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Not even sure its anxiety


Haven't posted on here for awhile but I feel like I'm on a downward spiral again with my physical symptoms...I constantly have a fullness pressure feeling in my head and face I get dizzy my neck tensed up I still get all over body twitches and now I notice them in my cheek sometimes lips...almost a tingly feeling too in my lips. Does anyone get these symptoms? Is it related to anxiety? It's a pretty constant feeling.

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Hi Ericamo1, first of all, it is always important to see your doctor about any new symptoms. However, I had experienced all the symptoms you posted about.

What I always did or do is to rewind to the events that may have caused me to spiral

downward again. It happens when overloaded with stress. Feeling trapped, having

no plans to move forward.

The fullness pressure in head and face come from over tensed muscles. When anxious

we bear down on either our teeth or our jaw muscles causing this pressure feeling in the face. The body twitches due to our

over sensitized nervous system at that time. Lips may tingle because of over breathing.

I tend to hold all my stress and anxiety in the back of my neck and upper shoulders. The

tenseness causing trigger points that not only cause pain but can cause the lymphatic

fluid to not flow easily causing dizziness and spacey feeling.

When this happens to me, I check my hydration as well as my breathing. Anxiety causes us to over breathe and shallow breathe and even hold our breathe while talking or walking. Our bodies need oxygen in order to preform properly. This is when I take the time to meditate, getting my breathing back in sync. How we are breathing is how we are

feeling. Practice breathing techniques daily until it becomes automatic to deep breathe

whenever stressed or in anticipation of upcoming stressful events. It works every time.

You can't be breathing deeply and properly and have physical symptoms. Breathing cancels it out. Hope this explains a little about where and why these physical symptoms

come about. x

Rabbithole720 in reply to Agora1

Do you ever feel an internal shaking!! Like your brain is shaking? I have all the other symptoms you mentioned and it’s actually so nice to see your explanations! I’ve had the full work up so nothing is actually wrong.. but the shaking is my new symptom and anxiety in the stomach I can’t shake currently and it’s really getting to me

Agora1 in reply to Rabbithole720

Rabbithole, that internal shaking you are feeling comes from our over sensitized

nervous system. It can show itself anywhere in the body since our nervous system

goes throughout. The stomach has the most nerves present and that is why we tend

to feel the butterflies in our stomach when anxious. Funny how when we fall in love

we can get those same butterflies but we don't attach anything harmful to that feeling.

Once you have gotten a full work up and nothing is wrong then it's time to accept that

it is anxiety. When you feel these nervous effects, it's best to tell yourself that it's anxiety playing it's mind game with you. Do some deep breathing, exhaling slowly.

It will help in calming your stomach. I've had times where it feels like a vibrating motor

in my stomach. But I don't fear it and that's the difference now.

Not allowing your mind to feed into your fears, is the key to ridding yourself of these

scary symptoms. They are not harmful. You are safe even when experiencing these

weird sensations. It's takes time, practice and most of believing that it is nothing more

than anxiety playing it's mind game. Breathe Rabbithole, Breathe You are okay xx

Rabbithole720 in reply to Agora1

I couldn’t love this response more❤️ thank you!!!

I do feel the internal shaking and I feel like people notice it feels so intense.

Lately too it's been my tingly feeling in face and cheeks I too have been checked for numerous things and everything came back normal.

I have the tingling all over my face. It can be under eyes, Around lips into mouth, all over I constantly thought I was having a stroke but after months I figured there’s no stroke that lasts 6 months and now I’m into the internal shaking so my brain forgets the numbness

Mine has been almost a year some days better than others but always there..I had mri and it was normal do you get the twitching in face I started noticing too after I went to dentist and had to have my mouth half open my cheek and lip shook like crazy...

I get twitches everywhere.. I do believe it’s all the nervous system going crazy bc of the stress we are putting on ourselves

HelloEricamo,Ive been experiencing all those physical symptoms ,its quite frightening as haven't ever had them in my life before,especially the head pressure and tense feeling around throat ,face lips tingly.eyes ----I could go on but its well past my bedtime and im hoping to get a good nights rest-take care.and hope that things will begin to get better for both.

Same symptoms

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