Anxiety and panic destroying my life!

I just cannot seem to control my anxiety and panic anymore it's driving me insane I feel I am the only person on the world with these horrible thoughts/symptoms! I have had chronic anxiety and panic for so long now I forget what it feels like to just have a normal care free day! I can't remember the last time I actually felt relaxed. I have had it so long the symptoms I feel ect have progressed to new levels! It's making me physically ill.. I.e weer I am actually vomiting feeling ill I never go a day without feeling some sort of anxiety symptom. Chest pains! Constantly! Strange feelings in head such as preassure dizziness. Off balance don't feel like I am in my own body. All of a sudden headaches numb face, tingling u name it I have probably got it it experianced it, I am at my whits end. I have recently been assigned to a CPN and support worker but I still feel helpless I I just don't think this will work for me .. Is there anyone else out there who is experiencing this or am I the only one


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  • Hello Cha 123.

    Oh gosh honey you really are going through it and its horrible but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are not alone in feeling these awful symptoms there are lots of people who do; I too suffer from severe anxiety but last year when it hit real hard I was referred to an Occupational therapist by my Rheumatology Nurse because I was not coping and had to give up work. She was fantastic, she listened to me rant and she would calm me and she showed me breathing exercise, then she did relaxation with me and then she taught me to listen to some CD's her team had made to aid relaxation. she was great and I did get benefit from listening to the soothing voices on the CD. I am sure your CPN and/or support worker will know these techniques or they know somebody who does. Having somebody to talk to about these symptoms is good and I now go to a day centre doing crafts and relaxing things once a week. it really helps. please don't be afraid to ask for these services or ask for a list of what they can offer.

    I really do hope you find some peace and tranquillity. sending gentle hugs ( ) xx take care

  • I've had it all but last year I was going dizzy a lot as we'll and my blood count had dropped you need to stop thinking this is why Iam on here now can't sleep ant try to shut off

  • I too have chest pains everyday (dull, sharp, short, long, pulsing, you name it). when my panic kicks in due to these syptoms my heart beets through my chest and i feel lightheaded and pressure in my face like my skin is swelling. I feel i have no control over my body. Is it all in my head? Who knows. im 28 and been to the hospital emergency room, been checked out by drs, cant find anything seriously wrong. Still i feel im going to die at least once per day. I have no answers for you other than drugs, (xanax) but its not a long term solution for me as it just treats my symptoms, not the cause.

    Just wanted to say youre not alone in these feelings though i feel alone most of the time as well.

  • Hi Dustin

    I read you re using Xanax,don't you think it s a life saver??

  • I don't understand why they ve banned it in Uk.Could help so many people!

  • Xanax is extremely habit forming and harder to kick than heroin. I was on xanax for 12 years and it workes for thw beginning until I grew a tolerance to the dosages and then inhad to keep increasing the mgs.. until I was at the highest dose possible to prescribe.. o I started taking more and more to cope and get the feeling I initially had from it. I was prescribed 3 to 5 pills daily, but I was taking 12 to 15 pills daily and soon my doctors wouldn't prescribe it anymore, so I had to fimd it on the street. Anyway point is xanax as well as other benzos shoukd never be used long term. The withdraw was AWFUK

  • Hi Roses

    I agree with you.I don't think people should be on it for long time!But a course of 6 months can be done to take the edge off unbearable phase of life.

    Sometimes I can't get on plane,train or travel faraway from home and Xanax help me to do those things,2/3 times a year!!!without it my life wouldn't be the same.

    It's NOT a long term solutions.But it some cases it's great to have it.

  • I take deizepam when needed is it like Xanax?

  • Hi I am just like you! To be honest I'm relived in a way I'm not the only one to. I feel I'll every day I'm not working and I to can't have a day where everything's normal. It's completely ruined my life at the moment. I've had a assessment with cmh who said their not taking it any further and I just need cbt but it's like they don't understand how is going to the hospital and doctors 3 times a week going to make me better? It sucks. They did say it's not harmful just very unplessent I think it's just excepting it for what it is and it will pass but trust me I'm not thinking it at the mo lol. Good luck and if you find any way to get better drop us a message thanks :)

  • Hi there

    Yes diazepam works as it s fine..I m doing lots if meditation at the moment and it s seems helpful but certain things I cannot do them unless I use Xanax. I still go through stormy days without using it!! And it s fine!!

  • The problem is that my gp are not happy to give me anything and if wasn t for Xanax ,which I got prescribed into home country, I would probably still be locked in in my house fearful to put my nose out of the door!!!I use it just for major things now

  • You took the words outta my mouth. I am constantly full of anxiety, around people, any person even my family. I have all thw symptoms u do and it aucks soo bad. I often cry thinking of people who go to the beach and carnivals and all the fun stuff families do, that we don't because of me .

    One thing I cant let go of is hope though. Hope that I can overcome this.. that we all can and will gt our lives back. I'll say a prayer for you, feel free to message me if u ever want to talk or vent. I am here for you.

  • I had my first attack a month ago. I have litterally experienced everything you just said. Everyday it's something. I work 10 to 12 hours a day at a high pressure job. My first son is due in a week. And I can't do anything with out feeling like I won't see him. Like these symptoms are real and the next moment may be my last due to whatever it is that I'm worried about or focusing on. There are times where it's happening that I become enraged and punch things or throw things Cuz I don't understand what the hell is going on. The one thing that comforts me is seeing that I have fellow human beings that go through the same thing every day. And that there are people there to help and give advice and wisdom. And to tell me I'm fine. You will get through it. It will take time but it will happen.

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