Stress /anxiety overload, maybe?

Um so exhausted mentally, very sleepy. I hope I can get a good night sleep. But I have to ask. Has anyone been to a point of their stress or anxiety getting so bad that every time it can cause you to easily get headaches or dizzy or heart worked up over the slightest things like talking/arguing or laughing hard or standing up too fast? Even when I lay down I still feel like im swaying on a boat. If I talk with force or be in a heated conversation I feel the tension in my head. If I stand up too fast or walk at a certain pace I'm dizzy. What has happened? All before I could hold a long deep conversation, even argue or get my point across and not feel any symptoms after it. Now if I even talk with excitement or laugh to hard I feel like my head will blow a gasket. I feel the tention like a rubber band around my head. Even now if i have a bm and its was slight constipation I get a headache or dizzy afterwards. This constant dizziness won't go away. So I was wondering had anyone else gotten to this point or can stress/anxiety and lack of sleep cause this. Because I feel like I can't even do the normal things like even have a debate or serious talk without getting symptoms of headaches, head pressure, dizziness. It's like I've reached my max boiling point and I may have to be careful for the rest of my life to never argue, or stress or I'll pass out. Is this possible? I'm only 35 and that bothers me because honestly I'm sure I have more life situations ahead that may call for me to be aroused or hyped or over excited. Anyone know about this? Just trying to figure out if this is possible


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  • Hi Icanbeathis2016, everything you mentioned, I experience it as well and have for years. It gets to the point where you are afraid to show any emotion or you will get a headache or get lightheaded. Talking on the phone was so bad for me. Any type of feeling whether it be sad, happy, crying, angry or just plain feeling good feelings listening to a favorite song can stir up our emotions causing everything to clamp down in our head. From there it can even promote some palps. It won't always be like this. It's from the overstressed nervous system over time that does this. The body doesn't know how to relax and show these emotions. I now use deep breathing and relaxation tapes daily to counter act any threat of getting too overstimulated. In time this will pass. Takes practice.

  • Thank you for responding. I am so stressed and sleep deprived I don't even have the energy to fight off the anxiety. And i continuously anticipating the headaches coming on and now my thoughts are all over the place thinking the worse about my headaches I did a bad thing a Google it. You can imagine what pop up. Anxiety was right there creeping in while I was on goofle. I should not have done that. But it's like my mind stays stuck on these symptoms. And i know this is stress even more which is why these things won't go away.

  • It is hard when anxiety is right there constantly on your shoulder doing the "what if" or "are you sure" or "how do you know for sure." Take it with a grain of salt that many people with anxiety like that are extremely smart and technical people. I know it is hard to even divert the thought of anxiety and to really work on yourself. Have you thought of seeing a therapist to ask for advice and different ways to divert your thoughts from the anxiety? I think a great thing is to count the seconds in a sense. Focus on what you are doing...I am talking..I am breathing..I am lifting my hand to scratch my nose. And do that instead of focusing on the anxiety and trying to hush it. Instead let it be..say yes you are there but also yes I am here too. It is my life not yours and you are just a meaningless thought in my mind that is trying to control me. Say that outloud to yourself each time it comes up. Talk it out too out loud. Talk about how you feel how you are so sick of your anxiety out loud though so it isn't all jumbled up in your mind. It can help clear your thoughts and make you realize different things about yourself and your anxiety,

  • I get the same thing happen to me I don't no why it happens but I feel your pain, I week or to ago I felt dizzy all of the time with headaches constantly I have no idea why all the doctor put it down to was stress and anxiety, I've never been this person before I never went to the doctors now I'm pritty much on first name terms I hate it so much

  • Yes it's like a new problem all week that I keep thinking about. The headaches the dizziness. Can't sleep, can't relax. Every time I get these symptoms I think the worse.

  • As well as anxiety your symptoms in dizzy standing uptalking with force etc is exactly how my symptoms were.I have M.E. But i also have a thing called POTS look it up on line,its probably best to type in postural hypotensive disorder. good luck .

  • Ok I will check into that term. What is M.E. if you don't mind me asking?

  • Its long name is

    Myalgic encephalomyelitis . ITs Best place to look up about M.E at the hummingbird foundation. Best of luck.

  • That's exactly where I am right now in my life. 😧😩

  • i have the same as you with a lot of balance issues too. ive been treated for BPV and I know there is a version called migraine associated vertigo. I get headaches a lot. I'm sure for me the lightheaded balance disorder feeds my anxiety.

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