Constantly nervous

Just venting I supose. I can't get through a single day without being so nervous it makes me feel sick. Stomach in knots🙁 I don't have confidence or energy and never feel good 😢 It is wearing me out so bad. I have PMS now that makes anxiety worse. It's the weekend I'm off work and feel like crap. I need to get things done but don't want to leave the house. I don't know what to do or what's the point in all this suffering. I would like to have fun but can't handle it. And today I've had head pressure too. Well thanks to anyone who took the time to read this. Hope everyone has a good day 💛


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  • Hang in there ! And I hope you have a great day today and just take time to be at your house until you find yourself at ease and maybe then you can get some stuff done 😊 don't worry we're all here to encourage you (: 

  • Thanks I appreciate it. Plus I'm dealing with nearly constant nausea and reflux 😥 I want to let dr do the tests but that scares me so bad😬 Just layin on the couch trying to feel better. It is nice to know there are people who care! Thanks a bunch 😊

  • Work also makes me very nervous and anxious. I'm not that good at my new job and Monday I go to a different location for a month. New people to work with and all that. Plus all my clothes feel too tight and can't afford new ones.  

  • No problem, I'm happy to show you some support (: but don't be scared to let the doctors run tests okay, it might bring a little relief and we're all here for you ! And of course, we all care for eachother here 😊 and well don't be nervous, take some time to catch yourself everyday and breathe, everything is okay and I hope you will be okay on your job and new location (: and with meeting new people but I am sorry to hear all that you're going through, I pray you find relief from all this

  • I'm reading a really good book called How your mind can heal your body by David R Hamilton Phd. Its very interesting how our negative thoughts can make us so ill. You can find him on youtube. Also here's a relaxation meditation for you all to listen to.

  • Jolyn,   "now that's what I mean",  excellent stress reducer in listening to this relaxation meditation tape.  Thank you so very very much.  This is something that has always worked for me from many years ago with migraines.  Now I use it as a break in the day to renew myself and my emotions.   Hope you have a good day, you made mine.   x

  • I'm so glad you listened to it Agora.   I firmly believe that negative thoughts affect our bodies. Therefore we should benefit from positive thinking.  If only people would take the time to do it.  Our minds are much more powerful than we think. :-) Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  • You too Jolyn :)

  • Hi again Jolyn,  hope you are doing well tonight.  I am so happy with the meditation you sent that I've made it my #1  go to when stressed.  I'd like to ask you if you might be able to recommend one for agoraphobia.  I recently ordered a subliminal audio tape from Amazon and the voice of the woman is not only annoying but she speaks so incredibly fast that you can't understand her.  Take care and thanks again.   

  • Hi Agora, yes some of them are a bit annoying. lol.  Here's one I found on youtube, he has a very relaxing voice.  I hope it helps you.   I'm enjoying the meditation recording as well.  Always relaxes me.  Have a good day.

  • Dear Jolyn,  you are amazing...another "big thank you" for sharing another excellent recording.  I'm certainly not a newbie to anxiety, if 30 plus years counts for anything.  I've done it all and only recently seem to be seeing the light (but not often enough).  I believe that  we need to unlearn our responses to our behaviors and this recording addresses that.  I have always taken it upon myself to find a reason for chronic anxiety and now due to this forum, I am meeting some amazing people like yourself.  I thank  you Jolyn and hope that your day goes well.  x

  • Bless your heart Agora, I'm so pleased it addresses your needs.  I hope it relieves your fears and that in time your agoraphobia subsides. Wishing you well. :-)

    Lyn x

  • Hi honey,  So your day off and anxiety choose to hang around  :(    How rude.....  I was no better today with the full head and scared feelings driving to my therapist appointment.  I know what you mean, I don't know what fun is anymore either.  They same the house will still be here when we're gone, but I sure would like to leave it looking good but just to overwhelmed at times.  I hope that you have something good to look forward to today.  Something to make you smile.  For me it's CHOCOLATE :)

    Take care Chubbers, you're in my thoughts   xxx

  • Thanks and no the anxiety won't leave me alone. And my stomach ugh I always feel I'm gonna vomit but I don't. I'm just wanting so badly to feel better. I hope and pray you feel better 💛

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