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What are these symptoms of?

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Horrible memory ****

Can't multi task like I use to

Feel like something is severely wrong with me (cancer, brain tumor, dementia, etc)

Time feels sped up. (Days going so so quick)

Stopped caring as much about certain things.

Dragged down


Constant questioning how I feel. Always

Very forgetful. Within a few hours or even something someone told me a half hour ago

Not myself.

Can't keep track of time. This is a big one also with my memory. Time flies by also with the days like I said.


been feeling like this for over 1 1/2 years. Everyone says it's anxiety, depression, panic blah blah blah but I wanna know if anybody thinks this could be anything else? I'm also 18 years old


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Hi boxed in you are a bit young to have this on your shoulders have you been to your doctor for a definative answer of what your problem is ! It might be depression but you really need to go to your doctor ! I wish you well let us know how you get on david!

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Thanks so much

Probably is depression and anxiety; do you lead a stressful life? studying perhaps? As has been suggested go to your doctors and explain all of your symptoms. Good luck, and don't worry; do some things to take your mind off these feelings; anything you enjoy, a sport perhaps, relaxation techniques/ walking .

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Thanks so much for the reply much appreciated

Have you been feeling tired at all like really tired ? , I've been feeling kinda the same , maybe you have Heath anxiety too. I have it too because I'm always worrying and thinking something is wrong , but we're okay just think of something good forget about it and see your symptoms go away?

Your symptoms could be anxiety, depression or ME that illness where you have no energy. For someone so young you really need to visit the doctor and tell them your symptoms. You should not continue to suffer like you are without help. Please go to the Doctor today if possible and ask questions after you have told them what you are experiencing. Once you have done this you will feel better and be on the road to recovery😊😊


It's not dementia. It sounds like a good mixture of depression and stress. Stress will seriously hinder your ability to remember, focus, concentrate, etc. It also sounds like anxiety. You're getting anxiety over the way you're feeling. You're feeling depressed because you said you're not yourself. You are so concerned about your health at 18 and that is enough to make someone stressed. I believe those who say Stress, Depression, Anxiety. It doesn't sound like anything else.

I would say the same as aks00.... I was like this couldn't focus on anythink, doctors told me stress and depression ... on tablets now been on about 8 month

hi Claire,does medication help you?

Sorry haven t been on in last couple ov days!! yes it has helped me I'm still on them... too! It got to point I couldn't thibk straigh and don't no what was going on.. helped me calm and gathering me forts but with self help to

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