too young for all this BS.

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Thank you I appreciate it and good, I know you can do this 😊 and trust me I am too lol 

It will get better. And you might even find medication isn't the choice for you. Are you seeing a psychiatrist now? I'm wondering why the wait for the medication? There was a point in time where my anxiety was this bad. I couldn't leave the house to do anything but I live pretty close to normally now minus a few things I avoid for my own peace of mind. Sometimes you just have to carry on about your day as normal as possible and ignore the symptoms you feel that are trying to stop you. 

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I know exactly how that is. Ive been without meds for a year now and my anxiety just got very severe i just want to give it another try..

Hang in there and remember to keep breathing. Also, just be aware that if you're given anti-depressants that they'll a while to kick in. However when they do, you should start to feel much better ☺

I swear I know that feeling, my anxiety is none stop, I feel it everyday and when I do feel a little better or think I'm better BOOM there it goes again, I go see my doctor tomorrow definitely going to ask her to up my dosage on my medicine. I can't deal with this shit it has to stop, some way

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Exactly. Iam so sick of dealing with it. Its really ruined my life

Please hang in there. Like someone said, it will get better, nothing lasts forever. I don't know about your spiritual life,  but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers because I have been there before and when everything fails and things seem to fall apart, I count on God, He never fails me.

Take care!

PS: BTW I started taking ReMag about one week ago and it has helped with palpitations and anxiety. It takes about a week to kick in, but I have heard the wonders of Magnesium, so it would worth trying it. I read the book the Magnesium Miracle about 10 years ago and just forgot about it, but a friend of my mom reminded me about how good it has been for him. 

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Ive tried magnesium and it didnt work for me.  It made me feel worse. Iam guessing its Not for everyone. But i count on God for everything iam christian so i do have a strong belief in God. He has been there for me through ups and downs so i know i will be healed.

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Sure you will! an everybody here will as well. We have to keep believing for each other. What happened to you and magnesium? Did you take the liquid form or tablets?

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I took the tablets. It made me feel weird idk why it was like a nasty feeling so i stopped taking it.

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